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Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a newly released game from the house of Niantic. The game
looks promising so far, and the community has also appreciated it. The game beta was initially released in Australia and New Zealand, but last Friday the game was released worldwide in staged, global rollouts.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is somewhat similar to Pokemon Go, as both these games have been developed under the banner of the same company, Niantic. However, the game may look similar to Pokemon Go in many aspects, but it is completely different altogether. It is intriguing and interesting.

Niantic released version 2.0.1 of the game on June 16th, 2019 which brought a lot of bug fixes. But the game is still new, and there are a lot of bugs and issues that are remaining to get fixed or have an alternate workable solution.

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite developers are taking issues upfront and trying their best to hear out the issues or bugs faced by the community. On the official Reddit account of Harry Potter Wizards Unite, developers and community mods have prepared a wiki page where all the bugs can be quickly reported by submitting a form.


The official member of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Team, u/hpwu_fazes, has shared the list of all the known bugs and issues till date. This is an official announcement from the Harry Potter staff team on Reddit. If the bug you are encountering is not listed, they have also welcomed the users to report it via an online form.

Now let us have a look at all the bugs that have been addressed and found by the Harry Potter Wizards Unite team on Reddit. The game devs have prepared this list of bugs.

Ministry ID issues

General Ministry ID issue

If you are encountering an issue with the Ministry ID and Portrait, then you are required to restart the game.


Titles and Achievement badges not saving on your Ministry ID.

Assignments & Achievements issues

If your assignments and achievements are not properly completing your in-process tasks, you are required to restart the game.

Downloading Assets issues

If you are facing an incomplete download issue, the best possible workaround is restarting the game.

Persistent red dot errors

If your registry page is completed, then you need to prestige a registry to collect foundables again.

But many users are facing a problem that if you have a page that can be ‘prestiged’, you may not get the pop up to alert you to Prestige this page. You will have a persistent badge (red dot) on your Registry Page until you Prestige.

Diagon Alley issue

Few users are unable to make a purchase iOS if you switch Facebook or Google accounts on the same device.

Other Known Issues

Portkey Portmanteau Does Not Unlock

If players are encountering an issue where Portkey Portmanteau distance walked is showing incorrect distance. As a workaround players have to walk extra steps to complete the distance and unlock the Portkey.


Game becomes stuck in Registry screen

If you try to force quit the game during the Hagrid Foundable tutorial, you may not be able to leave the Registry screen. To resolve this issue you have to restart the game once again.

Tapping through Potion brewing push notifications while inside an Inn or Greenhouse will trigger a black screen

In order to resolve this issue you need to close, and re-open the app

Progress for the quests does not start

Many players are facing an issue where progress for the quests does not start, even after finding the Confoundables, dining at an inn, the recorded progress shows 0.

Good news that Harry Potter devs have acknowledged this issue and are already working on a fix.

The bugs, which do not have a workaround yet, are expected to be fixed in the next update to Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Also, if you remember, we have mentioned above that you can report a bug via online form. Just follow the link below and share your bug with Harry Potter Wizards Unite Dev team.

Click here to send the devs data to help fix your bug.

Update 1 (July 4)

Some Harry Potter Wizards Unite players on iOS are unable to access or purchase through Diagon Alley. The black screen & freezing issues are now officially confirmed. Details here.

Update 2 (July 5)

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Portkeys are reportedly not working. Whenever a player is trying to activate a Portkey, it shows a blue screen. For further info, see here.

Update 3 (July 11)

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Potion brewing and collection bug. It has been preventing players from brewing or collecting potions since June 22. For further info, see here.

Update 4 (July 12)

Harry Potter Wizards Unite GPS Location Not Updating problem officially acknowledged. GPS of the game is not syncing with the map properly.For further info, see here.

Update 5 (July 15)

Wizards Unite crashing & freezing after successful traces, losing foundables, spell energy and potion. For further info, see here.

Update 6 (July 17)

HPWU team has confirmed an issue with Flora and Fauna event Brilliant Beanie reward as well as friends’ achievements. Complete coverage here.

Update 7 (July 18)

Red dot notification not going away on Registry Pages (Books Tab) bug reported. For further info, see here.

Update 8 (July 18)

Wizards Unite Wizarding XP Issue in Brilliant Event: Potter’s Calamity officially acknowledged. For further info, see here.

Update 8 (July 20)

Wizards Unite Fragment Issue with Brilliant Event: Potter’s Calamity Runestones has been fixed. Fragments spawn rates have also been increased with the fix. For further info, see here.

Update 9 (August 19)

Harry Potter Wizards Unite GPS Sync Issue reported on official forum. For further info, see here

Update 10 (August 26)

Harry Potter Wizards Unite crashing, freezing, black screen issue after update 2.3.0 officially acknowledged. For further info, see here

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