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Original story (from Feb 12) follows:

This time, it seems like Oden’s flashback is about to run its course. With the event from the previous chapters, it’s easy to predict that the upcoming chapter might be the last of the flashback chapters. But we can only be sure of this when One Piece 971 spoilers and official chapter releases.

Before we enter the end of Oden’s flashback, let us have a brief review of what happened. Some of those events may give us a hint of how the Straw hat alliance can secure victory in the upcoming war.

Flashback timeline: Oden in Wano

41 years ago: A man named Katsuzo dies upon whose grave Oden eats and drank. This is the first intro of Oden in the flashback. The Mountain God Incident also happened this year.
39 years ago: Oden defeats Ashura Doji and becomes Daimyo of Kuri.
33 years ago: Remnants of the Rocks Pirates started recruiting. The first hint of how Whitebeard would meet Oden. Oden meets Inurashi, Nekomamushi, and Kawamatsu. Yasuie gave money to Oden’s vassals to become proper samurai.
30 years ago: Oden leaves Wano to join Whitebeard. Inurashi, Nekomamushi, and Izo follow Oden. Oden meets Amatsuki Toki.

Oden’s pirate life

26 years ago: Whitebeard and Roger pirates clash. Oden meets Roger for the first time. Roger borrows Oden for a year for his final journey. Inurashi and Nekomamushi tag along, leaving Izo with Whitebeard’s crew. Roger pirates arrive at Skypiea and had Oden engrave a message next to a poneglyph. They then went to Fishman island and found another poneglyph. Roger also learned about Shyarly’s predictions about the mermaid princess and Joy Boy. In the same year, Oden also finds the road poneglyph in Zou.
25 years ago: Roger pirates finally found the final island in the grandline and named it Laugh Tale. Roger becomes known as the Pirate King, disbands his crew shortly after, and Oden returns to Wano.

Oden returns to Wano

Still 25 years ago: Oden is enraged upon hearing what Orochi had done to Wano country. Oden attacked Orochi in his castle but is stopped by an old man who posses the mane-mane no mi. Oden learns of Orochi’s conspiracy against Kozuki Sukiyaki. Later, Oden can be seen dancing naked in the capital for an unrevealed reason.
24 years ago: Oden received a newspaper from Orochi featuring Roger’s execution.
23 years ago: Moria and Kaido clashed, defeating Moria in the process. Somehow Moria stole Ryuma’s grave and katana.
20 years ago: Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards attempted a coup against Kaido and Orochi.

Upcoming chapter prediction

Sadly, Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards were defeated and are imprisoned. They are now waiting for their sentence of death boiling alive. The question now is, how would the Nine Red Scabbards survive? The answer may be given in One Piece 971 spoilers

As we all know, only Oden will be executed and the rest survives. It is possible that they managed to escape with Oden’s help. Or they may have tried for the last time to fight back. Remember that Kaido knows Ashura Doji. They may have clashed sacrificing himself for the others.

However, Kaido allows Ashura Doji to live with the intent of breaking his spirit and turing him into a powerful ally. We may also see what happens to Hiyori and Toki after Toki sends Momo and the others into the future. If it happens, we may fully understand Toki’s decision and Hiyori’s present day actions.

Spoilers, raw scans and official release date

We will have to just wait for the upcoming chapter to unravel things for us. One Piece 971 spoilers will be upon us starting February 13. Raw scans will follow the following day, with English translation possibly surfacing on February 15.

The official One Piece chapter 971 release will be on February 16, 2020.

Update 1 (Feb 13)

New spoilers on Reddit say Shinobu reveals why Oden danced naked for 5 years. Details here.

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