One Piece 975 raw scans: The raid in Onigashima continues

This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

One Piece 975 raw scans are now out on the internet. The name of the upcoming chapter will be “Kinemon’s Plan”. This chapter will explain what happened to the alliance during Orochi’s ambush. The most unexpected character appears to be the one who saved everyone.

The chapter cover story is also as interesting as the chapter itself. Gotti successfully saved who he thought was Chiffon from the marines. However, it wasn’t Chiffon. Who else could it be, but Lola? Will Chiffon and Lola bi finally reunited in the upcoming chapters? Only time can tell. And of course, Eiichiro Oda.

How the Strawhats survived

AS it turns out, it was indeed the Thousand Sunny that was bombed by Orochi’s men. However, it managed to survive thanks to the Adam tree it was made from. It took them some time to fix the sail, but after that everything was fine.

There is a sudden change in costume by Luffy. Instead of wearing a samurai armor, he is now wearing a coat and looks as badass as a pirate king. Some of the crew also changed costumes while the others retained their samurai armors.

When they arrived at the port to meet with Kinemon and the others, they were also surprised that the rest of their alliance was not yet around. This tells us that they were not part of what Denjiro thought was Kinemon’s plan. At this point, the three captains also learned about the alliance between Kaido and Big Mom. This could be the final push for Kid to ally with Luffy and Law for the time being.

Denjiro arrives with reinforcement

One Piece 975 raw scans also clarify some spoilers about Denjiro’s appearance. Luffy, Law, and Kid began attacking the Beast Pirates when Kyoshiro’s ship arrived. The Beast Pirates rejoiced and asked Kyoshiro to sink the enemy ships.

Kyoshiro then slashed the Beast Pirates ships and sunk them into the sea. This surprised everyone and this is when Kyoshiro reveals himself as Denjiro to the Red Scabbards. He then tells them what good news he brought with him – an addition to their forces for the upcoming raid at Onigashima.

1. 200 men from the Kyoshiro family. However, they did not know about Kypshiro’s real identity. Some even suggested contacting Onigashima. This might be bad news later on.
2. 1000 men from Rasetsu prison in the flower capital freed by Kyoshiro.
3. 4200 soldiers from the alliance whom, everyone thought were massacred by Orochi. The night before this, all the soldiers and weapons of the alliance were able to cross the bridges right before they were destroyed.

Altogether, they now have a total of 5400 men on their side plus the crews of Luffy, Law, and Kid. This number could still go up once Nekomamushi arrives with whoever he was able to recruit. Hopefully, Jinbei will also be able to join them.

One Piece will be on break next week. The official chapter release will be on March 22, 2020. Eiichiro Oda shares some comments regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

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Image credits: One Piece official Twitter account

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