One Piece chapter 965 release will be delayed this week. Its official release date will be on December 15, 2019. The cliffhanger from the previous chapter hints the much anticipated Roger-Oden meet up.

As Oden lives his dream on the seas, he can expect more epic adventures. The world may be a big place, but not for pirates. Sometime later, Oden is bound to meet Roger.

Race to fame

Gol D. Roger and Edward Newgate are not the types of pirates who seek fame for themselves. Their fame is a natural consequence of their acts of piracy. By this time, the world’s eyes are pinned upon these two because of the God Valley incident.

Some of their crewmates, however, may feel differently. In the last panel of chapter 964, Buggy and Shanks appear to be bothered by the constant appearance of the Whitebeard pirates in the newspaper. They felt like they have done more heinous things too that deserve attention.

Roger’s interest in the paper, however, is directed to something else. He got interested in Oden, a samurai from the land of Wano. With the current pace of the two pirate groups’ growth, a clash between them can be expected.

Oden might meet Roger after the Edd War

I think the next chapter will show us how Oden and Roger meet. But I also believe it will not be anytime soon after Oden board Whitebeard’s ship. My theory is that Oden and Roger will meet after the Edd War. Here are some reasons why.

The current timeline of Oden’s flashback is 30 years ago. Edd War happened 27 years ago. Within those three years, Oden becomes more acquainted with Toki. Sometime in the same period, Oden becomes a division commander of the Whitebeard fleet.

Roger only found the road poneglyph in Zou one year after the Edd War. The only people who could have possibly led them to Zou, are those who came from Zou. Also, Inurashi and Nekomamushi said they were with Roger only for a short time, and they did not go to Laugh Tale. Another year after stopping by Zou, Roger found the One Piece.

Oden clashes with Roger

A peaceful first meeting between Oden and Roger is almost impossible. In the previous chapter, we saw how Oden could not contain his excitement when meeting enemies. He slices an enemy ship before they could plunder it, and stormed a hostile building before they scout it.

We can expect a similar event when Oden meets Roger for the first time. Probably from a distance, Whitebeard will recall his clash with Roger in God Valley. Amused by his captain’s tale, Oden will rush to attack Roger.

After their battle, they may rest in a nearby island to eat and drink. Roger will then offer Oden a journey of a lifetime. A journey to find One Piece.

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