Tik Tok users eating their own fingers as Vine founder asks which TikTok accounts to follow

Tik Tok – a lip-sync app which lets you use songs or audio from any other video as the track for your video – has quickly emerged as a fun platform for users, most of whom are teens and preteens.

Challenges/meme/trends are one of the major reasons why the app is getting popular each day.

Back in December, we told you about the Tik Tok ‘hit or miss’ (#tiktoktest) trend that got really popular among users of the app. And now, a new meme has come to light wherein you see users ‘eating their own fingers’.

Before you go like…whaaaaaat?….let me clarify it just appears that way, and as weird as it may sound, the videos are fun to watch. Take a look:

The background you hear is Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life (Kidz Bop version). Aren’t these funny? Here are some more (note: if videos don’t play here, click/tap the arrow icon in the window to view video on the official website):

The Hit or Miss trend we briefly touched upon in the beginning involves going to a public place, and then shouting “Hit or miss!,” followed by waiting for someone to respond “I guess they never miss, huh?.” Funny, isn’t it? You can read more about it here.

Vine creator looking for Tik Tok accounts to follow

If you have been interested in short-form video apps, you’ll likely remember Vine, which was owned by Twitter and allowed users to create short, 6 second apps. The app was shut down for reasons you can read here.

As many of you may already know, Vine founder Dom Hofmann is working on a new app called Byte App, which is set to launch sometime in Spring this year. But Hofmann is also on Tik Tok, and is now asking for suggestions on which Tik Tok accounts he should follow.

The entrepreneur took to Twitter yesterday to ask followers about some good Tik Tok accounts.


While we don’t know the exact reason behind Hofmann’s interest in Tik Tok users, one can’t help but speculate there could be a business angle to it (read: Dom may want to reach out to talented tiktokers as his new app’s launch time is nearing).

Anyway, here are some of the relevant replies he got:


And of course:


You can check out all the other replies here.

Tik Tok’s dark side

We recently covered a story titled “Dark underbelly of short video social media apps like Tik Tok, Kwai, and Clip.” To give you a quick idea, apps like Tik Tok host videos featuring underage kids (especially girls) mouthing raunchy lyrics and dancing in an age-inappropriate manner.


Check out details here.

Oh, and yes, if your child is on Tik Tok, or wants to use the app, you should know whether or not these apps are safe. Thankfully, we’ve covered a story titled “Is Tik Tok safe for kids/teens? App comes under lens as popularity grows“. Check it out by heading here.

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