One Piece 971 raw scans: Oden saves the Nine Red Scabbards

This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

One Piece 971 raw scans are finally out. Although it is a fan translation, we can still get the whole vibe of the chapter. And believe me when I say it is sad.

The time of execution of Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards has finally come. A huge pot with boiling oil was displayed in the capital for the public to see. But alas, another twist by Oda. The sentence of boiling alive was meant to kill Oden and the others instantly. However, Oden found a way to save his men.

Oden asks for a chance

According to One Piece 971 raw scans, Oden asked to be given a chance. He argues that he must live no matter what. He proposed that all ten of them would enter the pot, but Kaido and Orochi had to release those who will survive after Kaido’s appointed time.

Kaido agreed to the proposal and gave them an hour. Whoever will survive after that will be released. Once the agreement was sealed, Oden entered the boiling oil (that would be around 160-190 degrees Celcius). We can just imagine how painful it must have been.

Oden then thought of a clever way to save his men. Instead of letting them all enter the boiling oil, he carried them all using a large wooden board.

Shinobu reveals the truth

At first, the citizens of Wano who were watching were amused by Oden’s incredible strength and persistence. However, just a few minutes later, people started mocking and wanted the execution to end already. One spectator even made a comment that he was so fed up with this “Lord idiot”.

Shinobu, who concealed herself among the citizens heard this comment and broke her silence. She then revealed to the citizens what the real reason was for Oden’s dancing naken in the capital for five years. She also revealed the real reason why Orochi wanted to become the Shogun. More than just to seek power, Orochi’s main motive was to avenge his family.

After Orochi’s grandfather performed seppuku for killing the other daimyos at that time, the Kurozumi family faced great discrimination. They were hunted by vigilantes and were killed. Even the children who bore the Kurozumi surname were regarded as criminals.

The deal between Oden and Orochi

After that revelation, Shinobu continued to explain what happened when Oden attacked Orochi. In a room within the castle, there were hundreds of people that Orochi kidnapped to be given to Kaido as an offering. Ultimately, those who were kidnapped are doomed to face death.

Orochi proposed that if Oden would dance naked on an appointed day of the week as an apology to the Kurozumi clan, the kidnapping of people would stop. Furthermore, Oden had to continue doing it until the shipbuilding was complete.

The ship was probably for Kaido, as it was part of their agreement that once the ship is finished, Kaido and Orochi would leave the country. So all the actions of Oden, embarrassing as demeaning as they may be, has saved many citizens of Wano country.

The official chapter is scheduled to be released on February 16, 2020. It may clarify some of the translations in One Piece 971 raw scans.

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Image credits: One Piece official Twitter account

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