Okay, let me get one thing out of the way. I absolutely enjoy these #BestPhonesForever ads from Google. It’s a unique and fun way to market its Pixel phones, while taking light-hearted digs at Apple iPhones. But at times, some of the digs targeted towards the iPhone, also apply to other Pixel phones that Google launches and forgets about. With the previous ad in the series, Google showed off Pixel 8 Pro exclusive features to poke fun at the iPhone, but unintentionally showed how the Pixel 8 lacks the same AI features.

Now, Google has done it again with the latest ad titled – #BestPhonesForever: Circling Around. The ad shows the iPhone trying to find comfort in the fact that it at least has a marker that lets it circle stuff on the screen and search for it later. The scene has a bunch of objects circled in red so that the iPhone can manually search for them. Of course, with the Pixel 8, 8 Pro and now even the 7 and 7 Pro, users can now simply use Circle to Search instantly.

While yes, it’s a funny poke at Apple’s iPhones that mostly lack AI features like Circle to Search, it also brings up a concern for a group of Pixel users. Yes, Pixel Fold users! The Pixel Fold is currently the most expensive smartphone Google has to offer. Yet for some odd reason, the company chose to leave out the Pixel Fold from the list of devices that support Circle to Search. So those who paid around $1,800 to get their hands on what’s supposed to be Google’s premium handset, are left with almost none of the cool AI features.

The Pixel Fold didn’t get Video Boost, Gemini Nano, or even Circle to Search. So the real unintended joke here is aimed against those who paid Google the most. That being said, hopefully the next foldable from the company, the Pixel Fold 2, will have the same features as the Pixel 9 series. If Google throws in the Tensor G4 as rumored, there should be no excuse of hardware limitations.

Either way, you can watch the Circling Around ad below for a quick laugh, unless you own the Pixel Fold 😅:

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