One Piece 976 spoilers on Reddit: Jinbei arrives in Wano

This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

April fools day is over. The real One Piece 976 spoilers are now here. Things get better and better with each chapter, adding forces to the alliance. The latest addition to the alliance is one of the most recent members of the Straw hats, Knight of the sea Jinbei.

Yes, Jinbei. Finally, the theories about Jinbei joining the war in the Wano country arc have become a reality. What’s more thrilling is that he was officially introduced as the helmsman of the Straw hat pirates.

One Piece 976 spoiler details

The title for the upcoming chapter is “We will uphold our duty.” In the cover for this volume, the legends Roger and Oden drinks beer with the legend in the making, Luffy. The color spread shows the Tontattas helping the Straw hats make shoes.

In the first part of the spoilers, Kinemon admits to not having been able to fully understand Yasuie’s code. He also admits that it was not his plan to lure Orochi in a different direction. All is well, however, as everything worked out just fine.

However, Kinemon also feels like he runs out of luck and that he might die during the battle as a result. The rest of the Nine Red Scabbards agrees with him saying if he dies, they all die. Meaning to say that they can no longer just rely on luck to win this war.

What happened to Knanjuro and Momonosuke?

As for Kanjuro, since his identity has been revealed, he decided to find Hiyori and kill her, then kidnap Momonosuke. Seeing his friends in a dilemma trying to save him, Momonosuke says he will find a way to somehow escape so that the rest can continue with their mission.

Luffy, knowing Momo is still in trouble, promises to save him so Momo has to stay alive. Kanjuro probably managed to board the other enemy battleship. As the battleship retreats, it fires their long-ranged cannons at the Straw hats. This attack was, however, intercepted by the best highlight of the chapter, Jinbei.

Jinbei throws a Fishman karate attack at the enemy ship rendering their cannons useless. Then Jinbei emerges telling Luffy he kept his promise to come back alive.

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