This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

One Piece 976 raw scans are finally out. Ever since the spoilers for this chapter spread, the raw scans and the official release of this chapter has been highly anticipated. Without a doubt, the main highlight of this chapter is Jinbei’s arrival in Wano.

Jinbei’s arrival in Wano finally reunites all the Straw hats. However, not everyone is happy about this. Surely, Jinbei’s strength is a great addition to the alliance for the upcoming war. But Law and Kid are not so thrilled that he is joining the Straw hats.

Why Jinbei is coveted by Law and Kid

Even before Kid met Luffy, he already considered Luffy as a great rival. Their rivalry only increased when they met at Sabaody where Law also entered the picture. Since they are all captains, it is natural that they would rival each other even though alliances are temporarily formed.

One great measure of having a strong pirate crew is having strong crew members. The Straw hats already have two worst gen pirates, Luffy and Zorro. Kid pirates also have two worst gen pirates, Kid and Killer. The addition of Jinbei to the Straw hats is a major upgrade so to speak to the Straw hat crew.

Now, the Straw hats have two worst gen pirates and a former warlord of the sea. Being a warlord means a big deal in the grandline and the new world. The warlords are part of the three great powers that maintain the balance in the One Piece world. The Heart pirates are not entirely behind the Straw hats and Kid Pirates. Law also used to be a Warlord of the sea.

Of course, the Warlord system was already abolished. However, it does erase the fact that Jinbei once stood on a pedestal where pirates from around the world fear.

Straw hat pirates line-up

Now that Jinbei has come, the Straw hat pirates line-up is almost complete. I say almost because their numbers could still grow. In the meantime, let us look at the Straw hats line-up and their role in the crew.

  • Luffy: Captain
  • Zoro: Vice-captain
  • Jinbei: Helmsman
  • Sanji: Cook
  • Franky: Shipwright
  • Nami: Navigator
  • Robin: Archeologist/Ponehglyph reader (another reason why the Straw hat pirates are ahead of other pirate crews)
  • Usopp: Sniper
  • Chopper: Ship doctor
  • Brook: Musician

This is not a power ranking. This is merely a list of the Straw hats line-up and role and /or contribution of each crew member.

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