One Piece 971 spoilers on Reddit says Shinobu reveals why Oden danced naked for 5 years

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Original story (from Feb 13, 2020) follows:

The first wave of spoilers for One Piece 971 was just released. It seems like the cover story is also in an intense situation as the main content of the chapter. According to spoilers, the title of the upcoming chapter will be “Condemned to boil”.

In the cover story, Gotti goes around Dressrosa in order to save Chiffon who was caught by the marines. One can only wonder, with all the dilemmas Bege’s gang has encountered in Dressrosa, will they ever be able to find Chiffon’s twin sister Lola? And will there be a happy ending to this side story?

One Piece 971 spoilers

Going back to Oden’s flashback story. The first wave of spoilers says that the upcoming chapter will not be the end of it yet. This can only mean one thing. There will be more important events that will be revealed.

I know it may be tiring for some to keep waiting for this flashback story to end. But I believe it will be worth it. For example, a major thing that will be revealed in One Piece 971 is the reason for Oden’s five years of shame dancing naked on the streets of the Flower capital.

Yes, the first wave of One Piece 971 spoilers specifically introduced the idea. According to spoilers, Shinobu will be revealing the reason probably for the people to keep believing in Oden.

More One Piece 971 spoilers to come

This was just the first wave. More updates are expected in the next few hours until the whole raw scans are out. Keep updated by following piunikaweb.

Update 1 (Feb 13)

More One Piece 971 spoilers on Reddit reads:

From Redon on ArlongPark

Chapter 971: “Condemned to boil”.

In the cover, Gotti cross the city to save Chiffon.

-Oden is still alive in the chapter.

More Spoilers

-Shinobu is very angry and revealing the secret behind Oden’s naked dance

-Orochi complains about what they did to his grandfather

-Others wanted to pursue justice and kill Kurozumi family

-Oden cooperated with Orochi. The whole plot reveal in this chapter.

-King appears in this chapter also.

Update 2 (Feb 13)

Oden is still alive

One Piece 971 spoilers are getting intense. Check out this update:

-Execution day. In Oden castle

-Oden said ” I want another chance, I need to be alive.” seems there boiled oil.

-Oden asked kaido to let him live, and to give him a chance

From 5ch

-Oden ask Kaido: I want a chance, I can’t die yet

-Nothing on the traitor

-Him dancing naked was to save the people that was captured when he got into the Orochi castle

-The deal was he can save 100 lives per dance

-Oden said if he can endure the boiling for the time they decided, then they have to let those who are still alive go

-Kaido: we’ll see if you endured it for 60 min

-Oden got in, the others tried to follow him but Oden stopped them.

-Then the execution starts, with Oden holding onto the platform the others are staying on.(only about 5 min pasts, continues next week)

More spoilers to come.

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