Google has commenced the rollout of April 2024 security update for the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2. This update prioritizes bug fixes and has 2 new features for these wearable devices.

The update commences its phased rollout today, with completion anticipated within the next week. The rollout schedule may vary depending on your carrier and specific device model. Users will be notified directly on their Pixel Watch when the update (delivered via Over-the-Air or OTA) becomes available for their watch.

The April 2024 update elevates the Pixel Watch’s security patch level to ‘April 5, 2024.’ Additionally, it assigns the build number TWD9.240405.001 for all four Pixel Watch models. While specific details regarding the security vulnerabilities addressed haven’t been disclosed. Beyond security improvements, the update boasts new features. Let’s delve deeper into the new features introduced:

Vibration Watch


The April update introduces a novel feature called ‘Vibration Watch.’ This innovative functionality transforms your Pixel Watch into a haptic timepiece. With a simple two-finger tap on the watch face, you can receive the current time conveyed through a series of vibrations. A single tap transmits the hour, while a double-tap relays the minutes.

To personalize your experience, Vibration Watch offers two distinct vibration styles:

  • Digits: This mode employs a long vibration to represent 10 and a short vibration for 1. For instance, if the current time is 3:15, you’d feel three short vibrations followed by a long vibration.
  • Terse: This option rounds the current time to the nearest quarter-hour. You’d perceive a short vibration for each 15-minute increment, with four vibrations signifying 12:00 p.m. or any other hour ending in 45.

Furthermore, Vibration Watch empowers you to customize the vibration speed according to your preference. Options range from ‘Very Slow’ to ‘Very Fast’.

Enhanced Auto-brightness

The April update streamlines the auto-brightness settings experience. The update improves the auto-brightness settings screen, providing a clearer and more intuitive interface. This allows users to effortlessly discern the impact of adjusting brightness levels, ensuring optimal viewing comfort in diverse lighting conditions.

Inline image source: 9to5Google

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