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Despite developing the platform, Google doesn’t seem to have found a stable base with Android 10. The users had to endure multiple bugs pertaining to app shortcuts, ambient display, dead sensors, Bluetooth mic, etc.

That’s the reason they released extremely small OTA updates with bug fixes. Even though phones like OnePlus 7 Pro shared almost the same fate, the issues were quite vague for Pixel devices akin to what happened with iOS 13.

Google Pixel

Guess what? We have got another surge on our bug finder. Though the reports on Pixel 4 are a bit on the higher side, we could manage to get complaints from old generation users, suffering from the same glitch.

Percentage Stuck at 50%
I have an issue that started yesterday where the percentage of my phone is stuck at 50%. It doesn’t matter how much I charge or discharge the battery, it is stuck at 50%. When the battery dies, instead of shutting down, the screen turns black and is unresponsive. When charging while the phone is off, the phone presents the battery symbol with a question mark “?” inside it.
Does anyone know how to fix or having the same issue? I’ve already done a factory reset.

So yeah, the common battery figure where the affected units left the measurement is 50%. But that’s not just it. There’re users with 100% on the indicator irrespective of charging or discharging. The following concern comes from someone who recently bought a Pixel 4 XL.

Pixel 4XL battery indicator stuck at 100%
Not sure what all those reviewers are complaining about battery life…mine is always 100%. Ha ha.
Well, I know its not that but it seems to be stuck at 100% for several hours and a few times I restarted it and it showed the expected 90-95% or so drop. But I really dont think that should be the work around as that would be so atypical these days.
Couple things…phone is only 72 hrs old and we have 2 of them and they both do this…
Anyone else having this?

If you check comments under the post given above, you could see different scenarios. For one, the issue only pops up while charging wirelessly whereas for someone else, it did solve without any manual work.

Pixel 4 battery stuck at 50%

This could be a serious bug in terms of the extent because even Pixel 3 units are exhibiting the same. Apart from suggesting to reset the handset, Google Support staffs aren’t doing anything particularly effective. Have a look at another concern.

Pixel 3 battery indicator stuck

Of course, there are other cases with battery percentage stuck at 50% as well. To recall, Android Police has already published a report about early shutting down of the same device. And, we can read that in relation with the currently surfaced trouble.

As of now, Google hasn’t officially acknowledged the issue and we couldn’t find any workarounds too. From the initial examination, we got to know some units (especially Pixel 3/3 XL) with this defect are weirdly powering off. Let’s wait to see what the Mountain View titan has to say!

Update 1 (November 23, 2020)

IST 04:15 pm: It seems that the problem is still affecting many many Pixel users. Matter of fact, some users are reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) that the problem has even popped up after installing the update to Android 11.

Unfortunately, Google has still not acknowledged the issue and neither has the company made an attempt to fix it.

Update 2 (November 27, 2020)

IST 02:45 pm: According to a ‘Product Expert’ on the Google support page, the team is aware of the frozen battery indicator issue and a fix should be rolling out via an upcoming update for the Pixel 5.

However, it’s likely that the issue will also be fixed on other affected devices such as the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.


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