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Remember when Asus literally ruined the usability of Max Pro M2 with continuous blinking and flickering bug with the initial Android 9.0 Pie OTA update? The Taiwanese OEM had to release a quick hotfix to address the mess.

ZenFone Max Pro M2 Screen flickering/blinking issue

The automatic brightness feature in smartphones are powered by the ambient light sensor. Tuning this sensor is a vital task, as we have experienced a number of incidents where a fault ambient sensor disrupted other functionalities of the device.

In case to AMOLED display panels, DC Dimming is the current hot word in town. It is a new piece of tech that employs DC current voltage adjusting to get rid of the backlight brightness flickering.

Experimental DC Dimming feature on OnePlus 7 series

But what should you do when your phone with a regular IPS LCD panel is bugging you with flickers? That’s the situation for some Asus ZenFone 6 (known as Asus 6z in India) owners, as the phone exhibits noticeable flickering, especially in low light conditions.

i got my Zenfone 6 today, and i really like it, but there is one thing that probably makes me return it…

The display is flickering when it‘s set to really low brightness, i think its the backlight.

I‘m not sure if it’s broken or not. So, am i the only one with a flickering display?



Installing new OTA updates seems to be ineffective in the scenario. The anomaly was noticed by the reviewers of GSMArena as well. I’m quoting a portion from their review:

Update, May 29: We dug further into our brightness testing, and came to some peculiar findings. In addition to our usual routine that’s based on an industry-standard software/hardware combination, we did a couple of low-fi tests as well. Opening a pure white image in Chrome got us the promised 600nits, precisely. Viewing the same image in the Gallery app we got 545nits, which is also about what we measured on a blank white area in the settings menu.

So apparently brightness control is not consistent from app to app and you are unlikely to get the advertised max brightness level in all apps.

Once can visibly detect the flickering on this video review from TechTablets (go to the 1:16 mark, in case the embedded video fails to do so):

Have you noticed such screen flickering issues on your Asus ZenFone 6 (Asus 6z)? Comment below.

Update (September 24)

Asus is lining up a new ZenFone 6 (Asus 6Z) software update expected to fix the annoying display flickering issue that came to light several weeks ago. Details here.

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