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We knew it was going to happen, and now it’s official. YouTube Rewind 2018 has become the most disliked video on Google’s video sharing platform. With close to 11 million dislikes now, this year’s Rewind overtook Justin Bieber’s Baby, which was occupying the top spot for over 7 years now.


Baby was released in January of 2010 and it topped the most disliked YouTube video chart in June 2011. So it took that video well over a year to achieve the feat, but YouTube Rewind 2018 did it in less than a week – the video was released on December 06.

It won’t be wrong to say the amount of hate this year’s Rewind has received is unprecedented when it comes to Rewind videos in general. Following are some of the tweets that went out shortly after the video was outed:

One of the biggest disappointments was the exclusion of impactful content creating channels like PewDiePie, which as you may already know, is the most subscribed channel on YouTube. The Swedish YouTuber was excluded from Rewind 2017 as well likely due to controversies and same could be the reason this year as well.

For those who are wondering why YouTube keeps controversial stuff away from its rewind videos, well this is due to the fact that these videos are aggressively used as marketing material aimed at courting large advertising deals.

Just like last year, PewDiePie offered his commentary on this year’s YouTube Rewind video as well, and I must say, it’s a good watch. He has touched on topics like K-pop/BTS, Bongo cat, and even spotted a reference to his own chair and channel. Watch it here.

Even Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) – who was in this year’s Rewind – shared their thoughts on Rewind 2018 and Rewind videos in general. He said the biggest problem with YouTube Rewind is the gap in expectation of content creators + viewers and what the company wants to show.

While the company prepares YouTube Rewind for advertisers, everybody else is left expecting for more as they see the recap video as a “celebration of YouTubers and the biggest/best stuff on the platform that year.”

MKBHD also shared how they shot for 12 hours only to see a 15 second scene in the final edit. They say YouTube tries to please everyone with the Rewind videos, and this is where the problem lies, because they clearly can’t.

There are even rumors that those who rallied against Rewind 2018 took off a large amount of dislikes from Justin’s Baby so that this year’s Rewind video gets to the top in no time.

After a few days of its release, complete Rewind 2018 video – users reported – started appearing as a YouTube ad, sometimes sans the Skip button (making it mandatory for the user to view it).

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