The new ‘Mint’ color for the Pixel 8 is now available in many markets and regions, including Japan. To encourage the purchase of the device in its new tone, Google Store Japan partnered with Hangyodon to offer an original Hangyodon case and strap as a gift for buyers. The gift will be available in limited quantities, so those interested will have to hurry before supplies run out.

Hangyodon is a popular half-man, half-fish character from the Sanrio ‘universe’ who stands out for their ‘kawaii’ style design that always maintains a ‘worried’ facial expression, even when happy, which many find adorable.


The campaign, along with the character, also invites people interested in the Pixel 8 Mint new color to trade in their current device to get even better prices.

Additionally, the site dedicated to the campaign includes a set of six downloadable wallpapers with Hangyodon as the protagonist, so you can perfectly combine your ‘Mint’ colored Pixel 8 with the gift accessories and wallpapers that share the same tone. You can even download them without the accessories if you like.

Of course, Google did not miss the opportunity to mention the powerful AI-powered features present in the Pixel 8 of which they are so proud, this time using Hangyodon as a ‘test subject’ to show how they work.


The company will release a special video on February 8 where Hangyodon will be accompanied by another mysterious character whose identity remains a secret, but we have their silhouette, do you recognize it?


Finally, on February 8, a sales campaign will begin that will last until March 31, during which those interested in purchasing the device can get special prices and benefits.

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