After some days of waiting, Google officially launched the new Mint color for the Pixel 8 series, bringing a new ‘soft green’ tone that seeks to offer an ideal balance between elegance and discretion. Jenny Davis, design manager at Google, describes it as ‘It’s serene, yet not boring. It’s a luminous color that really invites the mind into a state of calmness – energized calmness.

Like the other color variants, the green tone of the Pixel 8 Mint extends from its body to its camera module where it gets a highlighting ‘metallic’ effect. That said, the Pixel 8 series in the new color is exactly the same in terms of specifications and features.

Pixel 8 and 8 Pro ‘Mint’ green color: regions where it is available and prices

At the moment, the new Pixel 8 series color has been announced for Asian and European markets, while the launch in the US and Canada will occur in a few hours. Depending on the region of availability, prices and offers may vary, and it is even possible that only one of the two models is available in the Mint tone.

These are all the details about the prices and regions in which it is available at the time of writing this story.

The UK

In the United Kingdom, both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are available in Mint green for a respective price of £699 ($889.51) and £999 ($1,271.27). Buyers will receive £125 ($159.07) of Google Store credit and will also have the opportunity to participate in the ‘Kick with Pixel’ campaign where they can win ‘football tickets, shirts and even matchday pitchside access at The Emirates.

‘Kick with Pixel’ UK campaign


In Germany, the Google Store currently offers the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro for prices of €799 ($870.65) and €1,099 ($1,197.56), respectively. Additionally, purchasing the base version of any of these devices in Mint green will give you an extra Google Store credit of €100 ($108.97) for the Pixel 8 or €150 ($163.45) for the Pixel 8 Pro.


Australia is one of the areas that will only receive the Pixel 8 Pro in the new color, priced at A$1,699 ($1,118.89). Buyers will get A$390 ($256.84) in Google Store credit and a free Pixel Pouch.


Japan is only getting the vanilla Google Pixel 8 Mint green color in limited quantities. Those interested can purchase it for ¥112,900 ($764.60), with no apparent option to receive credit for the purchase.


Pixel fans in Belgium have the entire Pixel 8 series available in the new color. The vanilla model costs €699 ($761.74), while the Pro model is available for €999 ($1,088.66). There are also no offers of additional credit after purchase in this region.



In Austria, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are available in Mint green for €799 ($870.65) and €1,099 ($1,197.56), respectively. Again, these are additional credit offers.


The Danish public can purchase the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in the new color for a respective price of DKK 5,699 ($832.68) and DKK 7,749 ($1,132.20).


In France, both the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro are offered in the new color for respective prices of €699 ($761.67) and €949 ($1,034.08).


In this region, the Pixel 8 Mint green can be yours for €799 ($870.65), while the Pixel 8 Pro Mint green costs €1,099 ($1,197.56).


In the Italian market, both devices are available, and there is also an additional credit offer after purchase. The Pixel 8 is available for €799 ($870.65), and the Pixel 8 Pro costs €1,099 ($1,197.53). In the case of the vanilla model, you will receive €100 ($108.97) of credit, while the Pro model will give you €150 ($163.45) of credit to your Google Store account.



The Dutch can purchase the Pixel 8 Mint green for €699 ($761.67) and the Pixel 8 Pro for €999 ($1,088.66). There are no additional credit offers in this case.


In this region, the vanilla model is available for NOK 8,190 ($786.69), while the Pro variant can be purchased for NOK 11,190 ($1,074.86).


Google offers its devices in Portugal for a price of €829 ($903.05) for the vanilla version and €1,139 ($1,240.74) for the Pro version.


The Spanish market received the new Mint color (‘Mint’ for them) for a price of €799 ($870.65) for the vanilla model and €1,099 (1,197.53) for the Pro model. Here, Google resumes the additional credit offers for the purchase, offering €100 ($108.97) for the Pixel 8 and €150 ($163.45) for the 8 Pro.


In Sweden, the vanilla model in the new Mint color can be purchased for SEK 8,590 ($825.30) and the Pro version is available for SEK 11,590 ($1,113.54).

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