One Piece on break this week, release date for chapter 965 revealed

The previous chapter of One Piece left us with exciting events in Oden’s life. After years of failed trials, Oden finally managed to leave Wano. The events that would follow will most likely include Oden’s encounter with Roger. Unfortunately, One Piece chapter 965 will be on break this week.

The Wano arc act three took us back to the past to explore the truth about the Wano Country and Oden. The previous chapter has given us more hindsight about Oden’s history. It also gave some hints as to how Orochi managed to snatch the shogunate from the Kozuki clan.

Importance of Oden in the story

Oden debuted in chapter 920 as Kinemon told the Straw hats a bit of his history. He is perhaps one of the most intriguing characters in One Piece. Not only his strength and character are unusual, but also his role in the story.

So far, we only know Oden’s innocent desire to see the outside world. And during his adventures, he realized that he wanted to open the country of Wano. He stated so in chapter 958 at the conclusion of his journey with the pirate king. By then he did not know why the country was closed in the first place.

I suspect that Oden has a far greater role in revealing the purpose of One Piece. Somehow, he is connected to many aspects leading to that famed treasure. Let us explore some possibilities for Oden’s role in the story.

Oden and Wano’s link to One Piece

History tells us that the Kozuki clan was responsible for the creation of the poneglyphs. Naturally, their family would know about the One Piece as they created the road poneglyphs to point to it. To keep One Piece a secret, their family only bequeathed the ability to read and write poneglyph text.

Oden probably understood the purpose of One Piece when he saw it with Roger. With it, he probably knew that Wano has to be opened to accomplish a goal related to One Piece. This was probably the reason why Roger said they found One Piece too early.

It is unclear yet whether Wano is directly related to the ancient kingdom or whether the ancient kingdom is related to One Piece. But for now, it is safe to assume that the Kozuki clan is closely linked to One Piece. Therefore, Oden and his family are also closely linked to it.

Oden was Toki’s mission

Another thing which makes Oden an integral part of the story is Toki. Toki clearly came from around the Void Century. The Void Century is a mysterious 100 years wherein the ancient kingdom was eradicated and the World Government was formed.

What we know so far is that 20 countries joined together to take down the World Government. Since it is a hundred-year long conflict, we can imagine it having some dramatic twists.

My theory is that Toki was from the ancient kingdom. Seeing they were about to fall, they seek help from the Kozuki family. They might have some relationship similar to the Minks. In response, the Kozuki clan made the poneglyphs. Toki then went to the future to assist Kozuki in fulfilling their role.


I like to think that there is an appointed time for the ancient kingdom to strike back to the World Government. But I think the reason is more about freedom than politics. The D clan surely plays an important role in this too. They are considered the natural enemies of the gods, or celestial dragons.

The D family continually seeks freedom. Maybe taking down the World Government means freedom, and One Piece plays a major role in this. It is exciting to see this mystery unfold in the upcoming chapters.

One Piece chapter 965 will be officially released on December 15, 2019, in the weekly Shonen Jump issue. It will probably be the third to the last chapter before the year ends.

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