Tik Tok 'hit or miss' (#tiktoktest ) is latest trend to take social media by storm

Himanshu Arora Himanshu Arora Dec 20, 2018 Apps, News

Social media platforms are weird places. While there’s not doubt a lot of good stuff happens on or through these platforms, sometimes the kind of trends that are born here (remember the kiki challenge?) make little sense.

A similar – although not dangerous – new trend has now come to light. It’s called #hitormiss. The caveat here is that it’s currently popular among users of the TikTok app, which has hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

If you take a look at the volume of Google searches about this term, you’ll see the number hit the ceiling in the later part of this year. So it becomes important to know what this trend is and why it became so popular.


Firstly, if you aren’t aware of the TikTok app, it lets you use songs or audio from any other video as the track for your video. Depending on how cleverly you weave everything, the result can be pretty hilarious. Take a look:

Now coming back to the Tik Tok #hitormiss trend, it’s basically a way for TikTok users to detect the presence of other TikTokers near them in physical world. Here’s a compilation:


So the trend basically involves going to a public place, and then shouting “Hit or miss!,” followed by waiting for someone to respond “I guess they never miss, huh?.” Funny, isn’t it? So how did it all start?

Twitter user Reed Kavner explained the whole story behind this trend today. It’s worth knowing, take a look. Oh, and do let us know your thoughts on this trend in the comments section at the bottom.

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