Google is at it again with a hilarious dig at iPhones in its latest ad in the #BestPhonesForever series. The ad, titled “#BestPhonesForever: The Big Game,” features a pep talk given by an iPhone to other iPhones in the team. The ‘coach’ iPhone tries motivating ‘Team iPhone,’ who’re clearly scared of facing ‘Team Pixel,’ because of their AI smarts.

The iPhone then goes on to list some of the AI features that the other team has, such as Circle to Search and AI-powered Video Boost. iPhone also adds:

Sure, team Pixel got Advanced AI to fix group photos and summarize recordings, and reduce noise in videos. But it doesn’t matter what you’ve got on the inside, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

The iPhone coach goes on to argue that even though they don’t have fancy AI features, they have other strengths, such as being 0.67 Oz lighter, having contoured edges, and a different shaped charging port (USB Type-C), compared to the previous model.

The iPhone then rallies the team telling them to go out there and win the game.

This is Our Moment,” says the iPhone. “Let’s get back out there and make sure they remember forever the night they played the team that dared to turn a switch into an action button.

The ad ends with the iPhone telling the Pixel that it lost its playbook and asks if it can borrow it from the Pixel. The clever ad highlights Google’s big push on AI in recent years, and it’s using that to its advantage in its marketing.

Overall, the ad is a well-executed and humorous way for Google to promote its Pixel phones. It’s sure to get people talking, and it may even help Google win over some new customers, who knows. I personally love Google’s witty #BestPhonesForever campaign and the comments under most of these videos reflect the same sentiment.

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