[S10 & S10e as well] Verizon Samsung Galaxy S10+ September security update arrives

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Some might find it hard to admit but the truth is Samsung is currently one of the best non-Google vendors with respect to Android security updates.

In recent times, software updates have been quite regular on most Samsung phones, be it major or minor updates. No, this is not just for the flagship Galaxy S10+ and co., but also for the budget Galaxy J4+ and the likes.

Galaxy J4+ September security patch

If you are keen enough, you must have noticed that several Galaxy J4+ security updates in the screengrab above have an identical changelog – improved security of the device and stability of Knox Guard. This includes the latest for September 2019.

This is something we also noticed with the incoming Galaxy Note 9 September security patch, which resembles a couple or so others from the previous months. It’s unclear why Samsung would opt to repeat the same changelog for different updates, but it’s happening, for some reason.

Other than that, Samsung is doing a great job with software updates and this time, even carriers are playing their part in pushing these updates soon after the unlocked models receive it.

Leaked September patch for U.S. carrier-locked S10

For instance, soon after the global Galaxy S10 series received September patches, the same update for the carrier-locked U.S. variants leaked online giving enthusiasts early access to the new firmware version ahead of others.

This exclusive access ends today now that the OTA is rolling out on Verizon Wireless. The carrier hasn’t updated the official Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, or Galaxy S10+ software support pages with the updated info, but we do have confirmation from actual users who’ve received the OTA.


It’s still unclear what exactly Samsung and Verizon have included in the new update besides the September security patch, but we do expect the update to bundle the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

A certain Redditor seems to have noticed something to do with RCS support, but like other cases before it, the chat features disappeared into thin air, just like that!

I think it has RCS in this update.i have new options in my messenger.

Edit, now it is gone, I tried to take a screenshot and now it says it is not supported.

Despite the little that the new update may bring to the table, Verizon and Samsung’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by a few of their loyal fanbase on Reddit.

It’s not posted on the Verizon website yet. Probably just security but sometimes they throw in a few bug fixes, improvements etc. Either way Samsung (Verizon) has gotten really good at timely security updates…I’m glad that Verizon has gotten better at providing security updates every month…I haven’t had one skipped since I bought the phone.

It really is nice. Now for Android 10!

If you are on Verizon and you own the Galaxy S10e or Galaxy S10, this same September security update should also be available for your handset with the same changes. But being OTA updates, they’ll take time to arrive on all units.

Update 1

The official announcement posts for September security update on Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e on Verizon networks are now up.

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