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More plot twists are being revealed as the story of Wano country arc transitions to the present day. In the previous chapter, we learned that Denjiro disguised himself as Kyoshiro. In One Piece 974 spoilers, the real traitor is revealed.

Over the weeks and months of speculating who the traitor is, fans agreed on two main suspects, Raizo and Kanjuro. Well, One Piece fandom was not wrong. One Piece 974 spoilers reveal that Kanjuro was the traitor after all.

How Kanjuro became the traitor

One Piece 974 spoilers on reveal that Kanjuro’s affiliation with Orochi dates back to when the remaining Kurozumi plotted against Kozuki Sukiyaki. It seems like Kanjuro had been indebted to Orochi for avenging the death of his parents.

Kanjuro belongs to a family of actors performing on stage. Some spoiler images suggest that his parents were killed mid-performance. With a little brainwashing, Orochi was able to turn him into a loyal ally.

The mission given to Kanjuro was to live and die as a trusted confidant to Kozuki Oden. Since he is an actor, he performed his mission naturally. He was even prepared to die retaining the character he adopted.

The big reveal

In the present time, Kinemon and his gang decided to use the small boat Inurashi discovered by the shore of Tokage port. They started sailing towards Onigashima despite the unpleasant weather conditions. On their way, three huge Beast Pirates ships intercepted them.

At this moment, Kanjuro finally revealed that he was the traitor. Everyone on the small boat was both shocked and livid. They could not bear the thought of being betrayed by someone who almost died with them during Oden’s boiling. However, it was an opportunity for Kanjuro to seal the trust his fellow scabbards had for him.

What added to their agony is that Kanjuro caught Momonosuke and they got aboard the Beast Pirates’ ship. Their one small boat cannot possibly outmaneuver, let alone fight against three ships filled with a horde of villains. Luckily, reinforcement comes to the rescue that will turn the tide against the enemy.

One Piece 973 raw scans and official release dates

One Piece 974 raw scans are already available in Korean. English translations are expected in a few hours. The official release date of the chapter is on March 16, 2020.

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