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The upcoming chapter of One Piece will surely blow everyone’s mind. A thread about One Piece 973 spoilers on Reddit confirms the most controversial theory about Denjiro disguised as Kyoshiro.

This revelation debunks all other theories about Denjiro’s identity. This explains why Kyoshiro saved Hiyori from Orochi by pretending to kill her.

One Piece 973 plot

The title of the upcoming chapter is “The Kozuku Family”. It seems like this chapter will show us a mixture of flashbacks and present day’s scenes. Very few details about One Piece 973 spoilers are provided for now.

Spoiler images include Hiyori and Kyoshiro, Kyoshiro confirmed to be Denjiro and Momonosuke crying while being choked by Kaido.

This article will be updated with more about One Piece 973 spoilers.

Update 1 (March 5, 10:20 a.m.)

Updated One Piece 973 spoilers from Reddit.

Gang Bege’ Oh my family cover story continues in One Piece chapter 973 with Gotti’s counterattack.

  • Toki takes her last breath right after sending Momo and the scabbards into the future. Maybe the reason she could not send everyone was that things happened in a spur of the moment.
  • With the scabbards gone to the future or escaped, Orochi got enraged for not being able to find their dead bodies.
  • Denjiro conceals his identity by changing his name and appearance.
  • Denjiro becomes the mafia boss to get close to Orochi as Kyoshiro. He keeps tag on Orochi while patiently waiting for the return of the other scabbards.
  • Interestingly, the spoilers also say that Denjiro was the witching hour boy. Yasuie took the blame for this. Maybe he knew about Denjiro’s disguise. This also explains why some food was stolen from the warehouse on the day of the raid. Denjiro probably joined forces with the alliance by then.
  • A few years after the incident in Kuri, Denjiro meets a young Hiyori who just escaped the care of Kawamatsu. Denjiro instructs Hiyori to hide her identity as well.
  • Denjiro asks Hiyori to keep both of their identities a secret. Hiyori was to change her name to Komurasaki and become the most desirable oiran to get close to Orochi. They must have been plotting against Orochi ever since.

Update 2 (March 7)

One Piece 973 raw scans are now available. For more details, click here.

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