Google Pixel phones experienced phenomenal growth in the Japanese market in 2023, according to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC). Year-on-year growth for Pixel phones reached a staggering 527%, solidifying Google’s position as the third-largest smartphone brand in the country.

While the overall Japanese smartphone market declined in 2023, Google defied the trend. Pixel phones captured over 10% of the Japanese smartphone market share in 2023, up from just 1.5% in 2022. This represents a remarkable 527% year-on-year growth.


Google’s Pixel lineup surpassed even Samsung’s offerings, becoming the third-largest smartphone brand in Japan, trailing only Apple and Sharp. The company’s success in Japan is partly attributed to its strategic partnership with carrier Docomo, which began earlier in 2023.

Market analysts also attribute Google’s success to several factors, such as their clean software experience, powerful camera capabilities, and competitive pricing, making them attractive to Japanese consumers. Furthermore, traditional Japanese smartphone brands like FCNT and Kyocera are facing difficulties keeping up with the innovation and competitiveness of global giants like Google.

Analysts predict that Google will likely maintain its momentum in the Japanese market throughout 2024. They also expect other global players like Lenovo, which recently acquired FCNT, to increase their presence in Japan.

A part of the growth can also be attributed to Google’s smart promotions and marketing in the country. In January, Google teamed up with Hangyodon to promote the new ‘Mint’ colored Pixel 8. More recently, Google invited Nijisanji fans to their Color Magic Studio.

This surge in Pixel phone popularity highlights Google’s growing strength in the global smartphone market. As the company continues to refine its hardware and software offerings, it will be interesting to see if it can sustain its success in Japan and beyond.


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