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Roku digital media players and smart TVs are used by millions of people across the globe. These devices run the Linux-based Roku OS which received the major update to version 10 earlier this year.

However, users started facing some problems with their devices after the Roku OS 10 update. Among them, issues like occasional black screen flashes, apps like Daily wire crashing, and many more.

Roku OS 10

While Roku managed to fix some of those issues, others were simply acknowledged and it remains unclear whether they were properly fixed or not. The hardware vendor released the Roku OS 10.5 update last month.

However, users started experiencing a problem where their Roku devices did not go into the sleep mode or show the screensaver, while the indicator light remained on.

This caused a lot inconvenience to users as their Roku device became hot indicating that it was up and running even when not in use. Now, several other issues have been troubling those running the Roku OS 10.5 update on their device.

My Premier Plus 4630X got updated to 10.5. Now it is terribly slow. I click the remote and anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds later the Roku responds. Also, my screensavers no longer activate when it is idle. So the white light is on 24/7. Anyone else having similar issues or know a solution? Thanks in advance.

Hi, after updating my roku device to 10.5 version, before this I was able to play any widevine content, but not anymore. I’m getting this error:

Using this content settings

contentid: “DD9C23B3-6373-44DC-BFDD-F0921D4B4A13”
contenturl: “…”
drm: “widevine”
licensetokens: invalid
licenseurl: “…”
mediaformat: “dash”

Playback Error: [ errorCode: fffffffa, errorMessage: Protected content license error., contextDescription: {“category”:”drm”,”clipid”:0,”dbgmsg”:”buffer:loop:/build/work/2ac1d87d0094fce3/os/RokuOS/System/Source/DRM/DrmEngine.cppSmiley Very HappyRM exception: No addon found for widevine”,”drmerrcode”:0,”errcode”:1,”ignored”:false,”source”:”buffer:loop:/build/work/2ac1d87d0094fce3/os/RokuOS/System/Source/DRM/DrmEngine.cpp”} ]


As per multiple reports, users feel that the Roku OS 10.5 update is overall buggy because of lags, slow loading times for channels, and more issues. All these problems are preventing users from watching content on their Roku device.

Also, generic troubleshooting like restarting the device and reinstalling the affected apps is not helping Roku users. All in all, the latest Roku OS update appears to be doing more harm than good.

Another thing to note is that those who received the incremental Roku OS update version 10.5.0 4167 still feel that it is somewhat buggy but issues like the Spectrum TV app not working got fixed after the latest update.


However, affected Roku users may not have contend with the aforementioned issues for too long as a Roku Employee has share the details regarding these problems with the relevant team for further investigation.

Moreover, the Roku Employee has advised affected users to remove the SD card from their Roku device and reboot it to check whether the problems with lagging and slow loading gets better.

This workaround appears to have provided some relief to affected users but a permanent fix for the issues is still required. Hopefully, Roku soon fixes all the issues mentioned above so that users can stream their favorite content without any hassle.


That said, we will keep tracking this for further development and will report back with more details as and when we get new information to share so stay tuned.

Update (October 15)

IST 10:21 am: Now, it is coming to light that there is a new build that is live. This can be identified by its build number, 10.5.0 – build 4181-17.

Users who have updated their devices to this build report that channels are broken for some them. Some of the suggested workarounds by users include the following.

For anyone else having this issue, if the posted fix doesn’t resolve it… from that same Secret menu: if the Software update server is Beta, change it to Release and then upgrade again. This will downgrade you to an older but more stable release.

Update (November 23)

IST 06:09 pm: In a recent follow-up regarding the performance issues on Roku devices, the company confirmed that they are still investigating the issue which appears to be affecting a small subset of users due to specific network configurations.

The company is sending out a rollback update to address the problem for the time being.

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