A worrying trend has emerged among Google Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 users with growing reports of drastically reduced battery life flooding forums and social media. Frustrated users say watches previously capable of comfortably lasting a full day are now struggling to survive a morning because the battery gets drained within mere hours.

The root cause remains unclear. Complaints first surfaced last month, with many initially assuming the March 2024 update was the culprit. However, even after the latest April update, the battery drain issue persists for multiple Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 owners. User experiences paint a bleak picture. “Since the April 2024 update I can not get 4 hours of battery life out of this watch,” laments one Pixel Watch owner. “It was fully charged at 6:30 am. It is now 8:30am and it is at 48%.” Others also mention their watches getting uncomfortably warm, a potential sign of excessive background energy use.

The problem cuts deep for fitness enthusiasts. Several report their Pixel Watches, once workout companions, now fail to even track a full workout session before hitting empty. Losing workout data alongside the convenience of music streaming is doubly frustrating. Luckily, Google has acknowledged the escalating issue and is reportedly working on a solution. But whether a fix arrives in the upcoming May update or a later release remains uncertain.


While users desperately await answers, some have resorted to drastic measures like disabling essential features and perpetually keeping battery saver mode engaged. Others have also ended up factory resetting their watches to some level of success. But even these sacrifices often prove insufficient.

It’s incredibly frustrating when a product you’ve come to rely on suddenly turns unreliable. Smartwatches have become extensions of our daily routines, and this battery crisis throws a wrench into that seamless integration. Hopefully, Google can pinpoint the cause and swiftly deliver a fix. Otherwise, the reputation of their otherwise promising Pixel wearables could take a serious hit.

There are rumors that Google may be looking to improve on the Pixel Watch 1 and Watch 2 life with a slightly bigger battery for the Pixel Watch 3, although nothing close to what’s planned for the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro.

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