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Original story (published on May 27, 2019) follows:

The initial absence of a dedicated low light photography mode (popularly known as ‘Night mode’) in Galaxy S10 series was an achilles heel for the flagship. Their competitors like Google (Night Sight), Huawei or OnePlus (Nightscape) have gained an advantage in this domain.

Fortunately Samsung listened to the fans and the communities and rolled out an updated camera stack with night mode support bundled with the April update. However, the new feature was limited to the global models only.

April update changelog for international Exynos powered Galaxy S10 units

US models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup feature Snapdragon 855 SoC instead of Samsung’s in-house Exynos chipset. For some unknown reasons, they have not received the camera night mode update like their global counterparts.

Even after the May 2019 security patch, Snapdragon models are lacking the much requested low light photography mode in stock camera. On the other hand, the global models got truckload of fixes on top of the initial night mode implementation alongside the updated monthly security patch.

May update changelog for international Exynos powered Galaxy S10 units

The build number of the May update for US models is ASD9/ASDA (Sprint), which indicates that the build was compiled in April (‘D’ denotes the fourth month). To the contrary, the global units received a newer build (ASE5) compiled in May.

However, this particular update (ASE5) is creating a havoc among S10 users across the world, as people are experiencing random slowdowns, lags, delays in unlocking and tons of similar issues.


Official Twitter app build 7.96.0-release 58 become unresponsive upon launch after May ASE5 update on my Exynos S10+

YES, it definitely improve the camera on Night Mode but also break other apps.

Tried, restart, clear app cache and boot into recovery mode and clear system cache also don’t solve the issue. Over at Reddit here or XDA forum, many people are also reporting issue with Gallery, Samsung Internet, WhatsApp and 3rd launcher like Nova also become unresponsive after ASE5 update.



[PSA] Do Not flash the latest ASE5 May update on your Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e, it has major issues with freezing, phone locks up completely and needs a reboot

Happened to me 4 times today, absolutely ridiculous that the QA let this through without testing thoroughly, something on the scheduler or RAM management is causing the phone to come to a complete stand-still, touch stops responding for 10-15 seconds at a time, suddenly everything moves, and it freezes again, rinse and repeat.


Judging from the volume of the user feedback, the issue is pretty much widespread. Apps like Twitter, reddit or Nova Launcher are reportedly crawling, making the whole user experience rather tedious. Apart from that, stock apps are also stuttering abnormally.

It is an absolute nightmare to use! Unlock in so damn slow that the if you unlock by face instead of fingerprint the fingerprint icon is still on the home screen for 5 secs. The phone app randomly freezes and I am not even able to accept calls. While calling me, the caller hears a ringing tone but no call alert on my phone. Process system not responding error. Random reboots Kicking my self for updating to this…



Frustrated S10 users tried to contact Samsung support regarding the issues, but all they got was the typical generic troubleshooting suggestion:


Those who are accustomed with manual flashing, rolled back to the previous software version (build ASD5/ASD6) to be able to use their phone without the horrible lags. However, this is not a feasible solution for everyone.

Yep, I rolled back to the April update. Serves me right for flashing updates as soon as they become available. I’ll just wait for feedback from now on.

The issue I experienced was the fingerprint sensor service crashing, causing a security risk, and Sync for Reddit crashing randomly.


FYI, Samsung (including Galaxy S10) users can use Frija to download encrypted firmware packages directly from Samsung update servers and decrypt them automatically to be flashed by ODIN.

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The symptoms seem to be related with faulty CPU scheduling, thus only Exynos models are affected. We hope Samsung will officially address the glitch soon, and come up with a quick hotfix to resolve the issues.

Have you faced lagging/freezing on your Galaxy S10e/S10/S10 Plus after the May update? Comment below.

Update 1 (May 28)

Samsung silently pulled back the ASE5 build from their update servers.

Samsung update servers are now returning the previous ASD5 build as the latest available build

There is no official statement from the Korean OEM, although we think they will eventually release a hotfix update.

Update 2 (May 30)

As anticipated, Samsung is rolling out a new build (ASE6) as a hotfix for global users.


The changelog is slightly different, as now it mentions Bluetooth connectivity fixes alongside the Wi-Fi and camera related improvements.

Update 3 (June 5)

Samsung is reportedly rolled out another hotfix update with build number ASE7 (the last one was ASE6) for global Galaxy S10 units. The changelog remained unchanged.


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