One Piece chapter 962 is just around the corner and its time for predictions. The previous chapter left us with Orochi’s past being introduced. We also saw Oden turning to Shimotsuki Yasuie for help after his banishment.

These events prompt several questions about Orochi. It also gives us some idea about Oden’s next move after being banished from the capital. Here are some of the ideas on what may happen in the next chapter.

Shimotsuki Clan’s role in Wano

In chapter 942, we saw a flashback of Yasuie and Oden’s conversation. Yasuie just reminded his military force to remain vigilant for possible invasion. Habu port in Hakumai was considered the only proper port in Wano.

Being the daimyo of Hakumai, Yasuie maintained their military power to protect the country. Shimotsuki clan was considered as the fiercest samurai in Wano. Two regions, Ringo and Hakumai were home to the Shimotsuki clan.

Shimotsuki Yasuie was the Daimyo of Hakumai, while Shimotsuki Ushimaro was the daimyo of Ringo. They continue Shimotsuki Ryuma’s legacy of protecting the borders of the country from the outside world.

Oden asks Yasuie how to leave Wano

Oden already displayed inclinations to leave the Wano country when he was younger. It is possible that he came to Yasuie to ask for help to leave the country. It would make sense since Yasuie controls port Habu.

Naturally, Yasuie would decline telling Oden that he must become a proper warrior before he can be so selfish.

Just about a decade before Oden’s banishment, Shimotsuki Kozaburo left Wano. This would seem a disgrace to Yasuie as the protector of the Port. What adds to his dismay is that a Shimotsuki left illegally. This explains why Yasuie is so passionate about guarding the port.

This got me thinking. It cannot be a coincidence that the Shimotsuki clan is being hinted a lot. Here are some of my theories why.

Shimotsuki Clan are Protectors of the Poneglyph

Shimotsuki clan are retainers to the Kozuki family. They were considered as the strongest samurai clan in Wano. Being the strongest it is only natural that they will be tasked with protecting or guarding.

Hundreds of years ago, Wano was known as the country of gold. This epithet attracts outsiders to come and steal the country’s treasures. Ryuma, being the strongest samurai, led other swordsmen to protect the country from invasions.

It is possible that Shimotsuki clan were also tasked of guarding the poneglyphs that the Kozuki clan made.

The Reason behind Shimotsuki’s demise

One of the reasons Kaido went after Wano is a hidden treasure in Wano. This treasure is somehow related to the Kozuki family. The Kozuki family were the creators of poneglyphs. This could mean that Kaido’s target was a road poneglyph.

When the four daimyos rebelled against Orochi, Kaido faced them in battle. This lead to the death of Ushimaru. Kaido may have been motivated by the thought that the Shimotsuki is guarding the poneglyphs.

He might have tortured some members of the Shimotsuki clan to spill out the location of the poneglyphs. This may have been the way Kaido got possession of one of the road poneglyphs.

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