Earlier this year Google released its Gemini app for Android and also brought its new AI chatbot to iOS through the Google app with a toggle switch. While the feature is not yet available to every iOS user, those who have it can toggle between Google Search and Gemini with a button at the top. Now it seems Google is preparing to bring this Gemini toggle to the Google app on Android too.

We were able to get a first look at the Gemini/Search toggle on Android thanks to an exclusive tip by code sleuth AssembleDebug. Here’s a video (loads from our Imgur account) of how the feature works:

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As you can see in the video, tapping the toggle above switches between Gemini or Google Search (Discover feed). This works the same way as it does on the iOS app. This new addition to the Search app will likely appear to more users along with the UI tweak for Search and Lens shortcuts. Like with most Google features, we expect the rollout to happen gradually, so you might have to wait weeks or even months for the change to arrive on your device.

That said, Google is seemingly on overdrive trying to get Gemini everywhere. Apart from bringing the Gemini toggle switch to the Google app, we’ve spotted Gemini getting ready to summarize emails and suggest replies in Gmail too.

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