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Over the past week, Sony PSN servers have been encountering significant difficulties, causing constant outages and a wide range of issues that have had a detrimental impact on users’ gaming experiences.

This situation seems to have stemmed from the release of two highly anticipated multiplayer games: Diablo 4 and Street Fighter 6.

While Blizzard managed to address the issues affecting Diablo 4 on the PlayStation 5 platform, it appears that a different problem has arisen, specifically affecting PS4 users.

Fried Sony PSN server causing issues

PS4 owners have been reporting an error code NP-34958-9, which manifests as a lock on digital games they have purchased or are trying to access through their PlayStation Plus subscription (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

Sony PSN server
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This issue has left users unable to play their games, as they receive an error message stating, ‘Can’t use this content. Can’t connect to the server to verify your license. Wait a while and then try again.’

In addition to the license verification issue, players have encountered problems setting their accounts as primary, repeatedly encountering the error code NP-34958-9.

This ongoing issue has made multiple games unplayable, frustrating players who are unable to access their purchased content.

The playstation @PlayStation @AskPlayStation thing is incredible. I try to play my purchased games and in the ps plus extra library and I get something from the license that I have to place my account as the main one, when trying to place I get error np-34958-9 and there is no solution

Same with me, it seems that the server licensing on the PlayStation side is currently blocking most of the internet connection routes. But I don’t know how to communicate this to the Sony support team, as their customer support seems to have difficulty understanding things.

Moreover, several PlayStation owners have faced difficulties while attempting to download NBA 2K23 onto their consoles. When redeeming the game, they are met with WS-46332-8 and WV-33898-1 error messages.

To exacerbate the situation, reports (1,2) suggest that PSN support has been unhelpful in addressing these issues. This lack of assistance from customer support has left several users frustrated and seeking answers elsewhere.

Allegedly, Sony is aware of these issue with PSN servers and could be working on fix for them:

Sony aware
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Also, PlayStation support Japan has announced a server maintenance for today, which means these issues might get fixed soon:

The PlayStation ™ Network will be undergoing maintenance from 10:00 to 18:00 on Thursday, June 8, 2023. Online multiplayer may not be available for some PS5 ® /PS4 ® titles during maintenance.

The widespread server outages and recurring error codes have undoubtedly created frustration among PlayStation users who rely on the stability and functionality of the Sony PSN server.

We have come across a few potential methods to resolve the NP-34958-9 error code, license verification and primary account issue.

These recent difficulties faced by the Sony PSN servers, including the prevalent error code NP-34958-9 and associated issues have significantly impacted the gaming experience of PS4 users.

It is crucial for Sony to address these problems swiftly and effectively, providing users with the support they need and restoring the stability and functionality of the PSN platform.

Update 1 (June 9, 2023)

10:37 am (IST): A potential workaround has surfaced that could help you resolve the ‘NP-34958-9’ error or the ‘unable to restore licenses’ issue.

if anyone wants help with NP-34958-9, try connecting your ps4 to your cell phone’s 4g, restore the licenses and put your account as the main ps4. it worked for me!

11:43 am (IST): Some gamers reported that they got in touch with support where they assured them that the issue where players are unable to verify license is a known bug and they are investigating it.

However, we haven’t come across any official acknowledgment on this matter. So, it appears that support is silently acknowledging the issue.

12:02 pm (IST): The recent server outage with PSN appears to be resolved as related reports have diminished. This means that the ongoing issues with PS4 should now get fixed.

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