Leaked documents point to a massive difference in battery capacity between two upcoming Wear OS heavyweights – the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro and Google Pixel Watch 3.

According to the leaks, the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro could pack a hefty 590mAh battery – nearly double the rumored 307mAh capacity of the Pixel Watch 3. This aligns with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s impressive battery capacity. If true, this gap would be significant considering the Pixel Watch 2’s underwhelming battery life given it shares a very similar capacity rating with its expected successor.

It’s important to remember that the leaked 578mAh figure for the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro is its rated capacity. The final marketed capacity is often slightly higher, likely 590mAh, or even potentially surpassing the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s. We should get to know about this when the watch gets unveiled later this year.


While the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro will likely offer superior battery life, it’s important to note that Samsung’s top-tier models typically come with a higher price tag than their Google Pixel counterparts. Granted, it’s likely that the entry-level models will be the ones to match the Pixel Watch 3 in terms of battery capacity. Still, brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi offer a compelling middle ground. The OnePlus Watch 2, for example, boasts a substantial 500mAh battery yet it’s more affordable than the Pixel Watch 2. Although this comes at the expense of LTE connectivity, which the watch lacks.

If raw battery life is your top priority, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro looks set to be the undisputed Wear OS champion. However, those focused on value might want to wait and see how Google addresses potential Pixel Watch 3 battery shortcomings with the new hybrid Wear OS, and what other brands bring to the table.

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