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February 2019

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Thursday, 21st

[Misc] Yes, you can hide the camera cutout

You need to go through Settings => Display => Full screen apps => toggle Hide front camera.

Tuesday, 26th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung may prohibit third party themes on S10

XDA has reported that the US unlocked Galaxy S10+ does not allow third-party overlays to be used. However themes from Galaxy Store are working fine.

Image source: XDA

[OFFICIAL INFO] Galaxy S10 will have factory pre-installed screen protector

Official notice is here, which was spotted by a redditor.


Wednesday, 27th

[UPDATE] First software update for Galaxy S10+ brings Bixby button remapping and Instagram mode

European S10+ phones are reportedly getting a new update, which adds Bixby button remapping feature.

Spotted by SamMobile, the version number of this new update is G975FXXU1ASBA/G975FOXM1ASBA and it weighs about 500 MB. February security patches are also included with it.

Image source: SamMobile

The update also enables Instagram Mode, so that you can send the photos you clicked from the stock camera app directly to your Instagram story.

If you need to grab the older firmware which can be flashed via ODIN, then see here.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Wanna embrace the punch hole? Try these wallpapers out!

@Mattcabb has created some stunning nerdy wallpapers which can blend with the punch holes on your S10.

Thursday, 28th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Remap Bixby button to launch Google Assistant

With the recent update, it can be possible to remap the Bixby button. But Samsung is limiting the choice of apps you can launch with the button.

XDA guys have found a solution to bypass the restriction, so that you can directly launch Google Assistant – check it out.

March 2019

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Friday, 1st

[Misc] S10 durability test by JerryRigEverything

(Spoiler alert: Don’t scratch up the screen too much!)

[Misc] S10 lineup is now HDR10 certified by Netflix

As reported by Android Police, Netflix has updated their device support list – Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ are not officially HDR10 certified.

Saturday, 2nd

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Google Camera port is working on Snapdragon Galaxy S10+

Fan of Google Camera’s HDR+ and portrait mode? Someone just tested Arnova82’s Gcam port on Snapdragon Galaxy S10+. Read here for details.

Monday, 4th

[OFFICIAL INFO] The iKONIK outfit within Fortnite will be exclusively available for Galaxy S10 players

Samsung has announced that it will be making the iKONIK outfit and Scenario emote available from March 8 to those who have bought Galaxy S10. The outfit is designed by major Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and based off the looks of pop idol group iKON member Jung Chanwoo.

Users need to install the Fortnite app through the Samsung Game Launcher to receive the outfit and emote.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Galaxy S10’s display is hugely praised by DisplayMate, grabbing “highest ever A+ grade”

The new Dynamic AMOLED display of Galaxy S10 family has got DisplayMate’s “highest ever A+ grade” the same title that was given to the Pixel 3’s display last year.

According to DisplayMate, S10 offers significantly better outdoor visibility, power consumption, color accuracy, HDR+ and more. The peak brightness at 1215 nits is brighter than any other smartphone.

Tuesday, 5th

[Misc] S10 pre-orders are reportedly shipping early

Seems that Samsung Store is processing the orders way quickly- the phones should arrive as early as Wednesday.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung Good Lock is coming to Galaxy S10

Samsung developers have announced that the upcoming March 8 update of Good Lock app will bring One UI compatibility and many new features for Android Pie. As a result, Galaxy S10 users will be able to customize the user interface of their phones easily, even without rooting.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Experience app for Galaxy S10 gives users the first impression of the flagship

Want to experience the new features of S10 on your phone? The Galaxy S10 Experience app walks you through the core features of the new device, albeit virtually.


[Misc] JerryRigEverything tears down S10 once again to show us the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner


Samsung has made the charging port permanent on the S10. So if you ever need to replace that port (to charge your phone, or access your data) it wont be possible without advanced soldering techniques.

[Misc] Unlocked international dual SIM S10 models are already discounted on eBay

Credit goes to Android Police for noticing the deals. The listings are from eminent eBay seller never-msrp, so there is nothing spooky about them.

The 128 GB variants of S10e is currently available for $649.99, the S10 for $799.99 and the S10+ for $899.99 – a whopping $100 less from original retail pricing.

The seller ships from Texas, United States to worldwide (excluding multiple countries, so check the list yourself before ordering). These are Exynos 9820 powered GSM models, so CDMA carriers like Verizon or Sprint will not work with them.

Wednesday, 6th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] S10’s ultra-wide lens is supported by Google Camera port

GCam modder cstark27 has successfully captured photos using the wide lens on Galaxy S10 US retail demo units with his own wide lens Google Camera mod.

View post on

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S10 today in India

Indian fans, today’s the day!

Samsung President DJ Koh will launch the iconic Galaxy flagship in India.

To view the live webcast, click here.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Hide those holes with these wallpapers

Now that Samsung Galaxy S10 series has been launched, we’re seeing some amazing wallpapers that cleverly absorb front facing camera punch holes into their design. We have collected some of the most stylish, clever, and hilarious ones. See here for more details.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 users spot mysterious blinking pixel; Notification LED feature via cutout animations incoming

Samsung is reportedly planning to bring animations around the camera cutout of Galaxy S10 to imitate the notification LED. Meanwhile, several users have noticed an odd blinking white pixel on the display. Take a look here to know more about these scenarios.

[Misc] Galaxy S10 pre-order shipment and delivery delays

In USA, users could register to buy Galaxy S10 since mid-February. Some of them are now reporting about astonishing delays. See here for more details.

[Misc] More teardown, this time from iFixit

iFixit is known for their elaborate teardown write-ups and fixing guides. They have disassembled the regular S10 as well as S10e and given the repairability score 3 out of 10 due to excessive use of adhesives and soldered charging port.

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[Misc] Galaxy S10 to get T-Mobile spam call verification

Dubbed as Caller Verified, it is T-Mobile’s implementation of the STIR and SHAKEN standards for detecting scam callers.

The feature is live today on Galaxy S9 and S9+ and will come soon to the Galaxy S10 family.

Tuesday, 7th

[UPDATE] First software update for international Galaxy S10 brings camera and fingerprint reader improvements

After S10+, Galaxy S10 is now receiving it’s day-one patch, which packs February 2019 security updates along with camera and fingerprint reader related fixes. See here for more info.


The US Snapdragon models are also getting the day-one OTA update with same version number.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung officially launched Galaxy S10 in India

The wait is finally over for Indian Samsung fans.

Talking about pricing, the cheapest Galaxy S10e is available at ₹55,900. The regular Galaxy S10 starts from ₹66,900 while the flagship Galaxy S10+ costs about ₹73,900. It goes up to ₹1,17,900 for the top end 12 GB RAM / 1 TB storage variant.

The S10 lineup will go on direct sale from March 8, via Samsung’s own site, popular online e-commerce platforms and select offline stores.

Buyers can avail several launch offers, which include Samsung Upgrade exchange bonus, Galaxy Buds with a fairly substituted price, cashback rewards from partners and free data plus other value added services from carriers.

[Misc] You can now buy open box unlocked Snapdragon dual SIM S10 models

However, they are not as cheap as the eBay deal we mentioned earlier.

You can get the 128 GB storage variant of S10e for $791, the S10 for $955 and the S10+ for $1,082. Other RAM/storage variants are also available. See here for more details.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] S10 Wide angle support in Google Camera broken on retail units

Google Camera modder cstark27 has bought an unlocked Galaxy S10e. Unfortunately the wide angle lens is not working currently with GCam ports, although it was working on the store demo units.

However, he has shared S10 optimized settings for GCam ports, so that other users can enjoy the ports without messing with the configs. Read here for details.

[Misc] It’s possible to see the fingerprint scanner of S10 with the naked eye

You need to have a very strong source of light though.

Under the strong light, the Galaxy S10 can see the “ultrasonic screen fingerprint sensor” at the bottom of the screen! from samsung

[Misc] Galaxy S10 AR Emojis are capable of reflecting your body movements in real time

Remember the AR emojis? Galaxy S10 packs an updated version of it, which can reflect your movements in the digital avatar.

Friday, 8th

[OFFICIAL INFO] Good Lock 2019 update is here

Samsung engineers pushed the update earlier than expected. You can now grab Good Lock 2019 directly from the Galaxy Store. Details here.

Image source: reddit

[BUGS & ISSUES] Indian users missing Galaxy S10 promotional offers due to bug in Samsung Shop app

Samsung Shop app reportedly unable to read OTP, which is vital to get the Galaxy Buds with a discounted price in India as part of Galaxy S10 pre-book/launch offers. Give this a read to know more.


[OFFICIAL INFO] Galaxy Buds are now available for purchase on official Samsung store

You can now buy them directly by paying $129.99 or use the $50 promo codes from Samsung.

[Misc] Gaming cryptocurrency Enjin Coin is partnering with Samsung Galaxy S10

Enjin, the Singapore-based company behind Enjin cryptocurrency and Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 are confirmed to be involved in a partnership, as reported by CoinDesk.

There are rumors about the same – dating back to 25 February, when a leaked video of the Samsung Mobile Business Development Summit featured Enjin’s logo.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Users getting Samsung Galaxy S10 boxes with broken seal

Several users, who pre-ordered the Galaxy S10, have got the phone boxes with seals broken. Carriers have experienced the same. Take a look here to know more.

[Misc] Galaxy S10 users getting YouTube Premium access free for 4 months

Samsung Galaxy S10 users can enjoy four months of free, uninterrupted, ad-free access to YouTube, and Google’s new music streaming service, YouTube Music. The offer is available globally where Samsung Galaxy devices and YouTube Premium are available.


To redeem the offer, click here.

[Misc] 6 months free trial of Spotify Premium, only for US Galaxy S10

US Galaxy S10 models come with pre-installed Spotify. To sweeten the deal, Spotify is now giving 6 months of Premium access absolutely free.

The eligibility criteria are somewhat rigid though. The Galaxy S10 smartphone must be purchased in the USA. Moreover, the user must be new to Spotify Premium.


[OFFICIAL INFO] Galaxy S10 lineup is officially launched in global markets

After the end of the pre-order period, Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e in markets around the world.

The 10th anniversary Galaxy S smartphone will be available in online/offline stores on and from March 8, in approximately 70 countries, including the U.S., Canada, India, China and all of Europe, and will roll out to about 130 markets by the end of the month.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung delays the Fortnite iKONIK outfit release

Samsung has updated their announcement page and posted a thread in their official forums about the delay.

Update: In order for Galaxy S10 users to have the best experience redeeming the iKONIK outfit and Scenario emote, both Samsung and Epic Games are taking extra time to further review this process before making the promotion widely available. We apologize for any inconvenience and will share updates on the outfit’s availability at

Possibly the earlier accidental leak is the reason behind the delay. ?

According to Samsung Germany, the revised date of arrival is 16th March.

[Misc] Revieve and Samsung to bring personalized skincare advice to Bixby Vision with Galaxy S10

Finland based beauty-technology company Revieve partners with Samsung to offer Samsung Galaxy S10 consumers with the opportunity to receive an individualized skin analysis by taking a selfie with Bixby Vision, Samsung’s intelligence platform.

Sampo Parkkinen is the CEO of Revieve

Saturday, 9th

[Misc] Grab a free Samsung Gear Sport while buying Galaxy S10 from Amazon is currently selling carrier unlocked Galaxy S10/S10+ with a free Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch for the same price as pre-order.


Check out the deals here: S10 + Free Gear Sport / S10+ + Free Gear Sport

[BUGS & ISSUES] You can easily fool Samsung Galaxy S10 series’ facial recognition

It’s coming to light (via AndroidPolice) that Samsung Galaxy S10 series’ facial recognition has been fooled using a video, image, or even a family members’ face in one case.

To begin with, here’s Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy fooling the feature using a video being played on another device:

Then comes apk teardown queen Jane Wong, who reported their S10+ device couldn’t differentiate between faces of family members:

And finally, a video from an Italian blog showing S10 facial recognition being fooled through an image:

It’s worth mentioning that this problem is not specific to Galaxy S10 series as other devices in the past have had similar issues. This is just another example that shows facial recognition tech isn’t as secure as other security systems like fingerprint and iris scanners.

[Misc] First ever Exynos 9820 die photo is up for grabs

Credit goes to Chiprebel guys.

Sunday, 10th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Wide angle support in Google Camera fixed after day-one patch

The March 8 update allowed me to open the wipe angle one above. Seems to work okay though the viewfinder image is much brighter and washed out compared to the output.


cstark27 is aware of the it as well. He has updated the post accordingly.

[Misc] Samsung Blockchain Wallet is here, but you can’t store Bitcoin in it

Reported by CoinDesk Korea,the Samsung Blockchain Wallet is currently compatible only with ether (ETH) and ethereum-based ERC20 tokens.

Samsung Blockchain Wallet app from Galaxy Store (Image source: Coinbase Korea)

Surprisingly Bitcoin is not yet supported, although the logo of the it was there on the pre-release presentation images. The wallet, however, supports four decentralized apps (dapps) out of the box: crypto gaming platform Enjin, beauty community Cosmee, crypto collectibles platform CryptoKitties and merchant payments service CoinDuck.

Monday, 11th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] You can now unbrand/convert the US Galaxy S10 carrier models

Thanks to the availability of the ODIN flashable packages, US users can now unbrand Galaxy S10 models and update manually without waiting for carriers. See here for details.

[Misc] When charging the S10 and wireless powersharing with a Galaxy Watch, you can get the battery status of both on the watch

Neat Feature: When charging the S10 and wireless powersharing with a Galaxy Watch, checking the watch will tell you the battery status of both from galaxys10

The feature, however, may not work with older smartwatches (Gear S3 Classic or Frontier) without a system update.

[Misc] Samsung Malaysia sent a bunch of Galaxy S10 phones to the outer space

The curious stunt was reported by Mashable SE Asia. Before you ask, probably because sky is the limit?

[Misc] Galaxy S10 outperforms S10e And S10+ in SquareTrade drop tests, still inline with last year’s S9/S9+

According to SquareTrade, a series of “DropBot” tests confirmed that Samsung’s three new Galaxy S10 devices are all susceptible to cracking. Interestingly, the regular Galaxy S10 performed better than the S10e and S10+.

[Misc] Samsung kind of officially advises to prefer the Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner over the face unlock for security reasons

The shortcomings and vulnerabilities of the face unlock method in Galaxy S10 is already known widely. You can go to Settings => Biometrics and security => Face recognition and toggle off Faster recognition, which make face recognition a little slower but adds up security.

Now Samsung has sent an official statement to Techradar regarding the fiasco:

Face recognition is a convenient action to open your phone. For actions requiring strong security, Samsung recommends using the new in-display Ultrasonic Fingerprint that unlocks only with your physical fingerprint.

The Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner has been certified by FIDO Alliance with the world’s first Biometric Component Certification that recognizes its vault-like security and industry best-practice for biometric-enabled devices.

[Misc] Carphone Warehouse is giving £50 eGift Card with a purchase of Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+

If you’re from the UK, then don’t forget to check out this awesome deal.

Tuesday, 12th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] BREAKING: Samsung Galaxy S10 camera ring notification light support arrives via third party app

2019’s Galaxy S10 series does not feature a notification LED. A third party app now brings in-display camera cutout animation as an effective alternative.


Check out details here.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 screen may not be properly visible through polarized sunglasses

Some users found that this problem went away by removing the screen protector that came bundled with the Galaxy S10 series phones. Read this article to know more.


[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Check out these apps and mods to customize your Galaxy S10

Unleash the inner artist of you with these wallpapers, mods and apps to customize your brand new Samsung Galaxy S10. Go through the list of a bunch of lesser known goodies and apply them to make your phone a unique one.


[Misc] Indian S10 users are eligible for 4 months of free YouTube Premium access

Google officially unveils YouTube Music in India today. They have also rolled out YouTube Premium subscription.


As a bonus, Samsung Galaxy S10 users can enjoy 4 months of free, uninterrupted access to YouTube Premium, which includes access to YouTube Music.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Galaxy S10 Exynos kernel source codes are now available

Developers can now grab kernel source codes for the Exynos 9820 powered Galaxy S10 models directly from Samsung Open Source Release Center. You have to search by the full model names (SM-G970F for S10e, SM-G973F for S10 and SM-G975F for S10+) and download the package.

As the Exynos models have an unlockable bootloader, these codes will help developers to craft TWRP as well as custom kernels and ROMs.

Wednesday, 13th

[UPDATE] The day-one update is rolling out widely to unlocked US Galaxy S10 models

It’s the same ASBA update we mentioned earlier, and US unlocked Galaxy S10 users are part of the wider rollout.

Update came out for the s10e US unlocked from galaxys10

Apart from the fingerprint and camera fixes, it should bring automatic brightness improvements as well.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Users reporting accidental touches and random wake-up inside pocket with their Galaxy S10

Several Galaxy S10 users are reporting about accidental touches on their phones, which start random activities and make the phone hot inside pocket. Give this a read to know more.


[Misc] Galaxy S10 5G trials show fascinating results in South Korea

Reported by ZDNet, the phone is already scoring 2.7Gbps download speed under SK Telecom’s trials. However, the release date of the 5G variant is still unknown.


[BUGS & ISSUES] Try these user-suggested tips if you’re facing problems with Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanner

Has the ultrasonic fingerprint reader in Samsung Galaxy S10 failed to meet your expectations? You may give these solutions a try.


[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung demonstrates 10 firsts and 10 bests of the Galaxy S10

The 10th anniversary Galaxy S phones come with some seriously ground-breaking techs. Now Samsung has decided to highlight them by creating a stunning infographic.

Click/Tap to zoom

[Misc] Galaxy S10 Ceramic vs. Glass back drop test

The guys over CNET have conducted another drop test – this time comparing the regular glass back with the premium ceramic back.

The end result is kinda predictable though.

[Misc] Seeing the silhouette of the fingerprint scanner of Galaxy S10 under bright light is normal

At least the official manual from Samsung says so.

Thursday, 14th

[OFFICIAL INFO] Snapdragon Galaxy S10 kernel source codes are available too

After releasing the kernel source codes for the global Exynos Galaxy S10, Samsung has published the same for Snapdragon models as well.

Visit Samsung Open Source Release Center to download them. As a drill, you need to search by the full model names (SM-G970U for S10e, SM-G973U for S10 and SM-G975U for S10+) and download the appropriate package.

Unlike the Exynos models, the US Snapdragon models can’t be bootloader unlocked. The codes are still helpful for developers having the Latin American/Chinese variants, which are bootloader unlockable.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 clicking noise from camera is not an indicator of failure

We are talking about the clicking sound you can hear while opening the camera.


It is caused by the variable aperture lens of the primary camera. For detailed analysis, give this a read.

[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10 Super Steady mode is a solid attractive feature

Samsung Galaxy S10 introduced a new video recording mode called Super steady. Users are fascinated to see the action cam like performance with it. Read our article about it.

[Misc] Samsung will provide more fixes to the fingerprint scanner via software update

A Samsung official has told The Korea Herald that the company is aware of the performance issues of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor of Galaxy S10.

The accuracy has been improved through the first update of software recently just in one week since the launch, and we will continue providing updates to make the scanner work better.

[Misc] The cryptocurrency wallet in Galaxy S10 is available only in selected regions

US users can not find the wallet app under Galaxy Store.

The official Samsung Australia account even acknowledges the fact:

Friday, 15th

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung recognizes the punch hole wallpaper trend

The South Korean company has created a new category inside the Galaxy Themes app for the cutout wallpapers, intended for Galaxy S10 lineup.

Image source: SamMobile

They are campaigning on Twitter as well.

Samsung actually encourages the users to DIY:

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge Lighting not working as expected? You aren’t alone

Several users have reported glitches in the Edge Lighting feature of the Galaxy S10. We have tried to find the root cause by looking at the past. Take a look at our article to know more.

Saturday, 16th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 Bluetooth problems & issues reported with Galaxy Buds and cars like BMW Mini

Galaxy S10 owners are facing Bluetooth pairing issues with their cars. Moreover, there are multiple reports about occasional pauses while streaming when the screen turns off. For details, see here.


[Misc] Official Marvel branded smart covers for Galaxy S10 are here

Samsung and Marvel have unveiled Marvel Smart Cover for Galaxy S10 via Galaxy Friends platform.


Moreover, users will get dedicated themes and screen unlock animation effects for corresponding to the back covers.

[OFFICIAL INFO] The iKONIK outfit is finally here for players with S10

After a small delay due to technical glitches, Samsung and Epic have finally released the iKONIK outfit exclusively for S10 users.

An Epic games account is required. To redeem your iKONIK outfit, please follow the instructions below on your Galaxy S10. You will need to first install Fortnite. Only one iKONIK outfit is granted per device.

Sunday, 17th

[Misc] Cryptocurrency Bancor (BNT) is now available for Galaxy S10 crypto wallet

Bancor (BNT), has declared its integration with Samsung Galaxy S10 Enjin (ENJ) wallet.

Monday, 18th

[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpaper subreddit has more subscribers than Galaxy S10 on Reddit

Believe it or not, it’ the harsh truth! If that wasn’t enough, there’s now an S10 wallpapers focused Android app as well. Check our story to know more.


[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 proximity sensor acts glitchy during calls, users say

Users are getting frustrated after discovering a new kind proximity sensor bugs in their brand new S10 phones. To be precise, it is different from the previously reported accidental touch protection related glitches. Read on to know more!


[BUGS & ISSUES] Sprint Galaxy S10 data / LTE connectivity issues officially acknowledged, workaround discovered

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e users on Sprint network have been reporting network connectivity issues ever since the devices launched. The problems include data OR LTE connectivity failure.

A Sprint employee recently acknowledged these issue. Read our latest story for details.

[Misc] Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Buds & Incipio ultra-protective cases

Android Central is giving away a 128 GB Galaxy S10 (White) along with many other goodies in collaboration with Incipio. Only US users are eligible though.

The giveaway is open through March 25, 2019. To take part, visit here.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Post purchase enrollment to Samsung Premium Care seems impossible for S10 users

Samsung Premium Care is an exclusive extended warranty and in-person support program by the Korean OEM.

With Samsung Premium Care, you get more than just protection for your Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, S9 and S9+ —you get a team of experts ready to come to you. Just pick the time and place, and they’ll meet you for setup, troubleshooting, repairs and replacements.

As reported by Android Police, the enrollment after purchasing is not open yet for the Galaxy S10 family, raising frustration among end users who missed it while purchasing.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 users are finding troubles with Android Auto

The guys over SamMobile have spotted a number of reports on Android Auto crashes with Galaxy S10.

Meanwhile, Android Police has noted that Samsung’s One UI (Android Pie), in general, forces Android Auto to display a constant night mode. Thus this issues is not just limited to Galaxy S10, but older Galaxy S and Note phones are also affected.


Fortunately, Google is aware of the issue and their team “… is working with Samsung on a fix”.

[Misc] S10 users want to screen record? Use this trick

The old trick to record screen using Game Launcher is still applicable on Galaxy S10. Head over to the SamMobile tutorial to know more.

Image source: SamMobile (Click/Tap to zoom)

[Misc] Another giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S10, protective cases and Speck’s GrabTab

This time, it is from Engadget. They are giving away one Galaxy S10 smartphone (128 GB) along with a set of Spect Presidio cases and one Speck GrabTab.

To take part and know the rules, visit here. Only US residents are eligible though.

Tuesday, 19th

[Misc] ZeroLemon brings new battery cases for S10 lineup

ZeroLemon has introduced a beefy 5000 mAh battery case for Galaxy S10 and S10+. They also offer even more gigantic 8000 mAh (for the S10) and 10,000 mAh (for the S10+) packs.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 front camera zoomed in? Here’s what you need to know

Users across the world are reportng about front camera zoomed in issue with their Galaxy S10. Is it Samsung or the third party app developers responsible for the bug? To read our analysis, click here.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S10 root achieved on global Exynos variant

A group of developers have achieved root access on the Samsung Galaxy S10 global model. They have also compiled TWRP for the phone and booted AOSP GSI successfully. Give this a read to know about the development progress.


[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 restarts every night? Random reboot or crash issue affecting many

Apart from random reboots or crashes, some S10 users have faced “Modem Crash Dump” error as well.


Give our article a read to know more.

[Misc] Galaxy S10 lineup does support HEIF format while taking pictures

XDA people found the evidence of native HEIF support in S10 camera even before the announcement of the phone. The Korean OEM shipped it eventually.

Image source: SamMobile

High Efficiency Image File Format aka HEIF can save considerable space compared to standard JPEG/JPG while retaining quality. Video recording in HEVC format is supported since Galaxy S9.

[OFFICIAL INFO] S10 screen replacement costs are considerably higher than its predecessors

Samsung has officially published the screen replacement pricing list for some countries like Taiwan and Australia.

The top end Galaxy S10+ screen replacement will cost a whopping 320 AUD/7,100 TWD (~230 USD). Well, you may grab a decent mid-ranger with that amount.

[Misc] The 5G variant of S10 certified in South Korea

Reported by The Korea Herald, the Galaxy S10 5G model (SM-G977N) has passed the signal verification test of National Radio Research Agency. If everything goes well, the phone may be released in the coming weeks in South Korea, and later in the US.

Wednesday, 20th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 SD card issue with moving apps officially acknowledged by Samsung

Some Galaxy S10 users are unable to move more than 8 apps to the sdcard.

After a brief session of miscommunications, Samsung has acknowledged the issue. Take a look here to get a proper insight of the situation.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 Fortnite iKONIK skin bundle: Saga of greed, mishaps & adventure

Samsung teamed up with Epic Games to present an exclusive skin called iKONIK for Galaxy S10 Fortnite players. However, the plan went haywire and started multiple controversies.


We have explored the whole scenario in this article.

[Misc] Fortnite v8.11 patch fixes Galaxy S10 full screen support

Epic Games has released a new patch for their popular battle royale game, Fortnite. Besides tons of new new features and bug fixes, the v8.11 update has also brought full-screen support for Galaxy S10.

Thursday, 21st

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 LED case turns off after sometime, users report

Samsung launched a LED back cover with ‘Moon lighting’ effect exclusively for 2019’s Galaxy S10 lineup.

Buyers found multiple imperfections, such as the LED effects stopped working after a while.Give this a read for more details.

[Misc] Galaxy S10 5G going to be launched in South Korea on April 5

Multiple Korean news outlets have reported that Samsung will launch the 5G variant of Galaxy S10 in South Korea as early as April 5.

Customers can get it via carriers or pick directly from retail channel. Expected price tag is 1.5 million won (~$1,300) in South Korean market.

[Misc] Prism Blue S10 phones are coming to O2, as well as the 5G variant

UK carrier O2 will be the only UK carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices in Prism Blue color variant. Customers can pre-order the S10 range in Prism Blue from the 28th March, before it goes on sale in stores and online from the 4th April.

Samsung Galaxy S10e in Prism Blue color

O2 will also sell the upcoming 5G capable S10 model, but no ETA has been given about the arrival.

[Misc] Vodafone India is offering one year free netflix subscription for Galaxy S10 users

Vodafone RED postpaid customers are now eligible to get one year free Netflix subscription after purchasing a new Galaxy S10.

Friday, 22nd

[Misc] Grab a free Samsung Wireless Charger Duo with S10e

B&H is giving a sweet deal with Galaxy S10e – customers can get a free copy of Samsung Wireless Charger Duo worth $99.

[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10 camera cutout notification support update reportedly delayed

The long awaited software update to bring camera ring notification support in S10 may be delayed further.


Head over to this article for further details.

[Misc] This Galaxy S10 billboard can charge your phone

Notebookcheck has found a really innovative advertising method to promote the Wireless Powershare feature of Samsung Galaxy S10.


Spotted in Sydney, Australia, the static billboard is nothing but a fancy charger for your Qi-enabled phones. But the cleve representation is appreciable.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 battery drain likely due to buggy sleep mode and high CPU utilization

Galaxy S10 users are bugged with high battery drain issues, particularly on global Exynos variants. VoIP calls are allegedly forcing the CPU to wake up. Give our article a read to know more.


Sunday, 24th

[Misc] Save up to $200 while buying Galaxy S10 from Costco

Until March 27, Costco’s member-exclusive in-store deal allows you to purchase the Galaxy S10e with flat $100 off. For regular Galaxy S10, the savings amount is $200.

No trade-in and/or new connection are required. See here to to know more.

Monday, 25th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Remove bundled bloatware apps from your S10 without root

Like every other smartphone in the market, Galaxy S10 comes with a number of pre-installed apps and bloat. However, there is a way to get rid of them. Check our article to know more.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 settings turning off / on automatically

Galaxy S10 settings like Caller ID and spam protection, Do not disturb, Night mode, Blue light filter etc. are toggling automatically, as reported by multiple users.


For details, see here.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 battery life: what users are saying

The reception of the battery life of the Galaxy S10 series is mixed among the customers. End users are trying to find the adverse factors which may affect the battery life causing abrupt drains.


Give this article a read for more details.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Energy Ring creates a battery indicator around the camera cutout of Galaxy S10

XDA Recognized Developer jagan2 has created a handy app called Energy Ring.

Adds a configurable Energy Ring around the camera lens indicating current Battery level. Dive into the various configuration options, not only you can quickly glance and get the battery info but, Energy Ring adds an accent to your phone’s camera lens.


S10e and S10 are currently supported, while S10+ support is being planned. Get the app from Google Play.

[Misc] Jimmy Fallon films an entire Tonight Show Episode on the Galaxy S10+

Tuesday, 26th

[UPDATE] New update reportedly fixes Galaxy S10 deep sleep issue, should contain Sprint network fix as well

Samsung is currently rolling out a new OTA update (build number ends with ASC8) for Galaxy S10 series. Along with the March security patches, the update contains additional fixes to Wireless Powershare and camera stability.


The deep sleep issue on Exynos models is reportedly fixed with this update. The same update is likely to come on Sprint Galaxy S10 variant to fix the LTE connectivity issue. See here for more details.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung demonstrates the AI capabilities and camera features of Galaxy S10

samsung talks about the groundbreaking features of their camera implementations in Galaxy S10 in this official press release. A next-generation Neural Processing Unit (NPU) helps to detect objects more accurately, while shooting without shakes and bumps.

The AI features are also useful for faster app loading and intelligent power saving, as described by Samsung in this article.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Galaxy S10 5G achieves 1 Gbps speed over KT Corporation’s commercial 5G network

Using 3.5GHz frequency deployed in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, the 5G variant of Galaxy S10 successfully achieved 1 Gbps speed over the air using KT’s 5G commercial network.

Another South Korean carrier, SK Telecom recently reported that they had tested their 5G-LTE aggregation technology with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. By combining both 5G and 4G LTE bandwidth, it hit a peak speed of whopping 2.65 Gbps.

[BUGS & ISSUES] US Galaxy S10+ users reporting major signal issues

Apart from Sprint, Galaxy S10+ users on other US carriers are suffering from LTE signal issues as well. The incident was reported by Android Police.

Wednesday, 27th

[UPDATE] Sprint users are getting the March update, pulled back from other regions

According to SamMobile (as well as a handful of users), Samsung might have paused the March update rollout for the global Exynos variant of Galaxy S10 series.

However, the same update (ASC8) is currently rolling out for US Snapdragon models – starting with the Sprint branded variant.


[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 users find Pro mode video recording missing

The absence of the Pro mode while video recording annoys many Galaxy S10 users. The glitch is originated from the One UI design.


Samsung is well aware of the situation, but rolling the fix is not a priority for them now. For details, head over to our article.

[Misc] Galaxy S10 users can change the display orientation of Always On Display

As reported by SamMobile, Galaxy S10’s One UI 1.1 allows you set AoD in landscape mode as well.


[Misc] Latest update of the Always On Display app reportedly improves fingerprint sensing speed

Several Galaxy S10 users suggested that the latest version of Samsung’s Always On Display app ( at this moment) brings improvement in the fingerprint sensing.

Thursday, 28th

[UPDATE] A new build of March update is rolling for global Exynos S10 variants

Samsung has released a new build (ASCA) after pulling back the initial March update (ASC8).


The changelog remains unchanged though.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Galaxy S10 users can block ads without root using Adhell3

System-wide ad blocking is not easy for non-root users. However, Galaxy S10 users can use Adhell3 which is powered by Samsung Knox to achieve it.


See here for details.

[Misc] Samsung may bring a dedicated low light camera mode and better charging support in S10

The ‘Bright Night’ mode is probably going to receive some improvements, as suggested by Ice Universe. Samsung may add 25W charging support in future as well.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Premium Care glitch for Galaxy S10 users is finally fixed

Samsung has confirmed Android Police that users need to go through Samsung Members App => search for Premium Care => Check eligibility and finally enroll their phones.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Energy Ring now supports Galaxy S10+

XDA Recognized Developer jagan2 has released a new beta version of the Energy Ring app to support the dual front camera of Galaxy S10+.


Download the app from the XDA thread or directly from Google Play.

Friday, 29th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Sprint Galaxy S10 still facing permanent voice/data loss need to be RMA’d

Sprint has officially acknowledged the LTE / data connection issue with Galaxy S10.


The US carrier now suggests to opt for RMA if the ASC8 update can’t solve the bugs. Give our article a read to know more.

[BUGS & ISSUES] The noise you hear while shaking your Galaxy S10 is originated from camera

Remember the camera clicking sound due to autofocus in Galaxy S10?

Well, the same hardware design is responsible for the ‘loose part’ noise when you shake your phone. According to Samsung:

However, the Camera module is fitted with a “Stopper” part to limit lens unit movement within the space for the Camera module. When the Lens and Stopper touch, when shaking the Galaxy S10 Series, a minute noise may occur – however, this is normal due to the operation of the Auto Focus feature of the camera. The sound made may differ slightly by device types and model.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung is investigating Galaxy S10 mobile data/WiFi issues

As suggested by a Samsung EU moderator, Samsung is now looking for error reports with log files from Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ users to diagnose the connectivity issues.


[BUGS & ISSUES] Summit IMS Service automatically installed on your Galaxy S10? You are not alone

Verizon accidently pushed the wrong button and distributed an application called ‘Summit IMS Service’ with a new update of Messanger+ to a number of phones, including Galaxy S10


Another update of Messanger+ is currently rolling out, which should fix the glitch.

[Misc] Someone spotted ‘S10f’ in wild (again!)

The mysterious ‘S10f’ has appeared again – this time redditor u/rooser1111 has stumbled on it.


Internal codename for accessories? Probably so.

[Misc] Wireless PowerShare now lights up the Galaxy S10 heart rate sensor

The latest software update (ASC8/ASCA) for S10 mentioned improved Wireless PowerShare support. For the visible change, the heart rate sensor of S10/S10+ now glows up to indicate reverse wireless charging.


FYI, the Galaxy S10e does not feature a dedicated heart rate sensor.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Interview with Galaxy S10 design team

Samsung Newsroom has published an interview, where the design team members behind the Galaxy S10 reveal how they created “a Galaxy for Everyone”. Check it out by clicking here.

[Misc] A lot of new details of the 5G Galaxy S10 leaked ahead of official release

According to ETNews, the 256 GB variant will be priced at KRW 1,390,000 (~$1,220), and the 512 GB variant will be priced at KRW 1,550,000 (~$1,360).

Meanwhile, DealNTech reports that the dimension of the Korean variant should be 162.2 x 77.1 x 7.8 mm. If the information is true, then it would be slightly shorter and thinner than the global variant (162.6 x 77.1 x 7.9 mm).

The color options are Majestic Black, Royal Gold and Crown Silver. The 8 GB/512 GB model should be available in Crown Silver, but the availability of Majestic Black for the particular variant can not be confirmed.

[Misc] The 25W charger for Galaxy S10 5G variant is here

The upcoming Galaxy S10 5G is one of the first Samsung phones to support 25W wired charging via Samsung EP-TA800 model of charger.

[Misc] You should re-register your fingerprints after the latest update on Galaxy S10

According to a number of user reports, the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner works much faster if you re-register your fingerprints after the recent March OTA and the Always On Display app update.

PSA: Re-register your fingerprints after the latest update. from galaxys10

Saturday, 30th

[Misc] Samsung support confirms Google Night Sight like features coming soon for Galaxy S10

After reported by Ice Universe, Samsung Poland support has now confirmed that Bright Night mode will get long exposure support in near future.


Take a look at our article to know more.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Official screen protectors for Galaxy S10 lineup is now available in the US

The official vinyl film protector replacement for the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ can now be bought directly from Samsung USA at $19.99.


This 2-pack of identical replacement screen protectors includes all the required tools for proper application of a new protector including a microfiber cleaning cloth, dust removal stickers, and a soft-edge squeegee for smooth application.

April 2019

Click/Tap to expand

Monday, 1st

[Misc] Grab a free Samsung Gear Sport or Gear Fit2 Pro while buying Galaxy S10 from Best Buy

Best Buy is currently offering a Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch with the purchase of US unlocked Galaxy S10+. On the other hand, the regular Galaxy S10 and the compact sized S10e buyers will get the Gear Fit2 Pro activity tracker absolutely free of cost.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 RCS not working on T-Mobile, future update should fix it

RCS is reportedly not working on unlocked US models of Samsung Galaxy S10, especially with T-Mobile. A future update will fix it, as per official channels.

Head over to our article to get more info.

[OFFICIAL INFO] 5G variant of Galaxy S10 is officially announced by Samsung

After a number of leaks, Samsung has officially announced that the Galaxy S10 5G will be available for purchase in Korea starting April 5, 2019.

Meanwhile, a reddit user has got their hands on the 5G model and compared it with Galaxy S10+.

Galaxy S10 plus and S10 5G. from samsung

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 getting hot/warm: here’s what you should know

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S10 is reportedly getting hot under different circumstances. Is it a design flaw or can it be possible to fix the glitch? Take a look at this article for further details.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Waiting for Samsung Galaxy S10 updates? Frija can be useful

Frija is a successor to SamFirm. This free application is able to query Samsung OTA servers and download software update packages to be flashed manually.

Click/Tap to zoom

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 Bluetooth issues reported with BMW Mini officially acknowledged by Samsung

Warning: Not a April Fool joke!

Samsung has posted a knowledge base article regarding the bug. They are indeed aware of the glitch, and share an uncanny solution besides the typical ‘reset network settings’ advice.

For proper Bluetooth pairing, it is advisable to use your vehicle to search and pair with your Mobile Device rather than the reverse way.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung promises monthly security updates for the Galaxy S10 series

Samsung has updated their security update page – the Galaxy S10 phones are now eligible for getting monthly security patches.

[UPDATE] Verizon is rolling out March update for Galaxy S10

After Sprint, Verizon is now distributing the March OTA update for Galaxy S10.


It should be noticed that Verizon opts for the newer ASCA build, whereas Sprint rolled out the older ASC8 build. The changelogs are identical though.

[Misc] Grab unlocked international dual SIM Galaxy S10 phones from eBay with huge discounts

eBay seller never-msrp is back again with irresistible offers.

The 128 GB S10e is currently available for $599.99, the S10 for $719.99 and the S10+ for $819.99 – you can save $150-$180 compared to the retail pricing.

These are Exynos 9820 powered GSM models, so CDMA carriers like Verizon or Sprint will not work with them.

Tuesday, 2nd

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 Best shot automatic capture feature gone, users say

Samsung silently removed the Shot suggestions auto capture functionality from the Galaxy S10 stock camera with an update.


For more details, see here.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Exynos Samsung Galaxy S10 Google Camera (Gcam) port status: here’s what we know

Google Camera ports can dramatically improve camera performances. However, it is difficult to get them working on Exynos models, such as global Galaxy S10.

In this article, we highlight current development status of Google Camera mods on Exynos powered phones.

[Misc] Samsung Clock app has got the Celebrity Alarm functionality

After the latest update of the stock clock app, Galaxy S10 users can set celebrity voice snippets as alarm tones.


[Misc] Samsung is offering $200 trade-in value for purchasing a new Galaxy S10 against any Android/iOS device

For a limited time, you can get a sweet deal by exchanging any Android/iOS device against a new Galaxy S10 and get $200 exchange value.

The old phone needs to have a working battery, but cracks on the screen are not a concerning factor.

Wednesday, 3rd

[UPDATE] T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10+ running new software update spotted online

The T-Mobile branded Galaxy S10+ is allegedly getting a new software update with the build number G975USQU1ASD3. The build contains March security patch.


[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Chainfire reveals Holey Light, an app to emulate the missing notification LED of Galaxy S10

The open source app can be downloaded from Google Play.

Remember that, the app is still in beta. Thus early adopters should keep an eye on the XDA support thread for further developments.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 adaptive brightness issues / problems: what company says

According to multiple users, the adaptive brightness feature of the Galaxy S10 trio is not working as intended. Samsung has responded with an explanation.


Take a look at this article for further details.

[Misc] Google Duplex is now available for US Galaxy S10 users

As reported by XDA Developers, Google Duplex is now rolling out in the USA for non-Pixel phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S10.

Part of Google Assistant, the AI powered Google Duplex can conduct natural conversations to do things, like schedule certain types of appointments.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Interview with Galaxy S10 camera team

Samsung Newsroom has published an interview, where the camera team members behind the Galaxy S10 talk about the AI infused functions of the ultra-wide-angle camera, including Live Focus and Panorama.

They also highlight the Super Steady enhanced video stabilization mode of S10.

Check it out by clicking here.

[Misc] Verizon Galaxy S10 5G release date leaks!

The big red may bring it on April 16. And the news comes from none other than evleaks!

Thursday, 4th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 ultrasonic fingerprint sensor can be fooled by 3D printed fingerprint

The Qualcomm designed ultrasonic fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is reportedly vulnerable to 3D printed fingerprints.

For more details, give this a read.

[Misc] More details on Verizon Galaxy S10 5G release

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the Verizon exclusive Galaxy S10 5G will be available online starting April 18 in the USA.

They should be available offline on and from May 16, as hinted by evleaks earlier. Other carriers will bring it later in 2019.

[Misc] Galaxy S10 5G retail box unboxing

Thanks to a South Korean user, we have the opportunity to look inside the retail packaging of Galaxy S10 5G.

As leaked by Ice Universe earlier, the phone comes with a new 25W capable charger.

[Misc] Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S10

Android Central is giving away a brand new Galaxy S10.

Unlike most other giveaways, this one will end after 3 months. It is only applicable for US residents.

Friday, 5th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 internal March update improves fingerprint scanner on US models

A leaked build of March update (ASD3) for Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ US carrier variants reportedly improves the fingerprint scanner performance.


See here for more details.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 dual GPS support reportedly crippled in US models

Dual frequency GNSS is supported by the chipset and can be found in Galaxy S10 Hong Kong variants. However, the US models reportedly don’t support this feature.


[Misc] Everyone is giving away Galaxy S10!

What can I say, the craze is real! This time both Android Police and The Next Web are giving away a brand new Galaxy S10!

Visit the pages to know about the rules and regulations.

Saturday, 6th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 alarm not going off after reboot? You are not alone

A number of Galaxy S10 users are reporting that the alarm does not go off/ring after reboot, after the latest update of the Samsung Clock app.

Rolling back to the factory installed version of the app is proven to be a working solution. For details, see here.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S10 root guide available for global Exynos models

John Wu aka topjohnwu, the developer of Magisk, has finally shared the complete root guide for the Samsung Galaxy S10. However, the procedure is applicable only for global Exynos models.

[Misc] Galaxy S10 5G: Teardown & firmware

PBKreviews guys have done a fine teardown of the Galaxy S10 5G variant – revealing the 3D ToF sensor as well as a mysterious unpopulated connector.

Meanwhile, first firmware (build number G977NKSU1ASD1) for the Korean edition Galaxy S10 5G is live. Courtesy to SamFirmware, you can grab it from here.

Sunday, 7th

[Misc] Binance Coin (BNB) is now available on Galaxy S10 crypto wallet

Changpeng Zhao’s Binance Coin (BNB) is now one of the 16 default coins supported by Galaxy S10.

Monday, 8th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy Buds low volume with Samsung Galaxy S10? Here’s what you should know

Galaxy Buds users have found a few tricks that can be useful to boost the low sound when paired with the Samsung Galaxy S10. See here for more details.


[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ TWRP and root available for Exynos models

After the arrival of the rooting guide from the developer of Magisk, Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ (Exynos) users now get unofficial TWRP support.

TWRP on Galaxy S10 (Click/Tap to zoom)

Take a look at this article for further info.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Besides Sprint, T-Mobile Galaxy S10 LTE / signal issues bugging users as well

T-Mobile Galaxy S10 users are facing several connectivity issues. The recent March update may fixes some of them, while disabling bands can be effective. Details here.

[Misc] Verizon Galaxy S10 5G render and release date hint

Posted by Android Headlines, we can clearly see the UWB (Ultra wide band) logo in the status bar. However, no Verizon branding can be seen on the phone itself.


The lock screen date (May 16) can be an indicator of the release date.

[Misc] Galaxy S10 can be $150 cheaper, bundled free Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung USA and Best Buy are currently offering some incredible deals with carrier branded Galaxy S10 phones.

128 GB S10 & S10+, along with all models of S10e is flat $100 off. You can save upto $150 with higher storage variants.


As a free accessory, buyers will get the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad worth $50.

[UPDATE] Verizon Galaxy S10 lineup is getting March update

Verizon is rolling out the March update (build ASD3) to the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 Plus users.

Verizon update is now out. from galaxys10

Release date: 04/08/2019
Android™ Security Patch Level: March 1, 2019
Software Version: PPR1.180610.011.G973USQU1ASD3

What’s changing:

The current software update provides your device with:

– The most up to date Android security patches
– System enhancements
– Performance improvements

Tuesday, 9th

[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10 camera app reveals upcoming low light photography mode and more

Digging through the stock Samsung camera app reveals tons of new camera modes coming for Galaxy S10, including a dedicated Night Sight like low light mode.


Head over to this article to know more.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 replacement screen protector not covering camera cutout? You’re not alone

The replacement screen protectors of Galaxy S10 series are reportedly different from the original one, as they can’t cover the front camera section.


[Misc] Samsung advertises Wireless Powershare feature of Galaxy S10 at Singapore bus stops

Reported by The Drum, Samsung has partnered with JCDecaux Singapore to turn bus stops into wireless charging stations.


Wednesday, 10th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S10 immersive mode: Here’s how you can properly achieve it

Getting full screen immersive mode support in the Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ is not an easy task. However, community members have found a way to get things done.


Take a look at our article to know the details.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Pay opening randomly on Galaxy S10

According to several reports from Galaxy S10 users, the Samsung Pay app keeps opening in background or even right after unlocking the phone.


Head over to this article to read about the issue.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Some Samsung Galaxy S10 units died / not
turning on

Multiple user reports suggest that the failure rate of Samsung Galaxy S10 (device dead/not turning on) is way too high for a newly launched flagship. Give our analysis a read.


[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung India now lists cost of the spare parts

Reported by Gadgets360, Samsung India support page now has a dedicated section to show replacement costs for key components of its smartphones, including the Galaxy S10.

(Click/Tap to zoom)

To view the full list, see here.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Early adopters of Galaxy S10 5G are facing network issues

According to a recent report published by Business Korea, Galaxy S10 5G users are facing 5G to LTE (and vice-versa) switching issues in South Korea.

In areas where 5G signals are not detected, the Galaxy S10 5G is expected to be automatically switched to an LTE signal, connecting to the internet, but it was continuously disconnected, they said. They complain that that they have to reboot several times to connect to the network again.

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Holey Light by Chainfire updated with Always On Display and screen off support

With the release of v0.40, the following changes have been incorporated inside Holey Light:

– Screen off + battery functionality enabled
– Migration from fake lockscreen to AOD-base
– Migration from application to accessibility overlay (Google frowns on this, though)
– Any notification can now be used for LED. The ones that don’t ask for LED show up under Colors as black by default.
– Lottie renderer has been replaced by a sprite-sheet based rendered (up to 5x CPU reduction)
– Battery saving animations added (up to 3x CPU reduction), blinking and pie-chart (decided based on full or on-tap AOD)
– Several leaks and crashes have been fixed (and undoubtedly new ones created)

Tuesday, 11th

[UPDATE] AT&T Samsung Galaxy S10 users finally getting March security update

After Verizon, AT&T became the last remaining US carrier to give March software update for the Galaxy S10 series. The update is now reportedly rolling out.


[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S10 custom font support arrives via Wings Font Installer

Samsung blocks third party themes and fonts on Galaxy S10 running One UI. However, the latest testing version of Wings Font can install custom fonts.


Please follow this link to read our exclusive interview with the lead developer of the Wings Font [Samsung] project.

[UPDATE] Samsung is gradually pushing a new fingerprint reader update for S10/S10+

This is different from the typical OTA software updates, as it is solely intended for the biometric components.

Biometrics update rolling out from galaxys10

The fingerprint scanner is reportedly working way better after installing the update.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 trade-in issues bugging genuine customers

Reported by Android Police, a number of users have faced various kind of anomalies while trying to trade-in their old phones for a new Galaxy S10.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung will soon launch the 5G Galaxy S10 in the US

Travis Warren, Senior Vice President and Head of Carrier Sales and Operations, Samsung Electronics America said the following in an official press release:

We design our Galaxy devices to open up incredible opportunities for users, and the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 5G are taking that legacy to a whole new level.

It is further mentioned that the Galaxy S10 5G will be available for the USA consumers starting in May, with pre-orders starting soon.

Friday, 12th

[UPDATE] Canadian Samsung Galaxy S10 still waiting for updates, as US unlocked gets March OTA

Carrier branded Galaxy S10 models are getting delayed updates than the global unlocked variants. In case of S10 Canada, it might be postponed till April 15.

Meanwhile, the US unlocked variant is finally getting the March security update.

US Unlocked S10 March Update pushing! from galaxys10

[Misc] Dedicated camera night mode should be available on Galaxy S10 in late April or May

The previously rumored long exposure mode for better low light photography is coming to S10 lineup by April or May, as hinted by leakster Ice Universe.

[Misc] Win a Galaxy S10 by designing creative wallpaper utilizing the punch hole

Samsung Chile is asking fans to create innovative wallpapers for the Galaxy S10 lineup that cleverly utilize the punch hole. The best entry will be rewarded a brand new Galaxy S10!

The best screen in the world looks for the best wallpaper to use in Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 +. Design a wallpaper using your front camera creatively. The best will win the new #GalaxyS10 . You only have to upload your design with your HT in your social networks #WallpaperS10

[Misc] The Blockchain Keystore in S10 is available for random US users

Looks like Samsung has started a staged server side rollout of the Blockchain Keystore in the USA region.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore now in US unlocked from galaxys10

Samsung pushed 2 updates today and suddenly it’s there now. Go into settings biometrics and security

[UPDATE] Sprint to roll a new update on April 16

Sprint has confirmed a new update will be pushed out on April 16. This update is aimed at solving intermittent voice or data issues. Here’s the exact words from the carrier:

4/12/2019 UPDATE: As always, Sprint and Samsung continue to closely monitor concerns about intermittent or total loss of voice or data with the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e handsets. There will be a software release available on Tuesday, April 16th that will prevent the device from experiencing intermittent voice or data. Please update your device as soon as this release becomes available.

Saturday, 13th

[Misc] Someone tried to compare the fingerprint scanner performances before and after the recent biometrics update

Well, the improvement is not just placebo!

[DEMO] The Fingerprint Scanner Really is SOOO Much Faster Now from galaxys10

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Shutter Sound: Here’s what you should know

Some users don’t have the option to turn off the camera shutter sound in their Galaxy S10.



Wireless carriers and regional laws are the reasons behind this scenario. See here to know more.

[Misc] 10 Samsung Galaxy S10 must have apps you should know about

From hiding the punch hole to system-wide ad blocking, here are ten must have apps for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 that can bring the difference.

Monday, 15th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 biometrics update: T-Mobile delay, installation failure, high battery drain and more!

Samsung is rolling out a new biometrics patch for improving the performance of the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S10/S10+. Read this article to know the aftermaths, like installation issues and delays in rollout.


[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 autofill or clipboard popup while typing issue comes to light

After the latest March update, Galaxy S10 users have noticed that single tapping in a text field now automatically brings up the context menu.


Is it a new feature or a bug? Details here.

[UPDATE] Canadian Galaxy S10 lineup is finally getting March update

Canadian carriers finally started to rollout the March update (build ASD3).


[Misc] EdgeLighting+ update from Samsung brings partial notification LED emulation on Galaxy S10

The latest update of EdgeLighting+, a module of Samsung’s Good Lock suite of apps, enables camera cutout lighting support.


Remember that the usual restrictions of Edge Lighting are still present, which means the feature only works if a particular app tries to wake the screen.

Tuesday, 16th

[UPDATE] Sprint Galaxy S10+ is getting LTE improvement fix, April security patch

As per previously announced schedule, Sprint is currently rolling out a new update (build ASD5) for Samsung Galaxy S10+ to fix LTE issues. It also brings April 2019 security patches.


[Misc] New Good Lock plugin brings native screen recording feature Galaxy S10

Using the newly released Good Lock plugin named Nice Shot, S10 users can now natively record the on-screen contents.


[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the new topper in DxOMark listing

Thanks to the dedicated ToF sensors in both front and rear positions, the 5G variant of Galaxy S10 scored 112 in rear camera review (same as Huawei P30 Pro).

The selfie camera, on the other hand, got 97 points, and became the new king.

Wednesday, 17th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Sprint Samsung Galaxy S10 data issues continue to persist, even after April update

Sprint rolled out a new OTA for Galaxy S10 to fix connection issues. However, users are still facing the same glitches, even after upgrading to the build.


Read this article for further details.

[Misc] T-Mobile anti-robocalling feature comes to Galaxy S10

T-Mobile and Comcast is now rolling out new anti-robocalling feature powered by STIR/SHAKEN standards to a number of phones, including Samsung Galaxy S10e , S10 and S10 Plus.

[Misc] Grab Galaxy S10 5G stock wallpapers

XDA user ssking has extracted the Galaxy S10 5G variant exclusive wallpapers from the firmware and shared them.


Thursday, 18th

[BUGS & ISSUES] New Galaxy Buds update problems and issues; info on shipping delay in UK

Samsung is rolling out a new update for the Galaxy Buds, which reportedly brings some bugs.

Meanwhile, UK Galaxy S10 users are still plagued with Galaxy Buds late shipment issues. Details here.

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 night mode update arrives with April security patch on global Exynos models

Global Exynos powered Samsung Galaxy S10 phones are now getting a new OTA update with April security patch and camera night mode support.


For camera samples and further details, see here.

Friday, 19th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Sprint Galaxy S10 units need replacement due to LTE/data issues

Sprint has officially announced to replace the Galaxy S10 units having LTE/data connection issues.


Meanwhile they pulled back the Android Pie update Galaxy Note 8 for similar bugs. Details here.

[Misc] Samsung has released new AR based measuring tool – only compatible with Galaxy S10 5G

Quick Measure by Samsung is yet another AR based measuring tool.


This one is more accurate than the others, as it utilizes the ToF sensor of the 5G variant of Galaxy S10. However, because of the same reason, the app is currently not compatible with LTE models of S10.

Saturday, 20th

[Misc] You can still get a free Galaxy S10e while buying Galaxy S10 via Verizon

The deal is back on Verizon, where customers can pick a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ and become automatically eligible to get a Galaxy S10e from the carrier (or get $750 off Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ or Galaxy Note 9).

The prerequisites are as follows:

1. Add any two Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+ or Galaxy Note9 phones with monthly device payments to your cart.
2. Add one of these phones as a new smartphone line on any Unlimited plan to your account.
3. Get your $750 credited to your account over 24 months.

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 may get pocket mode fix and more camera enhancements in upcoming update

Galaxy S10 users are now getting new camera night mode feature along with April security update. A handful of fixes and new features are scheduled next, as hinted by an announcement in Samsung Korea forum.


[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Gcam_6.2.024_Advanced version 2.0 brings dual aperture support for Galaxy S10

Legendary Google Camera modder Arnova8G2 has published a new modded GCam, based on Google Camera


With this version, dual aperture switching finally works on phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10. However, this is a generic mod, thus device specific optimizations are not present in this variant.

Sunday, 21st

[Misc] International giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S10

Android Authority is giving away one Galaxy S10 smartphone, courtesy of the AA Deals Store.

To take part and know the rules, visit this link. This giveaway is applicable for users across the globe.

Monday, 22nd

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S10 / One UI custom theme support available via ‘Custom OneUI Theme Installer’

After the arrival of a custom font installer, a group of developers called PROJECT [vivid] Development has created a new no-root custom theme installer for Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup.

Read our interview with recognized themer envy~ and his new themes for Galaxy S10 series that can be used with this ‘Custom OneUI Theme Installer’.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 user stuck at 720p with Netflix? Here’s what you should know

Some users reportedly can’t stream Netflix beyond 720p with the latest app version on their Samsung Galaxy S10 phone.


Netflix is aware of the situation, but they do not give any estimated time of the fix to rollout. For further details, see here.

[Misc] Linux on DeX now officially supports Galaxy S10 series

The latest beta update (v1.0.51) of Linux on DeX app adds official support for Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+/S10 5G.


The previous version (v1.0.49) worked fine on S10 series though, so this is more of a formal announcement. Besides S10, Galaxy S9, S9+ and Tab S5e are now supported as well.

Tuesday, 23rd

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] NiceLock Downloader Companion app can download Good Lock modules on unsupported regions

The author of NiceLock, xantrk, has published ‘NiceLock Downloader Companion‘.


This companion app can be used alongside NiceLock to download and install various Good Lock modules from mirrors.

Wednesday, 24th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 low battery notification sound can’t be turned off, possible One UI bug

According to user reports, the low battery notification sound in Galaxy S10 can’t be turned off as the relevant option is grayed out. Is it a One UI bug?


See here for further info.

[Misc] Verizon Galaxy S10 5G pre-order is live

Verizon has finally started the pre-ordering process of Galaxy S10 5G.

The 256 GB model will cost $1,299 while you have to pay $1,399 for the 512 GB variant. Pre-order bonus includes a pair of Galaxy Buds, a Samsung wireless charging battery pack and a water bottle (?) with an estimated value of $225.

Thursday, 25th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Energy Ring now supports Galaxy S10 5G

The developer of Every Ring, jagan2, has added support for the 5G variant of Galaxy S10 in the latest update of the app.

The changelog of newest beta (v6.1) of Energy Ring is as follows:

* More accurate placement around Camera lens.
* Energy Ring now supports Galaxy S10 5G!
* Energy Ring now runs as an Accessibility Service, which is a ‘must’ to be displayed on Lock Screen. Please re-enable Energy Ring if you’re upgrading from a previous version.

Saturday, 27th

[UPDATE] Unlocked Snapdragon Galaxy S10 (Hong Kong) models are getting April update

A number of redditors have reported that their non-US Snapdragon powered Galaxy S10 phones are now receiving the April security patch from Samsung.

[Misc] Microsoft’s Your Phone now supports Galaxy S10 lineup

The Your Phone app supports screen mirroring (Phone Screen) from Android phone to PC via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for select devices. With the latest version update, Galaxy S10 users can now taste the same feature.


You need to have the latest May 2019 Windows 10 update (1903) installed on your PC to use the mirroring functionality. For notification mirroring, latest Insider builds of Windows is required.

[Misc] Samsung India is offering attractive cashback offers on Galaxy S10

On purchase of the Galaxy S10e from Samsung India online store, consumers are offered an instant ₹5,000 cashback. HDFC credit card users will get an extra ₹4,000 cashback on EMI, making the effective price of the device from ₹55,900 to ₹46,900.

The regular Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus models are eligible for ₹5,000 – ₹9,000 flat cashback. HDFC EMI payment option will add further ₹6,000 cashback.

Monday, 29th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Spotify lockscreen controls not working on Samsung phones (including Galaxy S10), company investigating

Spotify users with Samsung S10, S9, S8, S7 and Note9 devices say the app controls (like skip or pause) are not working when accessed from lockscreen. The company is aware of the issue.


For more details, see here.

Tuesday, 30th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S10 / One UI custom font support arrives on themeGalaxy & GxFonts

An indie developer has created a method to install custom third party fonts on Samsung phones running Android Pie based One UI, such as Galaxy S10.


Read our exclusive interview with Sathish Kumar Bangarusamy aka sathishtony by clicking here.

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 April update should fix accidental touch protection, developers say

According to a Samsung forum moderator, the pocket mode accidental touch protection fix for Galaxy S10 should be rolled out via latest software update (ASD6?). Details here.

[BUGS & ISSUES] MMS over WiFi reportedly broken on Galaxy S10 and other Samsung phones running One UI

Galaxy S10 (S8 and S9 as well) users on Xfinity Mobile have been complaining of MMS over WiFi not working on Android Pie/One UI. For further details, see here.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Someone’s Galaxy S10 5G exploded out of the blue

Bringing the haunting memories of the Galaxy Note 7, a South Korean user has shared pictures of his exploded Galaxy S10 5G unit.


In a statement issued to CNET, Samsung suggests that the cause of the damage wasn’t a malfunction.

After retrieving the device from the customer, Samsung has closely inspected the device and concluded that the damage was caused by external impact.

[Misc] International dual SIM Galaxy S10 phones from eBay are crazy cheap right now

eBay seller never-msrp is nailing it!

The 128 GB variants of S10e is currently offered for $595.99, the S10 for $674.99 and the S10+ for $774.99.

May 2019

Click/Tap to expand

Wednesday, 1st

[Misc] Save up to $200 on Galaxy S10 via Best Buy deals

At Best Buy, the unlocked 128 GB versions of the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ cost $549.99, $699.99, and $799.99, respectively, which is a flat $200 less than the original price.

To avail the deal, you need to activate them when you buy them with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

Thursday, 2nd

[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10 Snapdragon vs Exynos battery test video reveals what we already know

YouTuber PhoneBuff organized a controlled test environment to judge the battery drain of Exynos and Snapdragon Galaxy S10 variants. The phones were running March update patches, and he would update the result after installing April OTA update.


See here to know more about the experiment.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 touch sound change after April update gets thumbs down

After the recent April update, Samsung Galaxy S10 users across the world found the new touch sound utterly annoying. There is no way to change it.


Head over to this article to know more about this annoying issue.

[Misc] Save $400 on Galaxy S10 via exclusive trade-in deal

Unlocked Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ from Samsung US store can now be bought with an incredible $400 trade-in deal.

Eligible devices for the trade-in deal are Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Note 8, S9/S9+, iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Google Pixel 3/3 XL and LG V40.

Saturday, 4th

[UPDATE] Canadian Galaxy S10 users should receive the next update on May 13

Canadian wireless carrier Telus has updated their OS update schedule page. According to it, the Galaxy S10 lineup will receive the next (April?) security patch update on May 13.


Monday, 6th

[Misc] Selling/purchasing Samsung Galaxy S10 Fortnite iKONIK Skin? Here’s what you should know

Worldwide Fortnite fans are mad to get their hands on the Galaxy S10 exclusive iKONIK skin. They are targeting social media for buying/selling.


Take a look at our article to know more about the situation.

Tuesday, 7th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 April update for US models leaked, grab it now

Someone managed to leak the upcoming April security patch update for carrier branded Samsung Galaxy S10 US models.

The camera night mode is still absent in this update. For further details, see here.

Wednesday, 8th

[Misc] Paytm Mall Samsung Super Sale cashback offers on Galaxy S10 lineup

Indian e-commerce site Paytm Mall is offering up to ₹14,000 cashback on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series of phones as part Samsung Super Sale. Moreover, the online portal is also offering no-cost EMI options and exchange offers.

[Misc] US Unlocked Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ are $100 Off at Amazon

Amazon is offering carrier unlocked version of US Galaxy S10 (Snapdragon) models with an incredible deal. You can grab the regular Galaxy S10 for as little as $799 while the Galaxy S10e and S10+ are available for $649 and $885, respectively.

[Misc] Samsung brings Galaxy S10 Enterprise ready variant to Spain

The Enterprise variant is identical to regular models in terms of hardware, but the software is capable of handling Enterprise management and deployment tools such as Knox Configure, Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air service (E-FOTA on MDM) etc.

Thursday, 9th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 camera Instagram mode reportedly broken for some users

Some Galaxy S10 users are unable to upload photos using the built-in Instagram mode of stock camera, as it loops back to the Instagram app camera interface.


For details, see here.

Friday, 10th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 April update is rolling on Verizon and T-Mobile branded phones

As a matter of fact, the build (ASD7) is identical to the leaked OTA.


[Misc] Follow these cool tips from Samsung while vlogging with your Galaxy S10

Samsung highlights the camera enhancements in Galaxy S10 lineup, such as Super Slow-mo, Super Steady Mode, Hyperlapse and AR Emoji, which can be pretty useful to improve the quality of the vlogs.

Saturday, 11th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ (Exynos) got official TWRP support

Based on the geiti94’s initial development, XDA member ianmacd has brought official support for TWRP on Exynos Galaxy S10 lineup.

  • Galaxy S10e (codename: beyond0lte): Download
  • Galaxy S10 (codename: beyond1lte): Download
  • Galaxy S10e (codename: beyond2lte): Download

The unified support thread can be found here.

[Misc] 5 Samsung Galaxy S10 must have root apps/tweaks/mods you should know about

From changing the splash screen to modify the One UI, here are five must have root apps and mods for your Samsung Galaxy S10.


Tuesday, 14th

[UPDATE] April update for Galaxy S10 series is rolling out in Canada

As per schedule, Canadian Galaxy S10 models are now getting the April security patch in the mid of May – just like their US big brothers.

FYI, separate night mode in stock camera is still not present in this update.

Wednesday, 15th

[UPDATE] US unlocked Galaxy S10 models are getting April update with a slightly new build

Galaxy S10 US unlocked variants are now receving a new build (ASD8) as April update.


[UPDATE] UK users are going to get the 5G Galaxy S10 on and from June 7

Samsung also mentioned in the press release that EE and Vodafone would be the first 5G compatible networks to carry the phone.

Friday, 17th

[UPDATE] Latest Verizon Samsung Galaxy S10 5G firmware up for grabs

Verizon customers can now try the next gen connectivity with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. The first firmware build is also available for manual flashing. For details, see here.

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Messages emoji sending/receiving currently broken in some cases

A number of Samsung users are unable to send/receive emoji characters using the stock messaging app (Samsung Messages).


Read on to know more.

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 May update out in US, brings only security patch (no Night Mode)

Sprint and T-Mobile are currently rolling May 2019 security patch update for US Samsung Galaxy S10 models. Camera night mode is still absent.


[Misc] Samsung launched Olympic Games Edition S10+

To celebrate the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympic 2020, Samsung released a special variant of Galaxy S10+ in collaboration with with Japan’s NTT Docomo.

Besides the Tokyo 2020 logo on the back, the glass model (not ceramic) of Galaxy S10+ is identical with the regular one.

Tuesday, 21st

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 May update rolling out for AT&T users

AT&T users are now getting the May update as well in the form of ASD9 build (same as T-Mobile).


[Misc] Samsung will launch a red variant of Galaxy S10 and S10+

According to leakster Roland Quandt, the Galaxy S10 series is going to get a ‘Cardinal Red’ treatment in near future.


[Misc] Adobe Premiere Rush for Samsung available for Galaxy S10

Popular video editor app Adobe Premiere Rush is now officially optimized for Samsung Galaxy phones, including the Galaxy S10 lineup.

Premiere Rush harnesses the powerful capabilities of Premiere Pro, optimized for mobile devices. With premium features such as customizable Motion Graphics templates, AI-powered audio clean up, graphics creation and audio mixing, Premiere Rush allows users to cut and edit professional-grade videos and vlogs with ease.



Wednesday, 22nd

[Misc] Galaxy S10 5G is heading towards Australia

Australia is going to receive the sweet taste of 5G, as the Galaxy S10 5G will be available through Telstra and Samsung Experience Stores from May 28.

Thursday, 23rd

[Misc] Costco is offering $250 off the S10 on T-Mobile

The effective price of the 128 GB Galaxy S10 would be $599.99 after the deal. The offer is valid till 16 June.


[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 May update is available for Exynos models

The May update is reportedly rolling out for the global Exynos powered Galaxy S10 phones with ASE5 build tag.


The hefty size (~620 MB) of the update ensures plenty of new fixes, including camera and Wi-Fi related improvements.

Unlike US models, Exynos units got dedicated Night mode back in April, which should be further refined after installing this OTA update.

[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10 5G pre-order goes live in the UK

The phone will cost you £1,099 for the sole 8 GB RAM/256 GB storage configuration. Currently EE and Vodafone are the only wireless providers to offer the phone with a 5G plan.

Shipments should begin on and from June 7.

Saturday, 25th

[Misc] Use Always On Display (AOD) as a notification indicator on your Galaxy S10

Miss the notification LED? XDA member Jawomo created an app that uses Samsungs Always On Display (AOD) as notification indicator.


Dubbed as aodNotify, this utility can be downloaded from the XDA thread or directly from Play Store.

Monday, 27th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 May update (ASE5) reportedly causes lags, freezes & app crashes

The May update (ASE5) for global Exynos Galaxy S10 allegedly introduces extreme lagging and slowness. Apps like Twitter and reddit are crashing frequently.


Details here.

[Misc] Galaxy S10 5G on Telstra gets 1.2 Gbps download speed

The Australian carrier’s 5G network, coupled with the Galaxy S10 5G, is sufficent to deliver 1,254 Mbps downstream bandwidth.

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 May update enables taking panoramas with the primary 12 MP camera

The ASE5 build aka May update for Galaxy S10 is reportedly buggy, but the updated camera bundled with the update allows users to switch to the primary camera from the ultrawide lens while taking panaromas.

Tuesday, 28th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 May update (ASE5) pulled back

Samsung silently pulled back the ASE5 build from their update servers.

Samsung update servers are now returning the previous ASD5 build as the latest available build

There is no official statement from the Korean OEM, although we think they will eventually release a hotfix update.

[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10 5G gets the early taste of T-Mobile’s 5G network

Long before the official announcement, someone was able to tap into the 5G network of T-Mobile in Manhattan with his Verizon Galaxy S10 5G.


Wednesday, 29th

[UPDATE] May update is now live for US unlocked Galaxy S10

US unlocked Galaxy S10 units are reportedly getting the May update with build number ASDB, which is a minor bump from the carrier build (ASD9) except Sprint.


As expected, camera night mode is still absent.

Thursday, 30th

[UPDATE] International Galaxy S10 gets a new bugfix May update

As anticipated, Samsung is rolling out a new build (ASE6) as a hotfix for global users.


The changelog is slightly different, as now it mentions Bluetooth connectivity fixes alongside the Wi-Fi and camera related improvements.

Friday, 31st

[Misc] The Cardinal Red Galaxy S10 coming next month

After being teased by leakster Roland Quandt, the Cardinal Red variant of Galaxy S10 and S10+ are now listed under a Swiss retailer’s website.


Only 128 GB variant will be available with this color after a month with a price tag of CHF899 ($895).

[Misc] Indie developer fixes the edge lighting feature in Galaxy S10

XDA member Zunderstruck came up with this little app which can enable any app to use the Edge Lighting feature of Samsung Galaxy S10, even when the screen is off.


The app can be downloaded from Google Play, while the discussion thread is hosted in XDA.

June 2019

Click/Tap to expand

Monday, 3rd

[Misc] Galaxy S10e will also get the Cardinal Red treatment

Roland Quandt has confirmed the arrival of the Cardinal Red Galaxy S10e, just like the regular S10 and S10+.


[UPDATE] Samsung published detailed changelog of the ASE6 update for the global Galaxy S10 units

The OEM released an elaborate changelog via Samsung Members app. It is now possible to know the details about the camera related enhancements in the ASE6 OTA update.


The inclusion of the ultra-wide camera SDK makes it possible to use the ultra-wide lens by third party apps (like WhatsApp).

Tuesday, 4th

[UPDATE] Some Exynos Galaxy S10 units getting yet another update with May security patch

Samsung is reportedly rolled out another hotfix update with build number ASE7 (the last one was ASE6) for global Galaxy S10 units. The changelog remained unchanged.


[Misc] Celebrate Samsung Happy Galaxy Day with various deals

As part of its Galaxy Day celebration, Samsung is offering YouTube Premium membership for free (1 year) to new Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 9 customers.

Those who buy an S10 or Note 9 by June 8 will also receive free Galaxy Buds along with the YouTube Premium subscription. Only US customers are eligible for this promotion which will run until June 30.

Wednesday, 5th

[Misc] Cardinal Red Galaxy S10 is now official

As hinted earlier, the regular Galaxy S10 and S10+ are now officially available from Samsung Switzerland.


Tuesday, 6th

[Misc] Another new color option for Galaxy S10: Prism Silver

After Cardinal Red, Samsung is now offering a Prism Silver variant of Galaxy S10 (to be precise, only the Plus model) in Hong Kong.


[Misc] Galaxy S10 5G is heading towards Italy and UK

While Vodafone is bringing the Galaxy S10 5G in Italy as part of their 5G network offerings (pre-booking starts from June 10), EE UK has already started selling the phone from their online shop.


Friday, 7th

[UPDATE] Latest May update for Exynos Galaxy S10 greatly improved low light photgraphy

AnandTech has published an elaborate article, comparing the camera stack of global Galaxy S10 with Exynos SoC – before and after the May update. Even in the context of other contenders like Huawei P30 Pro or Google Pixel 3, the performance improvemenets are clearly noticable.

Saturday, 8th

[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge Lighting Fix app brings new features

The broken Edge Lighting feature of Galaxy S10 (and other Samsung phones) can now be stabilized using the new Edge Lighting fix app. Head over to this article to know more.


Sunday, 9th

[Misc] Galaxy S10+ Park Hang Seo Limited Edition comes with a gradient Prism Silver color

Time for yet another limited edition color variant of Galaxy S10+: Available only in Vietnam, this one is named after Park Hang Seo, a former Vietnamese football player.


Monday, 10th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S10 gets additional camera features via new mod

Now you can try out sports, aqua or anti-fog mode as well as Super Slow-Mo multi take using the stock Samsung Galaxy S10 camera app with this modded XML.


Tuesday, 11th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Galaxy S10 (One UI) gets custom theming via Hex Installer

Developer sathishtony and modder envy~ are actively working on Hex Installer – the next generation theming solution for Samsung phones running One UI. Details here.


Thursday, 13th

[UPDATE] Sprint Samsung Galaxy S10 5G launch imminent as firmware goes live

After Verizon, AT&T is going to bring the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on June 17.

On June 17, AT&T will begin making the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G available to AT&T Business customers and 5G developers through the AT&T Developer Program. This innovation ecosystem will kickstart the next generation of connected experiences and help define what 5G can do for everyone.

For a limited time, businesses can order the Galaxy S10 5G with 256GB internal memory through their AT&T account representatives for $999.99, the same price as our 128GB LTE Galaxy S10+.


No word from Sprint yet, but official firmware indicates an imminent launch.

[Misc] Galaxy S10 receives another new color option in China

You can now buy the ‘smoky blue‘ color variant of Galaxy S10 if you’re in China.


Don’t you think the new paint job is yet another variation of the existing Prism Blue color?

Saturday, 15th

[Misc] Sprint reveals the release date of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on their network

Sprint has officially declared the release date of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – it’s June 21.

Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced the June 21 availability for its third 5G device – Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. It will deliver blazing-fast speeds within Sprint’s True Mobile 5G network.

Galaxy S10 5G will initially be available to customers in the first four 5G markets that launched in late May – Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Kansas City. They will then be available in Sprint’s other 5G markets – Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Washington, D.C. – in the coming weeks.

Monday, 17th

[BUGS & ISSUES] My Emoji Stickers app automatically appeared on your Samsung Galaxy S10?

Some Galaxy S10 users allegedly got an app named ‘My Emoji Stickers’ installed on their phones out of nowhere.


We discuss about the origin of this app; see here for further details.

Friday, 21st

[UPDATE] US Samsung Galaxy S10 camera night mode release seems imminent as Asian Snapdragon models got the update

Global Galaxy S10 users have the night mode in camera for a while, but US users still lack it. However, a new update for China/Hong Kong S10 units hints the arrival of the feature.


Sunday, 23rd

[Misc] The release of Galaxy S10 5G in China seems imminent

As reported by IT Home, Samsung may reveal the 5G edition of Galaxy S10 in China on June 25, alongside Samsung Vision and Future Media Communication Conference in Beijing.


Monday, 24th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 June update disables ability to downgrade, brings QR code scanner

The June update is now available on global Exynos Galaxy S10 units. You can now use the QR code scanning functionality from the stock camera.


On the other hand, the new OTA comes with an updated bootloader, which means downgrading is not possible. See here to know more.

Thursday, 27th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 5G June update arrives on Australian (Telstra) units

Galaxy S10 5G edition is now receiving June security update in Australia. The UK units, which are powered by same Exynos 5100 modem, are still on May patch. See here for more info.


[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 June update reportedly improves fingerprint scanner

The June update (ASF3) for global Samsung Galaxy S10 units comes with an updated biometrics firmware, which greatly improves the fingerprint scanner. Details here.


[UPDATE] June update for US Galaxy S10 models leaked, but there is a catch

The June update for US Samsung Galaxy S10 variants has been leaked. Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T users can now sideload the ASF7 build on their Galaxy S10+.


Head over to this article for further details.

Friday, 28th

[UPDATE] T-Mobile Galaxy S10 gets the June update, but no night mode is there

The ASF7 update is now available officially via T-Mobile update servers. Interestingly, Verizon and AT&T users still need to wait more to get the OTA via ‘official’ channels.


However, camera night mode and QR code scanner functionalities are not present in this build.

July 2019

Click/Tap to expand

Tuesday, 2nd

[UPDATE] AT&T Galaxy S10 gets the June update with camera night mode

Looks like AT&T decided to push a slightly older build (ASF6). Believe it or not, camera night mode does exist in this build!

Source: XDA Portal

Wednesday, 3rd

[UPDATE] Verizon Galaxy S10 gets camera night mode

Verizon is now pushing the ASF6 (same as AT&T) build as June update. Besides One Talk, the update also brings camera night mode support.

Friday, 5th

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 Camera Night mode & June update: Roadmap for Canadian & Sprint units

Verizon and AT&T finally rolled out the camera night mode with June update for Galaxy S10, but Sprint is left behind. Canada should get it by July 8. Details here.

Monday, 7th

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 Camera Night mode & June security update arrives on Canada’s Telus network

Galaxy S10 devices on Telus network are now receiving the June patch. The update brings a dedicated Night Mode for the camera app along with some bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Monday, 7th

[Misc] Save upto 35% on Galaxy S10 models on eBay

Samsung Galaxy S10 models (S10, S10+ and S10e) are available at a discounted price on eBay, but there’s a catch. The phones are opened packages and seemingly won’t offer the manufacturer warranty.

Wednesday, 10th

[OFFICIAL INFO] Galaxy S10 Night Mode camera feature

Samsung is promoting the Night Mode feature on Galaxy S10 devices (that was introduced with the latest firmware update) through their official blog. They’ve shared a sting of pictures comparing Night Mode and regular pictures, displaying how affectively the camera handles low light conditions.

Thursday, 11th

[Misc] Amazon Prime Day discounts

Amazon Prime Day sale brings upto $250, $135 and $110 discount on Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e devices. Good time to grab a S10 series phone.

Friday, 12th

[BUGS & ISSUES] New update locks S10/S10+ users out of their phones

Galaxy S10 and S10+ users are no more able to unlock their phones using a PIN or password after installing the latest patch. Reports can be seen posted across the company’s official help forums as well as Reddit. Affected users are being suggested to hard reset their units.

Monday, 15th

[Misc] Upto $300 off on Galaxy S10 on Prime Day

Amazon Prime day offers a huge price cut of $300 on the unlocked variants Galaxy S10 and S10, and $200 on S10e. Details here.

Thursday, 18th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 July update gets live, but you can’t install it right now

Some (global) Galaxy S10 users are getting July update on their phones. However, the builds are not publicly listed on the Samsung update server yet.


For further details, see here.

Friday, 19th

[Misc] Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition is available for purchase

The Summer Olympics 2020 themed Galaxy S10+ can now be bought via NTT Docomo in Japan.The cost is 114,696 yen (around $1,062), and you will get a free pair of Galaxy Buds.


Monday, 22nd

[UPDATE] New Samsung Galaxy S10 update roadmap surfaces, brings more questions than answers

A new Galaxy S10 OTA blueprint, almost identical to its previous version, has appeared via Samsung Members app. The fate of July update is still unknown.


For further details, take a look at this article.

Thursday, 25th

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 July update is rolling

The July update for international Galaxy S10 units is finally available in the form of ASG8 build. Once again, Samsung bundles a new (v3) bootloader, so that downgrading becomes impossible.


Monday, 29th

[UPDATE] Sprint Galaxy S10 June update finally gets live

Sprint is finally rolling out the June security patch to Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup with ASG8 OTA update. Camera night mode is enabled in this build. Details here.


On the other hand, the global 5G variant of Galaxy S10 started to get small bugfix updates. The South Korean model (SM-G977N) got ASF3 build with 5G modem related fixes, while the European model (SM-G977B) received ASF5 OTA that brought camera improvements.

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 Android Q update: What we know so far

Samsung has already started the development of Android Q based One UI update for the Galaxy S10 series. It is now possible to track the test builds from public FOTA servers. Read on to know more.

Tuesday, 30th

[UPDATE] Verizon Galaxy S10 gets mysterious new update while 5G variant receives July security patch

Verizon is rolling out a second monthly update for the Galaxy S10 lineup with the same June patch. Contrarily, the 5G variant gets July security patch.


For further details, take a look at this article.

August 2019

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Friday, 2nd

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 July update finally goes live in US, Verizon users get it first

Verizon becomes with first US carrier to distribute July security patch for the Samsung Galaxy s10 lineup. The new update (ASGB) is gradually rolling out. Details here.


Wednesday, 7th

[UPDATE] AT&T brings July security patch to Samsung Galaxy S10

After Verizon, AT&T is rolling out the July patch along with dedicated camera night mode for Galaxy Note 9 & S9 series. S10 gets the security patch too. Details here.

Monday, 12th

[UPDATE] T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10 July security update doesn’t include night mode

The currently circulating July update (T-Mobile) bears builds G973USQU2ASGC (S10), G975USQU2ASGC (S10+) and G970USQU2ASGC (S10e). However, the camera night mode is still not there. Take a look at this article for further info.

Wednesday, 14th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 August update goes live, brings nothing but new security patch

Samsung is pushing the August security patch to Exynos powered global unlocked variant of Galaxy S10 lineup. The update carries the build number ASH1. Details here.


[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] LineageOS for Samsung Galaxy S10 is here as beta with most things working

The Exynos powered international variant of Samsung Galaxy S10 now gets the first taste of LineageOS 16.0 in beta form. Read on.

Thursday, 15th

[MOD/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S10 users can now use the Link to Windows feature from Note 10

Like the Link to Windows feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 10? Someone already discovered a way to backport the functionality on Galaxy S10. For details, see here.


[Misc] S10 5G is now certified to be used by US federal government

Along with Galaxy S9 and Note 9 family, the S10 series of phones (including the 5G variant) is now officially approved by Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG).

Monday, 19th

[UPDATE] Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 gets August update in US, camera night mode and July patch arrives for units with T-Mobile SIM

The August security patch is now available on US unlocked Galaxy S10 units. Those using T-Mobile SIM are getting July patch with camera night mode. See here for further info.

Thursday, 22nd

[UPDATE] Android Q based One UI 2.0 allegedly leaked for Galaxy S10+

Brazilian YouTuber Dudu Rocha got his hands on an unreleased software build for Galaxy S10+. You can check out the differences between the alleged Android Q (10) based One UI 2.0 versus current One UI 1.0 by clicking here.


Tuesday, 27th

[UPDATE] US Samsung Galaxy S10 August update goes live on Sprint & AT&T, Canadian units should get RCS in September

Sprint and AT&T are pushing the August security patch to carrier branded Galaxy S10. The former actually skipped the July patch altogether and introduced a new branch of builds (B instead of A).


The Canadian variants, on the other hand, are going to get RCS support by September. The information is perfectly inline with the previous ‘leak’ that came from a self-proclaimed Telus employee.

For further details about these incidents, see here.

Thursday, 29th

[UPDATE] International Galaxy S10 August security update gets a new build with updated kernel & modem

Samsung pushed a slightly new build (ASH6 instead of ASH1) of August security update for Australian Galaxy S10 lineup. It also features a new baseband. Head over to this article for more info.

ASH6 firmware details

[UPDATE] Verizon Galaxy S10 showing signs of RCS support testing, probably ahead of rollout

It appears that users of all variants of Samsung Galaxy S10 on the carrier are in line to receive RCS support. Some say the feature has been on and off, which could mean Verizon is still testing it. For further info, see here.


Friday, 30th

[UPDATE] Verizon Samsung Galaxy S10 series getitng August security update

Verizon is now rolling out the August patch to Galaxy S10 series as build BSGJ. Details here.

Saturday, 31st

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10’s second August update now widely rolling out

The ASH6 build for Exynos Galaxy S10 is now broadly rolling out. The official changelog mentions Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and camera related improvements.


September 2019

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Monday, 2nd

[UPDATE] T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10 August security update rolls out with Night mode

T-Mobile finally brings camera night mode with the August patch (BSGJ) for Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+. Head over to this article to know more.

Tuesday, 3rd

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 phones now support RCS in Canada

As per the schedule, the Canadian Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ units are now receiving the August security patch via ASGJ build. The update also brings RCS compatibility.


[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 5G August security update now rolling out in Europe

The latest Samsung Galaxy S10 5G software update is available for download in Europe with August security patches and performance improvements.


Wednesday, 4th

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 Android 10 update is already being tested by T-Mobile

T-Mobile has confirmed that they are currently evaluating the Android 10 update for both Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 (the One UI version should be 2.0).


Thursday, 5th

[Misc] Access Discord from Game Launcher on your Galaxy S10

The Note 10 exclusive Game Launcher-Discord integration is now live on Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup as well. All you need to do is install the latest version of Discord app.


Tuesday, 10th

[UPDATE] U.S. unlocked Galaxy S10 second August security update finally adds haptic feedback on swipe navigation

A second Galaxy S10 August security update adds haptic feedback on swipe navigation to U.S. unlocked variants, but not everyone is happy about it! For more info, take a look at this article.

Monday, 16th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 September update for US models leaked, not applicable for AT&T users

Thanks to the guys, US carrier branded (except AT&T) Galaxy S10 users can sideload the September update (BSI4) ahead of official release. Details here.

Wednesday, 18th

[UPDATE] T-Mobile Galaxy S10 September security update starts hitting units

T-Mobile has finally initiated the rollout of September security patches for Galaxy S10 lineup, and guess what? The build number is indeed BSI4. For further details, see here.

Thursday, 19th

[UPDATE] Verizon Samsung Galaxy S10 September security update arrives

Verizon is also delivering the September security patch (BSI4) in the form of System Update 7. Details here.

[UPDATE] US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 September security update goes live

After T-Mobile and Verizon, the US carrier unlocked variant of Samsung Galaxy S10 is getting the September security patch with build number BSIA. Head over to this article to know more.

Tuesday, 24th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 September security update brings DeX & camera features from Note 10

Samsung has finally delivered the September security patch for Exynos Galaxy S10 series. The update packs new camera, DeX and video editor improvements. Details here.


Thursday, 26th

[UPDATE] AT&T Samsung Galaxy S10 update finally brings September patch, VoLTE now works on unlocked variant

The US Unlocked Galaxy S10 users can use VoLTE on AT&T network after the September update. The carrier model also gets the new security patch as ASI6 build. Details here.


Friday, 27th

[UPDATE] Samsung Edge Lighting update reportedly improves many 3rd-party app compatibility

A new Samsung Edge Lighting update is rolling out with expanded support for 3rd-party apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger Lite, and more. Head over to this article for more info.

Monday, 30th

[UPDATE] Sprint Galaxy S10 September OTA

After T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, the Sprint variants of Galaxy S10, S10e & S10+ are now getting the September security updates as build BSIA. More details here.

October 2019

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Tuesday, 1st

[Misc] S10 $500 instant credit

Trade-in can be an interesting option if it comes along an instant discount of$500. What say? After trade-in, you may have to pay as little as $249 for Galaxy S10e, $399 for Galaxy S10, or $499 for a Galaxy S10 Plus. Details here.

Friday, 04th

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10/S10+ September OTA in India

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ devices are now receiving the September security update that brings DeX, camera features from Note 10 and more. Details here.

[Misc] Galaxy S10/S10+ $200 discount

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ are available at a discounted price of $200-$300 at the company’s official US website. More details here.

Tuesday, 08th

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 beta

Good news. Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e,& S10+ One UI 2.0 (Android 10) beta update has finally been announced in Korea. For more details, head here.

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 October OTA

Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e devices are now getting the latest security update i.e October 2019 patch. Complete coverage here.

Wednesday, 09th

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 beta for US

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e One UI 2.0 beta (Android 10) update will be coming soon on T-Mobile, Sprint & U.S. unlocked models as well. Complete coverage.

Thursday, 10th

[UPDATE] US unlocked Galaxy S10 October update goes live

The US carrier unlocked variant of Galaxy S10 is getting October security patch. However, software features from Galaxy Note 10 are nowhere to be found. Details here.


Friday, 11th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 (Android 10) beta rollout delayed, but some units still got the initial build

Some Galaxy S10 units in Europe received One UI 2.0 beta update based on Android 10, but Samsung is said to have suspended the rollout in Korea. For further details, take a look at this article.

Galaxy S10+ Android 10 beta update (Source)

Sunday, 13th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Cheap screen protectors reportedly render Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanner vulnerable

Reported by The Sun, the ultrasonic fingerprint reader of Galaxy S10/S10+ has a serious security flaw that allows anyone to login using their unregistered fingers (even another person) if a particular type of silicon screen protectors are applied. Details here.

Monday, 14th

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 (Android 10) beta builds captured right after official announcement

It’s only today that Samsung has put up an official statement regarding the availability of One UI 2.0 beta across the globe.

The official beta update is limited to a few countries, but the initial builds are already available for every Exynos user to install right now! Details here.

Tuesday, 15th

[UPDATE] US Snapdragon Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 beta goes live

The Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 software update is up for download for T-Mobile and Sprint users in the U.S. Unlocked users still have to wait a little longer.


See here for further details.

Thursday, 17th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner security vulnerabilities reportedly to be patched soon

Samsung is lining up a new Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 software update with fixes for fingerprint scanner security issues. Take a look at this article to know more.

Friday, 18th

[UPDATE] Samsung pushing emergency hotfix for Galaxy S10 & Note 10 to address the controversial fingerprint scanner issue

Samsung has acknowledged the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner issue and confirmed a bug-fixing update is headed your way. The company also has some advice for S10 and Note 10 owners:

To prevent any further issues, we advise that Galaxy Note10/10+ and S10/S10+/S10 5G users who use such covers to remove the cover, delete all previous fingerprints and newly register their fingerprints. If you currently use front screen protective covers, to ensure optimum fingerprint scanning, please refrain from using this cover until your device has been updated with a new software patch. A software update is planned to be released as early as next week, and once updated, please be sure to scan your fingerprint in its entirety, so that the all portions of your fingerprint, including the center and corners have been fully scanned.

In fact, the 5G variant of Galaxy Note 10+ already received the hotfix update. Details here.

Monday, 21st

[UPDATE] Canadian Samsung Galaxy S10 October update coming this month end, bundles RCS & camera improvements

Telus and Rogers, two network providers from Canada, have announced October 2019 update for Galaxy S10 that brings in camera improvements and RCS Client. Details here.


[BUGS & ISSUES] Banks are blacklisting Galaxy S10 due to the fingerprint fiasco

Despite Samsung pushing a software update to fix the recent Galaxy S10 fingerprint security flaw, some banks are blacklisting the device as a precaution. Head over to this article to know more.

Message from NatWest UK

Tuesday, 22nd

[UPDATE] Sprint Galaxy S10 October security updates arrives

Sprint has pushed new October security update for Galaxy S10 units, adding several Galaxy Note 10 features. Details here.

· Various camera features have been added and enhanced
– Live focus, Live focus video, AR Doodle, Night, Super steady
· The Link to Windows feature has been added
– You can easily access photos, messages, and notifications from your phone on your PC, and a screen mirroring feature is also provided.
– This feature is available through the Link to Windows in the quick panel or Settings.
· Video Editor has been improved
· DeX for PC has been added
· Dynamic Lock screen has been added
– The wallpaper on your lock screen changes when you turn your screen off and on.
– New wallpaper images are updated every 2 weeks.

Thursday, 24th

[UPDATE] Samsung S10 fingerprint scanner update released in Korea

Samsung pushed an update to address the fingerprint issue on Galaxy S10/Note 10 in Korea. The same OTA will make its way to global units within 24 hours.


For further info, click here.

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 (Android 10) second beta goes live

Merely a week after initiating the Android 10 based One UI 2.0 beta, Samsung is now pushing the second build for Galaxy S10 with November security patches. Take a look at this article to know more.

New beta testers should get the cumulative update (Source)

Friday, 25th

[UPDATE] Samsung globally rolling out Galaxy S10 fingerprint fix via new biometrics update

Keeping yesterday’s promise, Samsung is now delivering the new fingerprint firmware for Galaxy S10 & Note 10 via a biometrics update all over the world. Details here.

Update notification on Galaxy S10, Canada (Source)

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 5G One UI 2.0 beta recruitment goes live

Samsung has announced the One UI 2.0 beta recruitment for the Galaxy S10 5G smartphone in Korea that should commence from today (October 25).


Saturday, 26th

[UPDATE] Verizon Galaxy S10 gets October patch

Verizon has pushed latest October security update for the Galaxy S10 and the Note 10/10+ lineup. Notably, fingerprint update is also hitting the units separately. Details here.

Monday, 28th

[UPDATE] Here’s how you can force Galaxy S10 fingerprint update

If your Galaxy S10 (or Galaxy Note 10) fingerprint update hasn’t arrived, you can use these simple ADB commands to force the update on your phone right away.

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 (5G) gets front camera slow motion and fingerprint patch via new update

Samsung brings new fingerprint firmware as well as slow-mo camera mode for the Korean Galaxy S10 5G. The update is also live on the 4G model in Europe. Head over to this link for further info.


ㆍ Fix fingerprint recognition error
ㆍ Improve WIFI operation performance
ㆍ Add front camera slow motion function
ㆍ Apply stabilization code related to transmission / reception operation
ㆍ Apply stabilization code related to terminal security

Tuesday, 29th

[UPDATE] Canadian Galaxy S10 units getting October patch

As hinted earlier, the October security update is now rolling out in Canada.

[UPDATE] T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10 October update brings Note 10 camera features

US Galaxy S10 variants are now entitled to receive various Galaxy Note 10 specific features. T-Mobile is rolling them out via October security update. Details here.


[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 November security patch goes live

Samsung is rolling out a surprise November security update to the (Exynos) Galaxy S10 series with yet another fix for the fingerprint issue. See here for more info.


Wednesday, 30th

[UPDATE] Samsung releases Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 Beta 2 hotfix

Samsung has a new Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 update, not Beta 3, but a hotfix to address an issue in Beta 2 that locks people out of their phones. For further details, see here.


Thursday, 31th

[UPDATE] AT&T Galaxy S10 gets October security update

AT&T has pushed the October 2019 security update for Galaxy S10, S10 & S10+. The OTA backports various new software features from Galaxy Note 10. Details here.

November 2019

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Friday, 1st

[UPDATE] US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 update finally brings Note 10 camera features

Various Galaxy Note 10 exclusive software features are now rolling out for the US unlocked variant of the Galaxy S10 lineup. Read on to know more.


[UPDATE] AT&T brings Advanced Messaging v2 to Galaxy S10

AT&T has updated their tracker, and now we know they bundled Advanced Messaging v2 with the October security update.

What’s new: Advanced Messaging v2

FYI, Galaxy S8 and Note 8 also got this feature via their latest update from AT&T.

Monday, 4th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 getting November security update in the US

After the European rollout, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have pushed the November security patch for Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup. The update also comes with a new fingerprint firmware.


[Misc] Latest beta of PlayGalaxy Link brings Galaxy S10 compatibility

The Galaxy Note 10 exclusive PC game streaming service, i.e. PlayGalaxy Link is now compatible with Galaxy S10 since the latest (v1.0.5) beta.


Tuesday, 5th

[UPDATE] US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 update brings November security patch & fingerprint scanner improvements

After major US wireless carriers (except AT&T) have initiated the November patch rollout for Galaxy S10, the carrier unlocked variant now joins the party.


Thursday, 7th

[UPDATE] Galaxy S10 receives third One UI 2.0 beta

Samsung has pushed in new One UI 2.0 beta updates in Korea for the Galaxy S10 which gets its third beta and S10 5G variants which gets its 2nd beta. Later on, the build is rolling out in other countries as well. Details here.


Friday, 8th

[UPDATE] Third One UI 2.0 (Android 10) beta for US Samsung Galaxy S10 rolling out

Samsung pushed in the third One UI 2.0 beta update for the Exynos Galaxy S10 earlier. Today, the US Snapdragon models are getting the same. Details here.

US Galaxy S10 OneUI 2.0 Beta 3 Changelog

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 now supports 3D Face Unlock, but there is a catch

The incoming Galaxy S10 5G One UI 2.0 beta update not only brings the latest Android 10 OS to the device, but also enables 3D Face Unlock via ToF sensor. To know more, head over to this article.

Monday, 11th

[UPDATE] Verizon Galaxy S10 5G getting October patch

The October security patch for the Verizon Galaxy S10 5G bundles Note 10 exclusive camera features. Details here.


[UPDATE] Samsung Dex for PC app goes live for Galaxy S10 running Android 10 beta

Samsung has made the DeX PC app available as beta for both Windows and Mac. Users having Galaxy S10/Note 10 running One UI 2.0 beta can now use this feature.

Tuesday, 12th

[UPDATE] November patch goes live for Canadian Galaxy S10

Canadian networks have pushed in the November security update for the Galaxy S10 family.


Thursday, 14th

[UPDATE] AT&T Samsung Galaxy S10 November security update arrives

AT&T has finally delivered the November security patches for the Galaxy S10 lineup. The 5G variant is also picking up a new update with network fixes. For further details, see here.

Click/Tap to zoom (Source)

Friday, 15th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 series (Exynos) receiving another November build

Samsung has a new software update (ASK1) for the three Galaxy S10 handsets rolling out with the same November security patch and a changelog from October. Details here.

(Source 1, 2, 3)

[UPDATE] Fourth One UI 2.0 beta goes live for Galaxy S10

Samsung has moved a step closer to rolling out the stable Galaxy S10 Android 10 update with the release of the fourth One UI 2.0 beta update in Europe.

Galaxy S10+ One UI 2.0 beta 4 update (Source)

Monday, 18th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 probably getting the final One UI 2.0 beta update

Samsung has rolled out fifth One UI 2.0 beta update based on Android 10 for Galaxy S10. It brings a number of fixes for camera, music playback, etc.

samsung galaxy s10 fifth beta

Wednesday, 20th

[UPDATE] Samsung closes down One UI 2.0 beta recruitment for Galaxy S10 & Note 10

Android 10-based One UI 2.0 has been undergoing tests in the form of public beta. Now Samsung is terminating the recruitment program, probably in preparation of stable Android 10 rollout


[UPDATE] Samsung closes down One UI 2.0 beta recruitment for Galaxy S10 & Note 10US Samsung Galaxy S10 units start receiving fifth One UI 2.0

The fifth and probably the last One UI 2.0 beta update is reportedly being pushed for the Galaxy S10 family (both carrier branded and unlocked) in the US.


Thursday, 21st

[UPDATE] Samsung pushing sixth One UI 2.0 beta (Android 10) update for the Galaxy S10 lineup

Samsung is on fire as they are delivering a surprising sixth One UI 2.0 beta update for the Galaxy S10 family. The OTA arrives with version number ZSKJ.

What’s New:

Bug modification
– After adjusting the volume, the bar remains on the screen
– Automatic restart when using Bluetooth tethering
– Generation Of noise using Galaxy Buzz
– Device care Widget size is reduced and transparency is not applied intermittently
– Deleting a photo from the gallery after shooting with the camera, but the photo is displayed in the quick view, and the photo is rotated in the gallery
– The message ‘Call/text on Other devices’ does not disappear in the quick panel
– Clock blank is Wide in AOD photo mode
– Status bar cut off at bottom

Friday, 22nd

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 5G grabs 5th One UI 2.0 (Android 10) beta

The fifth and (probably) final beta of One UI 2.0 based on Android 10 is up for grabs in Korea for Galaxy S10 5G before the roll out of stable Android 10.

[UPDATE]Sixth Galaxy S10 Android 10 update hits beta channel in the US

The sixth One UI 2.0 beta update for Galaxy S10 series in the U.S. is now live. The Exynos variants already got this update and now we have the download links.


Saturday, 23rd

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 nears Android 10 stable rollout with yet another One UI 2.0 beta update

Samsung Galaxy S10 both regular and 5G variants have started receiving One UI 2.0 beta update (7th & 6th respectively) based on Android 10. Details here.

Monday, 25th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 (Android 10) seventh beta update goes live in US & India

After the Korean and US unlocked units, the seventh One UI 2.0 beta update (ZSKL) is now available on global Exynos and US carrier variants of Galaxy S10.

S10 ZSKL Changelog

Thursday, 28th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 10 update rolls out in stable channel

Samsung has started rolling out the stable Galaxy S10 Android 10 update with One UI 2.0 atop and the latest December security patch. Details here.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Android 10 stable update (Source)

Friday, 29th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 10 (One UI 2.0) update: How to get it right now

Samsung is rolling out the Galaxy S10 Android 10 update (OTA) in Germany, but you can also install the software manually right now using this guide.

Galaxy S10 Android 10 download via Frija

December 2019

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Tuesday, 3rd

[UPDATE] US unlocked Galaxy S10 grabs December security update

Carrier unlocked Galaxy S10 owners in the US are getting December patch.


However, this build is still based on Android Pie. While global Exynos based Galaxy 10 family already received stable One UI 2.0 update in some regions, US users might need to wait another month.

Wednesday, 4th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Galaxy S10 units failing Play Protect certification

Some Samsung Galaxy S10 units running the stable One UI 2.0 (Android 10) update are experiencing a Google Play Protect certification glitch.

Tuesday, 10th

[UPDATE] Samsung S10 5G stable Android 10 update coming soon

The Korean company has revealed through the official Samsung community that the stable Android 10 update is coming soon to the Galaxy S10 5G units.

Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 update coming soon (Source)

Wednesday, 11th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 5G gets Android 10 stable update with One UI 2.0

Samsung is finally rolling out the stable Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 update with One UI 2.0 on top and December security patch in Korea.

Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 update (Source)

[UPDATE] Android 10 update for Snapdragon Galaxy S10 arrives next week

The Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+ sold in Canada set to receive stable Android 10 on December 16.

Galaxy S10 Android 10 update on TELUS (Source)

Thursday, 12th

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 stable rollout still limited to beta testers

When asked about the status of the wider rollout, a Samsung rep said that Galaxy S10 5G units coming from Android Pie may have to wait for a few more days before they get their stable One UI 2.0 update.

Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 stable update status (Source)

Friday, 13th

[UPDATE] Android 10 update schedule for US Snapdragon Galaxy S10 goes live

Samsung U.S. has revealed it’s official One UI 2.0 update plans placing the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series at the top of its list, but the rollout is expected in January 2020.

U.S. Samsung Android 10 roadmap (Source)

Monday, 16th

[UPDATE] Android 10 (One UI 2.0) rolls out for Samsung Galaxy S10 series on U.S. & Canadian carriers

Multiple U.S. and Canadian carriers have released the official Galaxy S10 Android 10 update, including to those who didn’t take part in the beta program.

Galaxy S10 Android 10 update arrives on T-Mobile U.S. (Source)

Tuesday, 17th

[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10+ 6GB RAM variant spotted on TENAA

A new 6GB RAM variant of Samsung Galaxy S10+ has been spotted on TENAA. This TENAA listing was reported on Twitter by @StuffListings.

Samsung Galaxy S10+
(Tap/click for enlarged view) SOURCE

Thursday, 19th

[Misc] Regular Galaxy S10 is also getting a 6GB RAM variant

Apart from S10+, a 6GB variant of the standard S10 has also been listed on TENAA (as can be seen in the image below). And it goes without saying, this applies to the Chinese models as of now.

Click/tap for enlarged image

Saturday, 21st

[UPDATE] Verizon Galaxy S10 5G (Snapdragon) getting stable Android 10 update

Verizon is pushing the stable Android 10 based One UI 2.0 update for Galaxy S10 5G (SM-G977U) model. The OTA also brings December security patch.


Monday, 23rd

[UPDATE] U.S. unlocked Galaxy S10 gets Android 10 stable update

After the carrier variants, Samsung is rolling out the stable Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 update based on Android 10 to the U.S. unlocked model, tagging along December security patch.

U.S. unlocked Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 update (Source)

January 2020

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Friday, 3rd

[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy S10 bags January 2020 security update

After a bunch of mid-rangers, the Exynos variant of Galaxy S10 is now receiving January 2020 security patch from Samsung on top of Android 10.

The build number is BSL4

Tuesday, 7th

[UPDATE] US unlocked Galaxy S10 receives January 2020 patch

The January 2020 security patch is rolling out to the US carrier unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 units. For Galaxy S10+, the update weighs in at 196.31 MB and only brings the new security patch level.

US Unlocked Galaxy S10 Plus January Patch (Source)

Friday, 10th

[UPDATE] January 2020 patch landed on Galaxy S10 (5G) from Sprint & Verizon

After the carrier unlocked variant, Sprint & Verizon Galaxy S10 models (including the 5G one) are getting the January patch.

s10 sprint january update
Sprint Galaxy S10 January 2020 update

Monday, 13th

[BUGS & ISSUES] Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 10 (One UI 2.0) update RAM issue causing background apps to close for many users

Samsung Galaxy S10 owners who have upgraded to One UI 2.0 based on Android 10 are reporting a RAM issue that is closing background apps.

[Misc] Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor slow? Try this tip

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ owners with a slow fingerprint sensor can try this handy trick to speed up the authentication process.

Monday, 27th

[Misc] Snag an unlocked 512 GB Galaxy S10+ for $860

This one is US unlocked model, so you also get the goodness of Snapdragon 855 SoC and full carrier compatibility. Head over to Amazon to grab the deal, which is $390 off the regular retail price.

Wednesday, 29th

[UPDATE] T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10 5G starts receiving One UI 2.0 update

US carrier T-Mobile has started pushing in the One UI 2.0 (Android 10) updates for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone with January 2020 patch.

tmobile s10 5g android 10 update
Changelog (Source)

February 2020

Tuesday, 4th

[UPDATE] US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 gets February 2020 patch

The carrier unlocked US Snapdragon variant of Galaxy S10 is now receiving February 2020 security update in the form of software version CTA3.


Wednesday, 5th

[UPDATE] Exynos Galaxy S10 now gets February 2020 patch

After the US unlocked variant, the global Exynos powered Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ units are now blessed with February patch (software version BTAA).


Samsung also ships an updated bootloader (v4), which means you can’t downgrade anymore.

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