Google is known for its innovative and creative marketing campaigns, especially when it comes to its Pixel devices. The company has a knack for showcasing the features and benefits of its products in engaging and entertaining ways, often with the help of celebrities, influencers, and popular culture references. In this article, I will share five Google Pixel marketing videos from 2023 that I really liked and explain why they caught my attention.

The #BestPhonesForever marketing campaign

Okay, so I’ll start off with a bit of cheating because this isn’t just one video. Instead, it’s a campaign by Google poking Apple and I just couldn’t get enough of it. Each and every video under the #BestPhonesForever campaign is hilarious in its own right. There are ten videos with the following titles: Plateau, Seeing Stars, Sketchy Wi-Fi, Lifesaver, Opening Up, Friends React, Fútbol, Spa Day, Scary Story, and Razzle Dazzle.


Every video is a conversation between the Google Pixel and an iPhone. And oh boy, Google has gone all out with its subtle digs at Apple at every corner. If I absolutely had to pick a favourite here, I’d go with Plateau. The video starts off with the iPhone and Google Pixel admiring the view up in the canyons, and then, the iPhone gets a bit sentimental, telling the Pixel when it was its age, everyone would show it off to their friends. In a steady pace, the video moves on with the iPhone pointing out how people love the Pixel’s sharp photos, Astrophotography mode, Call Assist, 30x Zoom, and other AI features.

The Pixel then responds by saying “But what about your blue bubbles? They’re so blue.” This line caught me off guard. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know exactly what it meant. And it’s hilarious. As the iPhone keeps expressing itself, it runs out of juice and falls face first. In reaction to this, the Pixel says “Ah quick! Somebody get a lightning charger!” This is another diss at Apple for using the dated Lightning port. Although, this little dig won’t be a thing anymore.

All in all, Google did a terrific job with the #BestPhonesForever campaign and it’s reflected in the comments under the videos too.


Here’s the complete playlist for you to binge watch.

Teacher’s Pet – Sally’s True Pixel Story

Google did an outstanding job here with how it managed to show off the Pixel’s unique selling point, its cameras. The 2:15 minute video shows how, Sally, a teacher was tasked to have a photography workshop for the school children. However, she opted to use Google Pixel phones instead of traditional cameras. In a wholesome gesture, Google donated a few Pixel phones to the school.

Granted that most photos we see online are shot on smartphones these days, it makes sense to have children start off their photography journey using phones. I mean, the attention span of kids isn’t the greatest. So having them fiddle with buttons and knobs on a traditional camera before they can capture a picture of something they like would most likely result in them losing interest. The workshop was broken down in three groups, still life, portraits, and landscapes.

Sally is shown assisting the children capture images and encouraging them to get creative with their shots. The kids also point out how useful the ‘Magic Eraser’ function was to them as it helped them get rid of objects that made the scene look dull. The best part was seeing the children walking into their town’s gallery to see the images they captured framed up on the wall. The excitement in their eyes speaks volumes. Every image tells its own story, and that’s the beauty of photography, whether captured by a phone or a traditional camera.

You can view the full video below:

Official Google #FixedOnPixel SB Commercial 2023

The Google Pixel 7’s Super Bowl ad in 2023 captured the essence of unforgettable moments, showcasing the phone’s innovative Magic Eraser feature. The commercial began with a compilation of memorable but flawed photos, emphasizing the need for a tool to fix such imperfections. Set to Missy Elliott’s upbeat track ‘We Run This,’ the ad highlighted the Magic Eraser’s capabilities, including removing unwanted elements from photos, such as Amy Schumer’s ex-partner or intrusive bystanders.

Even Giannis Antetokounmpo was show benefiting from this feature. A fan’s initially blurry snapshot with the popular artist Doja Cat was also effortlessly corrected with the Unblur tool. Doja Cat’s appearance added star power to the commercial and definitely helped grab the attention of even non-Pixel fans. This is one of Google’s most viewed marketing videos, with a staggering 46 million views on YouTube. Check it out below:

Honorable mentions

While those three videos above were my absolute favorite, there are a few other videos that Google nailed. PiunikaWeb’s Karanjot recently highlighted Google’s Mr. India themed ad campaign that he absolutely enjoyed.

Google’s ‘Hip Hop Made Me’ is another great video featuring the Pixel Fold those who relate to hip-hop music, like me, would love the video.

Last but not the least is the Google Pixel 8: Best take ad. Many Blackpink fans were thrilled to hear ‘How you like that’ as the background of the ad.


You can watch the video with Blackpink’s music video below.

In English:

In Japanese

So yes, these were my favorite Google Pixel marketing videos from this year. That said, I’d like to hear your about your favorite Google Pixel marketing videos too. You can do this by dropping a comment below.

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