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Pokemon Go is undoubtedly one of the best Pokemon games on mobile. Niantic released Pokemon Go in 2016, which became immensely popular worldwide and received millions of downloads in just a few days of its release. The game is still popular among Pokemon fans, and it has a very large community base.

The credit for the game’s popularity also goes to Niantic as it always surprises its fans with interesting events and in-game rewards which keep fans lured to the game. The upcoming Armored Mewtwo Raid event and leaked Team Rocket event has already electrified Pokemon Go players.

However, a few players who are using Android Q Beta on their devices are facing a constant issue and unable to play the game for the last few months. Pokemon Go is not getting past the starting or loading screen on Android Q Beta for them.

Android Q is the latest version of Android dessert from Google. In June, the company released Android Q Beta 4 along with final APIs. The issue of Pokemon Go not working on Android Q is persistent from the last four months, and even with the release of Android Q Beta 4, the issue has not been resolved yet.

Users who have been testing Android Q Beta are finding the Pokemon Go app broken or not running on their devices. The first Android Developer Beta was released on March 13, which allowed developers to test and make their apps compatible with the latest version of Android.

Pokemon Go Android Q Beta Issue

But since March 13, several reports have piled up on the Google Issue tracker website mentioning the issue of Pokemon Go not working on Android Q Beta. We have mentioned the release schedule for Android Q Beta down below for your understanding.

March 13 – First Android Q ( Android 10) developer beta made available

April 3 – Android Q Beta 2

May 7 – Android Q Beta 3

June 5 – Android Q Beta 4

We were offered the first beta for Android Q on 13 March, and since then the beta testers have been complaining about the issue of Pokemon Go being broken on Android Q Beta. Have a look at a few reports mentioned below.




If you observe the reports, you can see that many beta users are pointing out that Beta builds are not CTS certified yet. Pokemon Go uses SafetyNet Attestation API to verify users are not using modified firmware with their app.


However, with the latest Android Q Beta 4 build, Pokemon Go is loading up to 20 % – 50 % during start screen and then freezing completely. The official Niantic Support addressed this issue back in March and stated that they are aware of this issue and cannot guarantee full functionality for Android Q at this time.


But today, even after four months, when a Twitter and Android Q Beta user ‘1982stout’ raised a query at Niantic Support Official Twitter handle in this regard, the response was the same. Check out the official response to the query.


The basic reason for delaying the fix for this issue could be the wait for the final Android Q Beta build with Final APIs. To fix an app on pre-release OS with APIs that can change within a month would be a waste of time from Niantic perspective.

Other Niantic games like Harry Potter Wizards Unite and Ingress are also facing the same issue. Have a look at a few complaints where users are complaining Wizards Unite is not working on Android Q Beta.


Well, we are sure Niantic will be keen to make its game compatible with the latest version of Android. As they would not like this issue to affect their player base. The only reason for the delay in providing a fix could be to wait for a stable build.

Also from the Google developers side, the upcoming Beta or stable may pass CTS certification requirement which is required by Pokemon Go as pointed by several users. Rest assured, we are keeping a close watch on this issue, and we’ll update this story when we get any information of Pokemon Go working on Android Q Beta.

So that’s pretty much it. For other gaming related news, head here.

Update (July 17)

Niantic supposedly fixed the Android Q issue in the latest update of Ingress. Pokemon Go & Harry Potter Wizards Unite players are waiting for a similar fix. Details here.

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