Looks like the upcoming Pixel Watch 3 could be getting a small but welcome battery upgrade. Recent certification listings, spotted by 91Mobiles, suggest the new smartwatch may sport a 307mAh battery. That’s a bump of 1mAh compared to the 306mAh battery found in the Pixel Watch 2.

The publication noticed the battery details on certification websites — Dekra and Safety Korea. Here’s a screenshot of the Dekra certification showing the battery capacity.

Google Pixel Watch 3 Battery Certification

While the upgrade isn’t massive, it aligns with Google’s pattern of incremental battery improvements. The original Pixel Watch had a 294mAh capacity, showing a trend of small enhancements with each generation.

Battery life has been a key area of discussion for smartwatch users. Even a modest increase in capacity could translate to a few extra hours of use out of your Pixel Watch 3, potentially making a worthwhile difference in daily experience.

In fact, this tiny battery upgrade paired with Google’s new hybrid Wear OS might give the Pixel Watch 3 a huge battery boost. Although, Google hasn’t yet confirmed whether or not it’ll adopt the hybrid system on the Pixel Watch 3.

Beyond the battery, rumors indicate that Google might offer the Pixel Watch 3 in two sizes, addressing a user preference that previous models didn’t provide. The newer size will likely by a 45mm variant. We likely won’t see the official unveiling until this fall, alongside the Pixel 9 series.

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