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It was in March last year when Google first announced the 9th major release of Android OS – Android Pie (9.0). Then a few months later (in August), the update officially rolled out to the company’s own Pixel phones, following which it started landing on other Android devices.

As usually is the case with updates, Android Pie also got into limelight many a times for a rough start and issues that it instigated on the different Android phones that received it. Just for clarity, Pie wasn’t at fault in all the cases, but OEMs’ implementation of Pie was also to blame in many cases.


Not to brag, but PiunikaWeb was the first to highlight many such Pie-related problems.

The latest Pie-triggered glitch that we spotted just last week was a continuous screen flickering or blinking glitch on ASUS ZenFone Max Pro (M2) units, wherein the device’s screen reportedly flickers to an extent that phones can barely be used.

But looks like the screen blinking problem is not the only issue troubling ZenFone Max Pro (M2) users after receiving Android Pie (9.0) update (v16.2017.1903.061), which was pushed last week and bought along March security patch.

asus-zenfone-max-pro-m2-pie update

So lets take a look at what other than screen flickering is troubling Max Pro (M2) users since they installed Android Pie.

Glitchy brightness slider

Going by user reports at the company’s official help forum and Twitter, the brightness slider is not working as intended. Some say the brightness remains unaffected below 50% while other say it won’t change unless 85%.

Brightness is increased oñly when the brightness bar is between 85% and 100%

As a result, the display is barely visible under sunlight. Some of the users have mentioned that the brightness issue was there even in Pie beta and now has made way to the stable build too.

It’s worth stressing that what users are reporting may not be a bug, but Android Pie’s take on Adaptive Brightness – a feature that as per Google’s official document “selects a screen brightness that’s suitable for the user’s current ambient light conditions” and is enabled in Pie by default.

And if that’s the case, then users may take time to get accustomed to how adaptive brightness works and overrides their manual preferences based on the surrounding lighting conditions.

Buggy volume control and deteriorated speaker sound

The second issue that has been reported by many users is related to volume control wherein users say they are not able to adjust the volume unless they open the Settings.

As for the speaker sound, reports regarding reduced or unclear sound or audio in Pie as compared to Oreo are also proliferating.

Sound from speaker is not clear..

Another great bug coming from Asus India now the loudspeaker is working like a damn one. Means what Asus India think about their customers, we look like foolish for them. This will be gonna the last product I would use in my entire life from Asus. I don’t know what to do with this shit(Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2).

Not only that, user also complain of degraded Bluetooth audio.


Slow charging and battery drain

A lot of Max Pro (M2) users also report (1,2, 3,4,5) the battery charging time has increased comparatively.

In pie stable version phone is taking too much time to charge its annoying

The battery charging time increased drastically after pie update. Also heating during charge is comparatively more than before update.

We know that new updates often take time to settle in, but even days after the roll out users are complaining about battery drain issues.

Charging time 4 hour draining time 4 hour wtf I am regret to update my azmpm2. Battery is draining like a faucet failure. Pls somebody do something. I think they give us lot of bugs instead of sweet pie.

Lousy fingerprint scanner

There also are some reports about fingerprint scanner not working properly and taking more time in comparison to Oreo.

That’s all for the issues that have come to our notice.

We just hope ASUS pays attention to the issues that are troubling ZenFone Max Pro (M2) users after Pie and does the needful to fix things up. Meanwhile, we are keeping a tab on all related developments and will update the story as and when something new comes to our notice.

FYI we also stumbled upon a thread started by ZenFone 4 users titled “Let’s drag ASUS India to Consumer Forum, interested?“.


ZenFone 4 users are basically complaining about rolling out a semi prepared update (Pie) as some issues that are now being reported in the stable build were allegedly highlighted even in Pie beta, but sadly not fixed.

On the same thread, one of the forum moderators pitched in and added:

We have already highlighted the issues. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will soon notify you.

Which issues to be specific? Well, that’s not clearly mentioned.

Update 1 (April 15)

Looks like ASUS has pulled back ZenFone Max Pro (M2) Android Pie (9.0) update. Details here.

NOTE: For more ASUS-specific news, head here.

Update 1 (April 18)

A moderator at the official Asus forum has said a new Pie update will be rolled out to the device very soon, effectively confirming the speculation that the present update has been pulled (likely due to some major bugs and issues).

Here’s what they exactly said:

There will be a new FOTA with pie very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience caused

We’re keeping an active tab on the matter, and will let you know when the revised Pie update arrives.

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