Google Japan is opening the doors to the Color Magic Studio, an exclusive event where you can create unforgettable photo memories with your favorite Nijisanji VTubers featuring the Pixel 8 series.

What’s the Color Magic Studio?

Imagine a vibrant photo studio bursting with colors inspired by your favorite Nijisanji personalities. From the eye-catching black of ChroNoiR to the sunshine yellow of Sara Hoshikawa, each room and wall is an ode to a different VTuber. And the best part – you get to pose with special acrylic stands of the featured Nijisanji stars.

Choose your adventure

The experience offers two fantastic options:

1F Color Magic Wall: Select your favorite color from eight photo walls and snap fantastic shots with the event-limited acrylic stands. Get creative and playful.


2F/3F Color Magic Room: Immerse yourself in a room dedicated to your chosen VTuber. Rent makeup booths and props to truly channel the VTuber’s aesthetic – it’s the perfect, private space to pose and experiment.


Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro power the fun

After your photo sessions, it’s time for the real magic. You can use the available Google Pixel 8 or 8 Pro and their AI-powered editing features to personalize and enhance your photos to your heart’s content. Then, take the final creations home for a lasting memento of the experience.

Dates and reservation info

The Color Magic Studio will be open from March 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024 in Tokyo. Reservations are absolutely required, so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully on the event’s website. Spaces will likely fill up fast, so don’t wait!


The event also features special AXTA exhibits, exclusive welcome messages, and, of course, you can bring your own official goods of the nine Nijisanji stars to make your photoshoots even more special.

Google Japan and Nijisanji have teamed up to bring you an event like no other. This is a must-do for devoted fans, offering a chance to connect with beloved VTubers on a whole new level. Are you ready to create stunning photos that will showcase your Nijisanji fandom?

Important note: Remember, acrylic stands are for the event only and not for sale, so make the most of the photo opportunities!

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