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The quest to minimize the front bezel of the smartphone is full on, as OEMs are trying to find innovative ways to squeeze the fundamental sensors somewhere. By the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10, the era of the notches has almost ended.

Samsung Galaxy S10e with a hole punch front camera

Samsung engineers placed the selfie camera inside a punch hole in the display. The proximity sensor was also installed below the display panel, which resulted in some glitches in the beginning.

A handful of Asian OEMs jumped on the bandwagon of motorized popup cameras. While they are a feasible choice for installing the camera module, the proximity sensor or the notification LED can’t be used in that way.

OnePlus 7 Pro with a popup selfie camera: The OEM ditched the notification LED

The handy notification LED took the first wave of slashing, as majority of the OEMs started to ditch it in the favor of AMOLED friendly ambient display or edge lighting.

However, end users are not happy about the performance of these alternatives. There is an emerging trend of emulating the old school notification LED by third party softwares.

Nevertheless, OnePlus 7 Pro has become a part of the same trend of having inefficient functionalities, as the ambient display feature is reportedly stopped working for a lot of users.


The ambient display on my phone seems to stop working on its own, even when I lift it or tap the screen it doesn’t come on. It works fine half of the time but then suddenly stops working. This is also effecting the gestures feature in some way, gestures don’t work half the time either. Also the notification light (blue horizontal stripes on either side) doesn’t seem to come on some times.



As you can see, the occurrence of the glitch is purely random. But most of the users have suggested that the glitch striked in after the day-one OTA update.

I am also facing similar issue. I guess after the update it stopped working.
Single Tap, new notification nothing is working.

Even the blue light that is displayed on the curve for new notifications is not working


Readers should remember that OnePlus recently pushed region specific day-one patches for the OnePlus 7 Pro that unlocked plenty of new features and fixed quite a few bugs. Looks like the OEM ‘unintentionally’ broke ambient display with the new changes.

Day-one patch changelog for the Indian variant of OnePlus 7 Pro

As a matter of fact, the double tap to wake functionality (popularly known as DT2W) is affected as well.

Hello.. Came here looking for the same problem and got to know that many are facing the same issue.

Double Tap to Wake and other options in Quick Gestures… Nothing is workin for me… Double tap to wake worked for some time,But not working now.

What is the problem OnePlus?



I’m also experiencing the same problem.

Double tap to open, tap to open or even life to open is not working for me.

Seems like a bug in Ambient display.



Judging from the user feedback, it seems that the broken ambient display is preventing other related features like the double tap to wake and gestures to work properly.

Our unit is currently running OxygenOS 9.5.3.GM21AA firmware (day-one patch for Indian and global models) and we have yet to experience such anomalies. Nonetheless, we are closely monitoring the situation and analyzing different firmware builds.

GM1911 is the Indian variant of OnePlus 7 Pro

Have you encountered any of the aforementioned anomalies on your brand new OnePlus 7 Pro, especially after the first OTA update? Do let us know by commenting below.

Update 1 (May 21)

Looks like the OnePlus bug hunter team has officially acknowledged the existence of the bug. They are now trying to reproduce and fix the issue.


For further discussions, head over to this thread and contact Bobby D. if you are facing similar irregularities.

Update 2 (May 25)

Upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro update should fix some of the known bugs that are officially acknowledged by the OnePlus Bug Hunter team.


For further details, see here.

Update 3 (May 27)

OnePlus is rolling out a new update for the OnePlus 7 Pro as per schedule, addressing some known bugs and bringing camera fixes. The bootloader has also also updated.


For further details and download links, see here.

Update 4 (June 6)

The ambient display & double tap to wake issues in OnePlus 7 Pro are still not completely resolved. The upcoming OTA update should contain necessary fixes, as suggested by OnePlus staff members.

Update 5 (July 11)

OxygenOS 9.5.9 has reportedly broken double tap to wake on OnePlus 7 Pro units. Complete coverage here.

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