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One Piece chapter 960 is just a few days away. The last chapter left us hanging with a flashback of Oden. I’m sure everyone is eager to see the next chapter. In the meantime, here are some predictions about the incoming chapter, that are based on some hints from the previous chapters.

Oden’s Past

This is the most awaited flashback in the current arc. Ever since Kozuki Oden has been linked to the Pirate King, Whitebeard, Big Mom and Kaido, everyone got curious as to what his role really is.

Oden is known for having injured Kaido using his Enma. Although it was not mentioned whether their fight was during Orochi’s coup. It can also be possible that the injury caused by Oden to Kaido was much earlier when he still sailed with the Pirate King.

One Piece-kaido

Whichever the case, it might be revealed in the next chapter. Since the previous chapter ended with a cliffhanger about Oden’s past, we can expect to see more flashbacks in the coming chapter. We might even see a hint of why Wano’s borders were closed to the rest of the world.

We might also see Oden successfully sailing out of Wano, joining Whitebeard’s crew, boarding Roger’s ship and how Oden formed the Nine Red Scabbards.

Wano’s History

What makes Kozuki Oden more interesting is the Kozuki family’s contribution in the void century. The Kozuki family is known for creating the indestructible poneglyphs. This seems somehow related to why Wano closed its borders to the world.

Kozuki Oden’s life mission is to figure out why the country closed and to reopen its borders to the world. Here are some of my ideas on how the next chapter might reveal more of Wano and Oden’s past to us.

The flashback may begin with Oden’s youth. He has the heart of an adventurer and wonders what the outside world is like. This is why he continually tries to sail away from Wano.

Oden’s father also does not know the truth as to why the country was isolated from the world. Oden finds out the truth somehow after his voyage with the Pirate King. Oden learns that the Wano country has to be reopened to take down the world government.

Pokemon Go_One_Piece

Back to the Present

After some flashback of Oden’s life, the present condition might be shown. We might finally see where the Straw hats are and what their current condition is. I stand by my theory that they may regain control over the flower capital, regroup and set sail for Onigashima.

Lastly, we might see Jinbei possibly imprisoned in Big Mom’s ship. Charlotte Mont-d’Or, one of Big Mom’s son could use his boku-boku no mi to imprison Jinbei in one of his books. We might see a heavily injured and possibly tortured Jinbei.

Another theory is that while the Straw hats sail for Onigashima, they will meet the Big Mom pirates, have a confrontation and free Jinbei. The group could split to do the job leaving Luffy behind to free Jinbei. Then we might see again Luffy’s late entrance at the final battle with Big Mom and Kaido.

Update 1 (October 24)

One Piece Chapter 960 Spoilers are now live on Reddit. Read our coverage to know more what’s going to happen in this upcoming chapter.

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There are new updates that have been added to the bottom of this story... Original story (from October 24) follows: This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those...
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