EMUI 10 update may bring compatibility issues with games like Pokemon Go, indicates Huawei

From incompatibility with third party apps to crippling sensors, Android 10 is experiencing a rough patch after release. While these glitches after major updates are not uncommon, our readers may face a hard time explaining their parents why their favorite app stops working all of a sudden.

Samsung Galaxy Wearable app is not compatible with Android 10 till date

Google is well aware of such complicacies. The Mountain View company is organizing public beta program since the Pie days to attract other OEMs and developers. They can fine tune their apps and system software for months before going to full-fledged public rollout.

The well-known issue of non-working Pokemon Go (and other games developed by Niantic, such as Ingress) under early Android Q beta/developer preview builds can perfectly justify the need of such a beta initiative. Niantic eventually fixed the glitches around one month before the stable release of Android 10.


We dived into the details and discussed about the potential reasons behind the incompatibility of the Niantic games with Android 10 (codename Q). Apparently identifying the player by reading the unique parameters of the device (such as serial number) was right away flagged by the OS.

Google revamped a bunch of internal security parameters and sandboxing rules to make it secure than ever. In fact, the upcoming EMUI 10 update from Huawei will also feature a similar ruleset.

In order to further enhance privacy control, EMUI 10.0 disables access to DeviceID (such as IMEI, MEID, ESN, IMSI, SIM, USB serial numbers, etc.). These IDs can uniquely identify a mobile phone. People with ulterior motives may get these IDs to do some illegal activities. Currently, third-party applications are required to be replaced by androidID, OAID, ODID and similar less-important parameters.


The Chinese OEM already started the public beta recruitment for testing EMUI 10 among Huawei P30/P30 Pro owners. They even published the tentative changelog of the first build, but we still don’t know how third party apps (especially the complex ones) will behave under the redefined security framework.

Huawei also described potential list of anomalies, such as force closing (FC), dysfunctional login prompts, indefinite authorization loops, unable to authenticate payments by fingerprint etc. They shared a list of common apps (China only) that are known to have problems with the current version of EMUI 10.

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Judging from the volume of the list, guess you should not jump on the EMUI 10 (or Magic UI 3.0) bandwagon if that Huawei/Honor phone is your daily driver. Dealing with the bleeding edge developments is fun, but do take ample precautions.

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