One Piece 975 spoilers on Reddit: The reunion - Denjiro reveals himself

This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

One Piece 975 spoilers are finally here. The mission to redeem Wano country continues to progress with the back-to-back appearances of the worst gen captains monster trio. This upcoming chapter is particularly exciting because Denjiro will finally be reunited with the other Scabbards.

Denjiro’s appearance is easily one of the main highlights of the chapter, but there’s more. Things we need to look out for in the upcoming chapter includes Kinemon’s plan, the monster trio’s counterattack, and what really happened to Shinobu.

Denjiro’s appearance and Kinemon’s plan

According to spoilers, Denjiro appears at the port and revealed himself to Kinemon and the rest. He originally wanted to reveal himself to Kinemon earlier. However, he knew that the spy may reveal his secret to Orochi and it would be a disadvantage for them.

Denjiro revealed himself to Kinemon by recounting the time when the two of them caused the mountain god incident in Wano. Kinemon almost immediately recognized this and Denjiro confirmed his identity to him.

Denjiro continued by praising Kinemon for what Denjiro thought was part of his plan. It was about the change in the rendezvous point of the alliance. But in reality, Kinemon just misunderstood Yasuie’s secret code. He thought it meant Tokage port when in reality it meant seawall.

Monster trio’s counterattack

Now, this is one of the most exciting parts shared in One Piece 975 spoilers. It’s like watching Luffy, Kid, and Law in Sabaody all over again.

Seeing they are faced with three Beast Pirates ships, the three worst gen captains goes all out with some of their ultimate attacks. One Piece 975 spoilers reveal a new attack of Eustass Kid called Punk Load. Up until now, we’ve only heard Kid using Repel.

Law uses his special move, Room, as usual. What’s somehow bugging me is that Luffy uses his Gear Fourth upfront. WE would think that for small fry, Luffy would not go that far especially considering the side effects of this form. Maybe he mastered it enough that he no longer needs a ten-minute haki break after each transformation.

Other details in One Piece 975 soilers

The Reddit One Piece spoiler thread also shared some raw images of the upcoming chapter. The last spoiler image shared was Shinobu restrained by snakes. So Shinobu is now safe from any accusations of being a traitor.

One Piece 975 raw scans are expected in the coming days. The official chapter release will be on March 22, 2020. One Piece will be on break next week. Watch out for the author comment section of the Weekly Shonen Jump. Eiichiro Oda shares some comments regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

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Image credits: One Piece official Twitter account

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