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In this article, we will be tracking and providing a comprehensive overview of Fortnite’s current status. We’ll keep players informed about various aspects, including any bugs or issues that may arise during gameplay. In addition to identifying the problems, potential workarounds, whenever possible, will also be provided.

Furthermore, this tracker will also keep you updated on the official announcements related to Fortnite. To make the most of this great resource, you are advised to bookmark the page and revisit it regularly. This tracker is presently divided into the following categories:

  • A tabular section outlining information about various bugs and issues affecting Fortnite fans
  • Another section highlighting newly introduced features

Fortnite – bugs, issues, problems, and related developments section

In this section, we will be keeping track of all the bugs and issues that are affecting the gameplay negatively.

Info last
updated on
Affected Platform Bug/Issue description Current Status Workarounds
Jan. 4 All Account Levels not counting towards Midseason Drops Acknowledged
Jan. 4 All Midseason drop challenges not retroactive Unacknowledged
Jan. 4 All FPS drop after the v23.00 update Unacknowledged
Jan. 5 All Ex Caliber Rifle dealing more damage Acknowledged
Jan. 6 Xbox Players competing in multiple regions in single tournament Fixed
Jan. 6 Xbox Voice chat not working properly Unacknowledged
Mar. 8 All Shockwave Hammer reportedly overpowered Weapon vaulted
Jan. 12 All Red-Eye assault rifle missing red dot in scoped view Unacknowledged
Jan. 12 All Unable to sprint Acknowledged Available
Jan. 18 All Divisional Cups & Duos Fill Cup rescheduled Intended
Jan. 19 All Shotgun Striker Augment Temporarily disabled
Jan. 20 All ‘Sparkle Specialist’ outfit not reflective or shiny Investigating
Feb. 6 All ‘Dragon Ball quest’ bugged (missing dragon balls progress after disconnection) Fixed Available
Feb. 6 All Fire Volume Enabled
Feb. 6 All Shadow Striker Augment Temporarily disabled
Feb. 6 All Falcon Scout binds may be unbound when opening Fortnite from sleep mode Acknowledged Available
Feb. 15 All ‘Augments selection’ overriding right D-Pad button custom action Acknowledged
Feb. 16 PlayStation 5 Crashing issue Investigating
Mar. 9 All Fortnite ‘Geralt of Rivia’ quest stuck on 4/5 (skin not unlocking) Acknowledged
Mar. 13 Xbox Players are unable to access the item shop Acknowledged
Mar. 14 PS 4 Low resolution textures on skins or outfits Acknowledged
Mar. 14 All Drum Gun deals damage less than intended Acknowledged
Mar. 17 All Fortnite Leon S Kennedy jacket missing Intended
Mar. 21 All Eternal Wanderer outfit appears as Lava Series rarity Acknowledged
Mar. 23 All Rocket Launcher eliminates player upon firing Acknowledged
Mar. 30 All Stray’s mask appears crooked after v24.10 update Acknowledged
Mar. 30 All Visual glitch with certain Spring Breakout Quests Acknowledged
Apr. 5 All Syndicate quests not working (players getting stuck on Stage 3) Acknowledged Available
Apr. 14 All Severe lag or high ping after v24.20 update Unacknowledged
May 26 All Ready Up button missing Fixed
May 25 All ‘Heavy sniper’ and ‘Grenade’ nerf being criticized Intended
Jun. 20 All ‘Shadow Wings Back Bling’ missing from Muselk’s Locker Bundle Acknowledged
Jun. 23 All Unable to drop or throw Crowns after installing the latest update Acknowledged
Jun. 29 All Players unable to buy ‘Wish, Set, Quest Match Pack’ Acknowledged Available
Jul. 3 All Fortnite reportedly full of cheaters after the ‘Chapter 4 Season 3’ update Unacknowledged
Jul. 4 All Fortnite ‘Flare Guns’ reportedly overpowered Unacknowledged
Jul. 13 All Fortnite ‘Ramirez skin’ glitch troubles Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS4 owners Unacknowledged
Jul. 18 Mobile Crashing with Adreno 740 chipset Acknowledged
Jul. 18 All Some Fortnite outfits glitched after ‘Celebrate Me’ emote update Unacknowledged
Jul. 19 All Fortnite ‘Exotic Slap Splash’ effect reportedly underwhelming Unacknowledged
Jul. 25 All Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 update ‘disappointing’, ‘stale’ and ‘boring’ Unacknowledged
Jul. 26 Mobile Game missing from Epic Store on Android Acknowledged
Jul. 31 All Party Royale ‘Network Connection Lost’ error Acknowledged Available
Aug. 1 All Blue screen while trying to login Acknowledged Available
Aug. 7 All Meow Skull missing tail Fix coming in next update
Aug. 8 All Snapshot Quests with Doctor Slone have placeholder text Acknowledged Available
Aug. 8 All Princess Lexa’s skirt remains floating and sticks out Fixed in next update
Aug. 9 All Saving and loading not working in Creative Investigating
Aug. 9 All Players respawn multiple times in Creative Investigating
Aug. 25 All Players not receiving Nue Glider after completing ‘Break the Curse’ quests Acknowledged
Aug. 25 All Rocket Ram Damage is inconsistent on Direct Hits Acknowledged
Oct. 4 All Second player’s screen occasionally shake when playing in split-screen Investigating

Fortnite – New Feature release section

This section will be populated as soon as we gather information about new features released for Fortnite.

Info last
updated on
Description of new feature Status Supported devices

Note: You can also checkout our Fortnite bug tracker for 2022 or earlier.

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