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Android Auto has over the recent past experienced rapid growth to become a staple platform for keeping drivers connected to their cars. Today, you no longer need your phone to call a friend when on the wheel. Android Auto not only lets you communicate with your friend hands-free, but also play music and even navigate through Maps and Waze.


Of course, with every new update to the standalone app, Google strives to add new features, improve existing ones as well as address some annoying bugs, issues and problems faced by users. Not long ago, for instance, Android Auto was updated with split-screen support for cars with wide screens and fixed disconnection issues with the March security patch for Pixel phones.

But since Google doesn’t make Android Auto-powered cars and only writes the software, at times new feature additions and even bugs/issues that arise require the intervention of the actual car makers.

Ford Sync 3

Keeping track of if and when the various players involved will be addressing a certain bug, issue or problem can be a daunting task. It gets even harder with making follow-ups to issues raised by users.

In this article, though, we’ve simplified it by putting everything you need to know about the current status of Android Auto bugs, issues and problems that have been raised in one place. As expected, we will regularly update this article with new info whenever there are fresh developments, so be sure to bookmark it so that you don’t miss out.

Presented below is a collection of essential Android Auto official resources that you may wish to explore.

Android Auto bugs, issues, and related developments section

This section gives detailed information about the bugs and issues that are impacting Android Auto users.

Description Model(s) affected Status
Car display freezes/goes black soon after phone locks Multiple models Fixed
Android Auto causes Google Pixels to restart Multiple models Fixed
Android Auto not working on Samsung Galaxy S21 Multiple models Fixed
Waze speedometer stopped showing on the car display Multiple models Escalated
No sound in incoming phone calls Ford Sync 3 Potentially fixed
Volume drops when using voice commands to call Acura models Under investigation
Android Auto asks “Do you want to reply” but does not read messages Multiple models Fix in works
Assistant says “You don’t have a default app for playing music” when using YT Music Multiple models Under investigation
Voice command to navigate to destination does not work anymore Multiple models Fixed
Steering wheel control stopped working Multiple models Issue resurfaces
Android Auto disconnects when phone battery is sufficiently charged Multiple models Fix in works
Google Maps does not display the blue navigation route Multiple models Fixed
Android Auto shows wrong Home address Multiple models Under investigation
Audible resetting audiobooks to first page Multiple models Fixed
OnePlus Nord/Oppo Find X (Android 11 devices) can’t connect to Android Auto Multiple models Escalated
“Liked songs” on Spotify fail to play Multiple models Fixed
Android Auto blasts the last played song at full volume randomly Multiple models Fixed
Android Auto temperature/weather not working with latest Android update Samsung Galaxy devices Persists
Google Assistant does not read text messages but asks if the user wants to reply Multiple models Fixed
Android Auto weather location is stuck on hometown Google Pixels Fixed
Android Auto doesn’t play Youtube Music even though it’s selected as the default music app Multiple devices Fixed
Android Auto renewed connectivity issues following update Multiple devices USB Startup Diagnostic tool added
Music starts playing from the phone after call Multiple devices Escalated
Android Auto keeps moving from File Transfer USB connection to no transfer Google Pixels Fixed
Outgoing audio doesn’t work on calls initiated using Google Assistant Multiple devices Issue persists
Android Auto crashes when phone is unlocked Samsung S21 Ultra Fix expected in September
“Spotify doesn’t seem to be working right now” Multiple devices Fixed
Music output switches to phone after call is disconnected Multiple devices Responded
Android Auto crashes when connected device is unlocked Galaxy S21 Ultra Fix expected in September
Text message alert not working Galaxy S20 FE Reported
Choppy music switching apps when AA connected over WiFi Samsung S20 FE Fix released
Not connecting after Android 11 update Multiple devices Reported
Maps stuck at “Loading route” Pixel 5 and more Acknowledged
Assistant doesn’t give location-based results All Fixed
Phone no longer connected to Android Auto Some Oppo users Reported
Facebook Messenger notifications not working All Reported
Amazon Music playing wrong song All Reported
Audio laggy or choppy while using wireless mode All Potentially fixed
Missing weather icon All Fixed
Google Assistant ‘Something went wrong, please try again’ issue All Fixed
Phone calls not showing on phone when connected to Android Auto All Intended behavior
Android Auto not reading out messages All Persists after Coolwalk update
Android Auto layout switching to left-hand drive All Escalated
Android Auto Google Maps wrong roundabout directions All Escalated
Android Auto not connecting to phone via USB cable All USB Startup Diagnostic tool added
Android Auto ‘Google Maps location needs attention’ bug All Escalated
Navigation notification bar blocking next exit/turn text directions Samsung S21 Ultra Escalated
Ok Google/Hey Google not working All Bug reports needed
AA not showing on Pixel 6 launcher Pixel 6 and Pixel6 Pro Expected behavior
Android Auto voice commands not properly work with Telegram All Android Fixed in Android Auto 7.1
Android Auto not working on Android 12 Android 12 devices Under investigation
Not receiving notifications on head units when mobile is plugged in Android 12 devices Workaround
YouTube Audio issues when connected to Android Auto Android devices
Uber, Lyft & other apps unable to upload address on Google Maps All devices Likely fixed
Unable to send Google Maps links from phone to Android Auto screen All devices Escalated
Android Auto voice commands not working after saying trigger phase All devices Escalated
Device keeps disconnecting occasionally Pixel 6 Under investigation
Phone’s keyboard not working after disconnecting from Android Auto All devices Workaround
Contacts not recognized after new update All devices Escalated
Navigation refreshing every 5 – 10 minutes All devices Escalated
YouTube Music downloaded songs not showing on Android Auto All devices Workaround
Android Auto not working on Xiaomi 11T Pro for some car models Xiaomi 11T Pro Workaround
Google Maps missing after Android Auto 7.2 update All Unacknowledged
Bluetooth connectivity issue on Pixel 6 All Potential workaround
Issues connecting to Android Auto, screen turns black Galaxy S22 series Investigating
Getting Communication Error 8 when trying to connect All devices Escalated
Google Assistant defaults to phone speakers when using Android Auto All devices Fixed
Android Auto stuck on Test screen All devices Unacknowledged
Mobile phones show ‘Looking for Android Auto’ message All devices Unacknowledged
Assisstant reading messages in wrong language All devices Fixed
Huge icons after upgrading to Android 12 All devices Fixed
Crashing and connection issues after updating to One UI 4.1 All devices Unacknowledged
Microsoft Teams audio not working All devices Escalated
Low FPS issue All devices Unacknowledged
Satellite View removed or missing All devices Fixed
Auto day/night mode not working in Android Auto All devices Escalated
Outgoing calls don’t connect All devices Escalated
Enlarged icons and taskbar on head unit All devices Acknowledged
Unable to connect to Android Auto wirelessly after 7.8 update All devices Unacknowledged
Calls are getting automatically rejected All devices Workaround
Android Auto not working or throwing ‘not responding’ error after v7.8 update All devices Escalated
Android Auto not connecting outgoing calls via Google Assistant voice commands All devices Fixed
Android device overheating or draining too much battery All devices Unacknowledged
Libby app not working All devices Escalated
Getting ‘Looking for Android Auto’ notification after Android 13 update All devices Fixed
Users unable to pair device with Android Auto All devices Still persists
Android Auto not connecting or disconnecting Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Investigating
Google Maps real-time trip location sharing button disappeared after latest update Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Unacknowledged
Android Auto calls not working when phone is connected to smartwatch via Bluetooth All devices Unacknowledged
Android Auto connectivity issue Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Fixed
Waze camera speed alerts not going away All Reportedly fixed in beta
‘Hey Google’ does not respond or turns screen black All Escalated
Google Assistant partially broken after Android 13 update All Reported
New Coolwalk UI update still not available All Workaround
Waze keeps freezing All Workaround
Google Maps ‘GPS signal lost’ All Still present after v11.72 update
Connection errors Galaxy S23 Escalated
Android Auto Coolwalk not displaying weather Some models and apps Acknowledged
Android Auto Coolwalk missing full-screen support Some models and apps Unacknowledged
Android Auto keeps disconnecting Hyundai Ioniq 5 Workaround
Google Assistant can’t find WhatsApp after One Ui 5.1 update Some Samsung models Workarounds
Lower screen portion freezes after the Coolwalk update All Reported
Connectivity and other issues after MIUI 14 update All Escalated
Can’t connect wirelessly unless users clear data, cache, & force stop app in settings All Bug report required
Android Auto voice commands not working Multiple models Unacknowledged
Android Auto disappeared or not working on some Android devices Multiple models Escalated
Android Auto reading search results instead of displaying them on screen All Bug report required

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