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Update (December 19):

Someone claiming to be a Vox employee has shared an open letter. Take a look:

A message from a Vox Media employee.
byu/Donetendo inPewdiepieSubmissions

Original story follows:

Despite being more than a week old now, it seems there’s no end to the controversy that kicked off after YouTube’s most subscribed channel PewDiePie gave a casual shout out to another YouTube channel that it later came to light uploads anti-Semitic videos.

In case you aren’t aware, the Swedish YouTuber Felix, who owns PewDiePie, had responded to the controversy immediately after the media coverage last week.

In a video titled “PewDiePie’s biggest Oopsie,” he acknowledged that the channel apparently has “hidden and not so hidden” Nazi references in videos, and then went on to say “obviously, if I would have noticed that, I would not have given the shout out.”

However, the media didn’t stop reporting the whole issue, and the recent coverage by Vox media (which included 2 articles) apparently hit the boiling point as PewDiePie has come up with another response video in which he literally lambasted the whole media coverage of this issue.

While the YouTuber still acknowledged in the video that he should have been more cautious while giving shout outs to smaller channels, and even said sorry for it, he didn’t spare the media for blowing the matter out of proportion. Following are some of his comments that I thought are worth highlighting:

…the video pointed to Heather Heyer’s death….how could he….I don’t know who this is…I am sorry…I don’t mean to be disrespectful…I honestly, genuinely don’t have any idea who this is…

I would not have publicly recommended this video If I knew about it

It’s like “he made Nazi jokes in the past, so obviously he is 100% guilty”

Logic conveniently gets thrown out of the window for sake of lambasting me

Vox can’t even get my name right in their articles…..writing is hard, it’s not expected from journalists

The mentioned ‘alt-right’ 29 times in their article….it’s like they are obsessed with these things

Just because you interact with someone online doesn’t mean you endorse all their views

Media gave a bigger shout to that channel

He also touched upon the whole Ubisoft employee issue, wherein someone called Dianna urged the gaming industry “to end” PewDiePie. So without further ado, here’s the video were talking about:

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