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OnePlus decided to give the opportunity of an early head start to the OnePlus 7 Pro, while the regular OnePlus 7 has experienced a delayed cum limited release. In terms of software updates, the OnePlus 7 is lagging behind its big brother.

OnePlus 7 is now receiving features like Fnatic Gaming mode and DC dimming, which were rolled out for the Pro model in May

Well, there is an negative side of the early release too. Several OnePlus 7 Pro users have found that the double tap to wake (DT2W) functionality along with ambient display are glitchy and/or completely broken, even after the day-one update.

Due to the increasing volume of the user feedback, OnePlus Bug Hunter team officially acknowledged the issue. In fact, the company bunded a number of under the hood changes in the subsequent OTA update (OxygenOS 9.5.4 for global/9.5.5 for EU).

Notice the first point: Fix related to ambient display and double tap to wake

Unfortunately, the patches are not enough to completely eradicate the root cause of the bug. Several users have reportedly experienced the anomalies after the update, albeit in a random manner.


I noticed that if I have been using my phone in daylight for example, turn off the display, and go to a darker environment, ambient display will work but only once. This seems to be the only case when it works for me in darker environments. I truly hope this will get fixed.


Some of the affected users tried to manually (re)calibrate the proximity sensor, which was allegedly beneficial for them to get rid of the ambient display related issues:

1. Put your device onto a horizontal surface
2. Open phone and dial *#808# to open FactoryMode app
3. Swipe left to navigate to “Device debugging”
4. Choose “Proximity Sensor Test”
5. Choose “Infrared Proximity Calibration”
6. Click “Offset calibrate” button and notice green dot blinking under the display – that’s a sensor
7. Put some obstruction over proximity sensor 4cm away and click “4cm calibrate”
8. Put some obstruction over proximity sensor 2cm away and click “2cm calibrate”
9. Exit FactoryMode app

The feedback after using this trick is polaroid, as not everyone is seeing the expected output. OnePlus Bug Hunter Abdulbasithmh also listed the issue under future fix category.

Fixed issues(in next version):

– Selfie camera pops up while getting an incoming video call, the camera pops up even if the Device is in the pocket(will be optimized for Whatsapp)
– MMS messaging not working with Inland Cellular(carrier) on my One Plus 7 Pro.
– The double tap doesn’t work for wake up the screen. (will be improved)
– Call voice issue when connected with Samsung gear s3.
– After unlocking the device the Screen is black

OnePlus Community Manager David Y. has also assured that the upcoming update should contain new fixes related to the double tap to wake issues.


Smashing the check for updates button? Don’t worry, as PiuinikaWeb will cover the update story and publish the download links of the update packages as soon as they are available.

Update 1 (June 7)

OxygenOS 9.5.7 is now rolling out for the OnePlus 7 Pro. The new update contains numerous fixes, including improved ambient display and double tap to wake.

Update 2 (July 11)

OxygenOS 9.5.9 has reportedly broken double tap to wake on OnePlus 7 Pro units. Complete coverage here.

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