So the previous chapter gave us more bad news than good. Instead of confirming theories predicting that Law helped our heroes escape, we were shown what truly happened the night before the fire festival. However, I noticed something odd, that might confirm the safety of Straw hats & their allies.

Besides, it might also prove that the Straw hats knew there was a traitor.

As we all know, Orochi attacked the possible locations of the alliance. His first target was the hiding place of Sunny in Kuri beach. Next were the bridges connecting Kibi and Udon, and Ringo and Hakumai. This frustrated Ocho’s group from transporting the katanas.

Next, the Itachi port was destroyed. Some ships, that resemble the ones that Franky fixed were also destroyed. Lastly, the bridge from Kuri to Udon and another bridge connecting Hakumai and Udon were both destroyed.

Where are the Straw hats?

The first thing I find odd is that among all the places Orochi attacked, Ringo was the only place where we can see some members of the alliance. Moonflower O-Cho is a yakuza boss tasked by Hyougoro to transport the katanas from Ringo to Udon.

On their way to Hakumai, the bridge was destroyed leaving them stranded.

On the other hand, the rest of the areas attacked by Orochi do not have any evidence of human or Mink existence. The Sunny was attacked far too many times already, but every time, the Straw hats were able to protect their ship.

It would seem odd if not one person was up to guard the Sunny. And considering Luffy can now see a little into the future, it would be a piece of cake for him to stop the attack.

Why were they Stationary?

Another thing I find odd is that the Sunny and other ships were stationary. Usopp said they would go to Amigasa village right after fixing the ships and ride the Sunny to the promised port. The setting was two days before the big day.

When Franky asked if they can move the ships on time, the shipwrights reassured him that they can. Also, in chapter 955, Franky’s goal was to ferry 100,000 men. But in the previous chapter, Franky asked to finish up enough ships to carry only 5,000. Possibly, there were more ships than they needed.

A comment in a Reddit thread about the previous chapter suggests that Franky used an extra ship, fashioned it to look like the Sunny and moved the real one someplace else. This makes sense. This could also mean that the ships destroyed in Itachi port were the extra ships that were not used.

The Straw hats knew there was a traitor

The big question is, why go for all the trouble? Unless Franky knew there was going to be an attack, he had no reason to build a decoy Sunny. My theory is that the Straw hats knew there was a traitor. Okay, maybe not Luffy. He may not be that smart to figure as much, but some of his crewmates can.

If we recall several chapters back, Nami and Robin infiltrated Orochi’s castle to gather intel. During their mission, Robin used her devil fruit power to create a clone of herself. She also has the ability to create doubles of any part of her body including her ears. This is a perfect ability for gathering intel.

The intel that Robin got from Orochi regarding the weather at the entrance of Onigashima only surfaced in the previous chapter. It is possible that Robin kept track of Orochi’s movements using her devil fruit powers.

Through this, Robin may have found out about Orochi receiving intel from a traitor in their alliance.


When Robin figured out there might be a traitor in their alliance, she convened this intel to the Straw hats to devise a plan. It is also possible that Robin initially only told a few of them including Nami, Franky and Usopp. It’s not that Robin doesn’t trust the rest of their crew.

But it was necessary to ensure that their plan was carried out without any failure. Later, Robin would divulge the secret within their crew while riding the Sunny. They would not discuss it with everyone since they do not know yet who the traitor might be.

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