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Last couple of weeks have been quite a mess for ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2 users, as right after installing the Android Pie-based update – that was pushed together on three of ZenFone Max phones i.e. ZenFone Max Pro M2/M1 and Max M2 phones on April 11 – the devices started acting wacky.


Android Pie update on ZenFone Max Pro M2

The first major issue that was highlighted by a huge number of Max Pro M2 users right after they installed the Pie update (bearing build number 16.2017.1903.061) was a weird and continuous screen flickering or blinking problem that left their devices barely usable.

For a quick glance, click/tap on the screenshot below to play the video proof.


ZenFone Max Pro M2 Screen flickering/blinking issue

While screen flickering glitch was catching heat, in no time, other problems like buggy volume control, deteriorated speaker and Bluetooth audio, slow charging, battery drain, lousy fingerprint scanner and glitchy brightness slider plaguing Pie update began to populate ASUS forums.

While we were still drawing your attention to above stated issues, we started getting reports that ASUS had rolled back the Pie update from Max Pro M2, apparently due to all the bugs that plagued it.

Asus has stopped rolling out this pie update… They are again working on this update for its betterment. I have just spoke to customer executive miss Mrunal. She told me that Asus has stopped the roll out of this so called stable pie update… It will roll out again soon..!!!!!!

Leaving user reports aside, we found that the update’s release notes page was also withdrawn from the official forum and was throwing an error instead.


ZenFone Max Pro M2 Pie update release page error

What was good that soon after we reported Android Pie’s roll back from ZenFone Max Pro M2, an ASUS forums moderator confirmed the same and also informed that a new Pie update will be coming soon. Here’s what they said:

There will be a new FOTA with pie very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience caused

And looks like ASUS lived up to their word as a new Pie FOTA update has started to roll out on Max Pro M2 phones. The information was shared by a lot of Max Pro M2 users across the company’s official help forum:

A fresh Pie Update has been released for all Max Pro M2 users. This release would reach to each Max Pro M2 users those who didn’t get the previous FOTA Push as well as those who got the previous update (like me).


Android Pie on ZenFone Max Pro M2

One of the users who had received the earlier buggy Pie update on their unit also confirmed the new update is sized ~410MB for those who received the first update too, while for those did not get the earlier build will get to see an update weighing ~1.5GB.

Apart from users, a forums moderator also confirmed the arrival of the new update saying

The new update .064 is rolled out today. If you have not received the same, please wait for a while. The FOTA might take time to roll out as it is rolled out in batches


ASUS forums moderator’s confirmation about new update

On another thread, the moderator even confirmed the build number of the update i.e. 16.2017.1903.064.


ASUS forums moderator’s respoonse

FYI on one of the threads, users have confirmed the screen flickering or blinking issue has finally been resolved on the newest update. One of the users even shared a video confirming the same.

Screen Blinking issue is fixed for my device

Yes that’s right it got fixed after todays update

Apart from that, a few days back, the moderator confirmed that Night light, that was missing in the last update, is will be available in new update. Here’s what they said then:

Night light will be present in the next FOTA.


ASUS forums moderator’s response

Currently, there is no confirmation as to whether Night Light is available in the new release.

To sum it up, the wait for Max Pro M2 users is finally over as the new Pie update is out. We hope this one is not as buggy as the last one. Have you installed the update yet? If yes, share with us how it is acting on your unit.

And for those of you who haven’t yet received the new Pie update (.064), you can download the firmware from the website, as a user has confirmed the update is now available for downloading.

P.S. Just like Max Pro M2, we hope ASUS fixes problems like missing PUBG HD settings, Night Light feature missing, stock camera set to external storage by default, Camera2 API not delivered despite promising, misplaced network icon and others that plague Max Pro M1 after Pie soon.

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Update 1 (April 27)

Just in case you want to manually install the update, here’s the link to download it.

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