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Dozens of Xiaomi Mi 9T owners are flooding the internet with reports of excessive battery drain after updating the device to the latest Android 10 a while ago.

Xiaomi updated the Mi 9T to Android 10 earlier this month, but the rollout didn’t reach most users. For European and global models that hadn’t received the OS, an updated firmware was released last week as MIUI, with January 2020 patches among the changes.

Android 10 update for Mi 9T re-released

While this update seemingly contained bug fixes to issues that slowed down the initial Mi 9T Android 10 rollout, it appears it also introduced a major battery issue.

Apparently, multiple Mi 9T owners say the device is experiencing excessive battery drain after updating to Android 10. Affected units show the Android system as the culprit, consuming over 30% of the juice available from a full charge in some cases.

Mi 9T battery issues after Android 10 update (Source)

ok guys so I just upgraded my Mi 9T to MIUI 11.0.4 android 10 based, and this happens; the battery drains because of “android system”.

Battery life of Xiaomi Mi9T (global) after MIUI has been bad. I used to get 9-10 hours SOT when I initially got this phone in June of 2019. Now I can get like 6-7 hours if I’m lucky. Android System is the top culprit when I do a battery scan. Does that mean another app is probably running in the background?

Android system uses more than 30% battery after Android 10 update on Mi 9T. Anyone else facing this issue and how could I fix it?

Although it could be a serious bug, sometimes it’s normal for smartphones to experience excessive battery draining after a major OS upgrade. It is during this period that the phone adjusts to your usage patterns, which could as well be the case with the Mi 9T.

With this in mind, some users have been trying various workarounds ranging from clearing the cache of apps, disabling autostarting apps, turning off the power button shortcut for the camera, and restarting the device. Some have succeeded, but others have failed.

If you are in the latter camp, don’t give up hope just yet for we may have stumbled upon another workaround worth trying, at least until Xiaomi provides a permanent fix. Apparently, all you need is to turn off MIUI Optimisation in the Developer options.

Possible workaround for Mi 9T battery drain issues after Android 10 update (Source)

If none of these options still works, you may as well try doing a factory reset as the ultimate workaround. This has fixed the problem for some, but be sure to back up your stuff before resetting your phone.

To recall, excessive battery drain issues were also present following the Mi 9T MIUI 11 update, so this shouldn’t be new for owners of the device.

Update 1 (September 11)

IST 12:55 pm: The battery drain issue on Mi 9T devices – an issue that was originally reported after the Android 10 update (with MIUI 11) – is now being called a known issue even in the MIUI 12 update. Complete coverage here.

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