PewDiePie again accused of promoting anti-Semitism, but this time it's completely baseless

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Last month, PewDiePie giving a shout out to an anti-Semitic YouTube channel became a very big news. The matter dragged on for nearly a couple of weeks, during which most of the big publications ran stories on it and PewDiePie came up with not one but two response videos.

The Swedish YouTuber even apologized for the mistake, which he said happened unintentionally.

Here’s the second video:

Since then, we’ve seen at least one such attempt where media tried to drag Felix in similar controversies, but failed. In case you aren’t aware, it was BuzzFeed News reporter Joe Bernstein who tweeted a clip of PewDiePie playing a game.

Bernstein alleged PewDiePie “laughed at a fan named “RabbiShekel” whose avatar is the famous anti-Jew Le Happy Merchant’.”

The reporter received a lot of backlash from PewDiePie fans over this, and even the YouTuber himself responded to the whole matter. For the record, here’s PewDiePie’s response:

The reporter later deleted their tweet.

And now, we are seeing another attempt to drag PewDiePie into controversy. Journalist Jared Holt, who writes for Right Wing Watch, took to Twitter to share that PewDiePie’s video today features “a semi-viral TikTok of anti-Semite/white nationalist troll Tim Baked Alaska Gionet”

Here’s what exactly their tweet says:

PewDiePie featured a semi-viral TikTok of anti-Semite/white nationalist troll Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet in a video uploaded today. In December, PewDiePie faced a wave of criticism for highlighting a different anti-Semitic channel in a video shout-out

If you look at the comments on this tweet, you’ll see many users say they didn’t even know who Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet was until Jared pointed out in his tweet.

And just look at the clip in question, the Tik Tok video in question comes and goes in no time, and all PewDiePie can be seen doing is laughing at the guy’s steps.

Take a look:

As you can see, the YouTuber doesn’t say anything during Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet’s Tik Tok. I am not sure if PewDiePie even knows who this guy is. There are also others who think that’s the case.

So yes, this seems to be something in which PewDiePie is being forcefully dragged. There’s no way in which 80 million of his fans will start following that guy just buy looking at his Tik Tok video.

Before you label me one, let me clear I am not a PewDiePie fan, not even remotely. I sometimes like his commentary, but that’s about it. I too believed he should have been a tad more careful while giving shout outs to smaller YouTube channels last month, but on the other hand, I was also of the view that media was stretching the matter unnecessarily.

And not miss, it was me again, who brought to light how reporters are being harassed with death and rape threats by a section of PewDiePie’s fans.

Had PewDiePie endorsed Tim in any way, then yes, it would have been wrong, but just including that guy’s Tik Tok video is no crime, and there should not be a media trail for this. Anyway, it would be interesting to say how (or if at all) media reacts to this.

Meanwhile, let me know your thoughts on the matter by dropping a comment below.

NOTE: For all latest, breaking news related to PewDiePie, head here.

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