Samsung Galaxy S10 unlocked Snapdragon dual SIM models up for grabs via unofficial channel

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Samsung is a prime member of the elite club of smartphone makers, who are also capable of designing in-house silicon. Their Exynos family of SoC and modems are being extensively used by Samsung itself as well as few other OEMs like Meizu.

While producing their yearly flagship models, Samsung tends to use both Exynos and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform. The pattern seems very much straightforward since 2016’s Galaxy S7.

Galaxy S7 used Exynos 8890 globally, but Snapdragon 820 in the USA and China

The Snapdragon chips are used in the USA and China specific models. In the other hand, the rest of the world gets the Exynos variant. The rule is still applicable to this year’s Galaxy S10 lineup.

Apparently the licensing deals between Samsung and Qualcomm forces the Korean OEM to use Snapdragon SoC and modem, especially in the USA to cater the widely used CDMA networks.

When it comes to aftermarket modding, the US Snapdragon Galaxy phones are intentionally crippled. Not only the carrier exclusive variants, but also the network unlocked model sold directly via Samsung store come with a locked bootloader.

Another fundamental feature for some users, i.e. dual SIM support is absent from the US specific models. As a result, if you want a dual SIM Samsung Galaxy flagship with unlockable bootloader in the USA – well, things gonna be complicated.

Moreover, the carrier exclusive models are the worst victim of delayed software updates. Every carrier has their own QA process, which effectively slows down the pace of update delivery.

There are a number of third party services, via which users can import foreign models with Exynos chipset to get rid of those stupid restrictions. But there are some unwanted consequences.

First of all, CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint are incompatible with the Exynos models. As a matter of fact, some features from the GSM carriers like VoLTE or Wi-Fi calling may not work at all with those models.

The next point is all about performance. The Snapdragon models are traditionally superior compared to their Exynos counterparts in terms of GPU performance, thermal throttling and battery efficiency.

For example, the Snapdragon-laden Galaxy S10 scores ~7-10% higher than the Exynos variant in multiple benchmarks, as reported by AnTuTu.

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Qualcomm’s 7 nm fabrication with SD855 clearly brings more efficiency than Samsung’s 8 nm Exynos 9820, which can be seen from AnandTech’s comparison too.

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Allow me to rewind back a little: it’s the US Snapdragon edition, which is crippled with artificial limitation. The Latin American or the Hong Kong Snapdragon models can be bootloader unlocked without any hiccups. There is dual SIM support as well.

With little modification, it can also be possible to use them with CDMA carriers with little modifications. They receive updates directly from Samsung, so carrier delays don’t even exist.

If you are already excited to get one after reading all this mumbo-jumbo, FunkyHuawei have you covered. They are now offering brand new Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ in every RAM/storage combination via

You can get the 128 GB storage variant of S10e for $791, the S10 for $955 and the S10+ for $1,082. It is a little bit extra compared to the official pricing, but don’t forget the add-on facilities.

Free case and screen protector are included with every order. Worldwide shipping is available with proper tracking ID. You can read about the terms and conditions in details here.


You can choose from other RAM/storage/color variants as well.

Interested to buy from them? Or do you prefer another seller from eBay? Let us know.

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