One Piece 974 raw scans: Luffy, Kid, Law - The Big Three appears

This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

One Piece chapter 974 is just a few days away from the official release. Things are starting to heat up real fast, especially with the recent spread of One Piece 974 raw scans. There are two main mind-blowing highlights fans can hardly contain their excitement.

The first highlight is the big reveal about Kanjuro being Orochi’s spy in the Nine Red Scabbards. Although many fans were expecting this, it is still heartbreaking to think that someone so close to the Kozuki family could betray them.

Momonosuke in danger

After all their misfortunes, Kinemon and the other scabbards on the small boat began to wonder how the enemy managed to remain one step ahead of them the whole time. They did not want to think about it, but the only explanation is that there was a snitch among them.

This is where Kanjuro reveals himself as the snitch. Enraged, Kinemon slashed Kanjuro with his katanas only to realize another part of Kanjuro’s show. The Kanjuro they were with was a painting made alive with his devil fruit power.

The next thing they see in Kanjuro back at the shore holding Momonosuke hostage. A question is raised. What happened to Shinobu? Did Kanjuro take her down? Or was Shinobu also a painting part of Kanjuro’s scheme. If his paintings can survive the rain, then it could be possible that Shinobu was also a drawing. But there are a lot of room for doubts since Raizo knew Shinobu since she was a young kunoichi.

The big three to the rescue

Things look bleak at best for Kinemon and his allies. Their army is missing, Kanjuro betrayed them, Momnosuke is held hostage, and no one responded to Kinemon’s call for help. It seems like all hope is gone and the chances of redeeming Wano country are almost zero.

Fortunately, a rainbow came shining upon Kinemon and his gang amidst all these commotions. On the last page of One Piece 974 raw scans, the big three appears. From below, Law’s submarine emerged saving the small boat, whereupon Kinemon and the other scabbards stood. From the right side, the Thousand Sunny appears with Luffy, and from the left side, Kid and his crew in their ship.

It’s just like Sabaody archipelago all over again when these three worst generation captains fought side by side to subdue their enemy. Eustass Kid is not particularly working with them. But they have a common goal to take down Kaido.

The final panel of One Piece 974 raw scans showed Kid, Luffy, and Law preparing for battle. This scene marks the beginning of the war in Wano that would make the Marineford war look cute.

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Image credits: One Piece official Twitter account

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